How to Make Big-Government Liberals Stop and Think

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Crime, recession, bad weather, poor educational performance, inflation,….whatever the problem, for most liberals, the ONLY solution is bigger, more powerful government. Centuries of disasters & tyranny caused by big government won’t dissuade them. No matter how many reasons you tick off why government is less efficient than the private sector, nor how much economic data you show pointing out such facts as why increasing tax rates usually lowers total revenue , they usually won’t budge in their thinking.

I’m going to give you two methods for opening their minds a bit. They probably won’t change their minds entirely, but at least these should make them pause and think a little.

1. Ask “If you won a million dollars in a contest, tax-free, would you give any of it away — to friends, relatives, or charity?” Almost no virtue-signaling liberal is going to say they wouldn’t give at least some of the money away–for cancer research, scholarship funds, suffering family members, or whatever. Follow up by asking, “Why not just give it all to the government? Aren’t they the most honorable, fair, equitable allocaters of capital?” You could ask, “What if Trump and a Republican-controlled Congress is in charge of spending that money?.” You could also point out that if you gave all $1 million dollars to the government along with 100,000 other people doing the same thing, it wouldn’t even cover America’s military spending in Ukraine the past two years. The full million would only be about .000016% of the federal spending this year alone. Close with, “Now imagine if, instead of winning that million, you worked your ass off your entire life, spending little and saving regularly, to accumulate it. Then, how would you feel giving that money to the government to spend? After all, aren’t ‘millionaires and billionaires’ evil while government good? 🤔

2.Ask the following questions:

* Would you want Trump making health care decisions for you such as the what medications & treatments you MUST take, or even if you have access to certain care?
* Would you want him deciding which countries to go to war with without Congressional approval?
* Would you want him setting the curriculum that must be taught in public schools?
* Would you like to give him the right to restrict or allow certain reproductive rights?
* Is it ok if he has the ability to give trillions of dollars to whatever voter block he sees fit without going through the usual budgetary process?
* Would you care if he had the ability with the stroke of a pen to solely change any law related to guns, health care, education, climate, immigration, and taxes?
* Would you want to give Trump the ability to add more Supreme Court justices and completely control the Department of Justice, destroying any system of checks’n’balances which might prevent corruption and ensure his actions don’t exceed Constitutional authority?

This list goes on and on. The point is that whenever you give more power to the government, eventually that power is going to be in the hands of someone you don’t like or trust, who may abuse it in ways you never thought possible. And even when you have someone in power who you support, who is unilaterally making policy decisions you want, it only sets a precedent for another leader to unilaterally do the opposite. Thoughout world history, the formula for the crumbling of nations is always the same — give the government more and more power to “fix” problems and build a perceived Utopian society, followed by the unintended consequences and the inevitable transition of power to evil or incompetent individuals who ensure the final downfall. Unless their is a libertarian backlash against the Ruling Class soon, the United States is destined to join that trash heap of history.

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Written by: Joe Messerli
Last Modified: 8/14/2023

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