25 Arguments Against Perpetual Mask Mandates for Covid

wearing mask 2 years unhealthier than having 1 week flu change my mind

It’s debatable how much protection, if any, that facemasks provide against Covid-19, especially when you consider how and what types are worn in the real world. However, the mask-forever crowd never seems to consider the arguments against perpetual mask wearing, most notably for kids in school. Here are some of the Cons to mask mandates:

  1. Masks dehumanize, turning us all into faceless zombies.
  2. They cause headaches, sore throats, and facial/ear irritations.
  3. They make it tougher to exercise.
  4. They cause problems for those with asthma, colds, bronchitis, or other breathing problems.
  5. They make it difficult to understand speakers; for example, teaching in a classroom or ordering food in a restaurant.
  6. They cover up basic human emotions of happiness, sadness, anger, and so on.
  7. They impact the social development of kids, who are unable to process facial expressions or receive adequate nonverbal feedback.
  8. They create an atmosphere of fear, where people continue to focus on Covid rather than living their lives.
  9. They block peripheral vision.
  10. They cause glasses to steam up.
  11. They destroy our individuality and cover up each person’s attractiveness.
  12. They make it more difficult to differentiate people for identification; for example, teachers trying to tell students apart.
  13. They increase germaphobia, not only for Covid, but for all other types of infectious agents that our immune systems routinely fight off.
  14. They’re uncomfortable and unpleasant.
  15. Teachers can’t read feedback from students; for example, they can’t see looks of confusion or understanding.
  16. Hearing-impaired individuals can no longer rely on reading lips.
  17. The joy and enthusiasm of smiles, which are generally contagious, can no longer be shared.
  18. It’s difficult to find people suffering from deep depression who may need therapy.
  19. Constant mask wearing can cause acne, facial deformities, bad breath, and dental issues.
  20. Unsterile masks or those worn too long become bacterial breeding grounds and may increase the spread of Covid.
  21. Masks are immunosuppressing. They harm the adaptation of our bodies to antigens of all kinds.
  22. Cutting off our oxygen supply drains energy, can cause dizziness, and makes it tougher to learn & concentrate.
  23. They perpetuate the negativity of the pandemic, where people miserably feel there will never be a return to normal.
  24. Preventing the spread of Covid to low-risk individuals may just delay the inevitable. In other words, we all will likely contract it, so why not let it spread & build up antibodies for those currently in low-risk categories?
  25. Facemasks negatively affect our QUALTIY OF LIFE! What good is the preservation of life if facemasks and other restrictions imposed by the Branch Covidians prevent us from enjoying it?!

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Written by: Joe Messerli
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Last Modified: 2/1/2022

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