Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) Meme Gallery

when they say green new deal they mean we are taking more of your green and you have to deal with it
greene aoc debate green new deal help police almost died
ocasio cortez theres more where that came from stealing from wallet to give
tweet aoc prison changed me handcuffs date me
aoc florida dangerous covid response too sexy for mask
ocasio cortez chasing cow green new deal
glaciers national park increase 25 percent aoc ocasio cortez climate change denier i agree joe biden
ocasio cortez stop making me look stupid i can do it myself
ocasio cortez concerned venezuela using gas powered tanks to run over its citizens satire
aoc uses aging app karl marx ocasio cortez
aoc helped women when was last time heard blonde joke ocasio cortez
babylon bee aoc spins wheel of oppression ocasio cortez morning routine
ocasio cortez crying immigration fence take 5 director george soros
that is how socialism destroyed lives in 20th century ocasio cortez history class
ocasio cortez every proposal collect wealth phase 3 utopia
aoc ocasio cortez how do you give head and shoulders
babylon bee aoc claims two men maga hats threw economics textbooks
aoc ocasio cortez 100 percent certified drama queeen
quote fake sowell dont be fooled socialist hypnotize enslave aoc
ocasio cortez blowing green new deal high speed rail future of transportation
ocasio cortez were in charge do you feel in charge deep state bane
faces of alcoholism heroin meth liberalism aoc ocasio cortez
aoc what if igor had a daughter ocasio cortez
aoc ocasio cortez never had child marriage business home professional job wants to tell you what to do with economy
ocasio cortez to elizabeth warren when you were indian did you kill buffalo for little wings
green new deal gilligans island no food lights motor car not a single luxury
ocasio cortez whats my stance on race relations i really dont follow nascar
ocasio cortez green new deal republicans sending valentines flowers
aoc church of global warming repent ocasio cortez
ocasio cortez face of the dial modem sound
aoc green new deal raise taxes kill jobs hurricanes magically go away steps
ocasio cortez who needs amazon jobs when green new deal pays for doing nothing che
pelosi eating tide pods wow these are pretty good ocasio cortez see i told you
blondes are now telling ocasio cortez jokes
when you find out ocasio cortez wont be having kids because of climate change
ocasio cortez controlling every aspect of your life were in charge democrats
if dumb and dumber had a child schumer pelosi ocasio cortez
democrats im with beyond stupid aoc ocasio cortez factually wrong morally correct unemployment low 2 jobs
ocasio cortez socialists take everything but not illegal because they pass laws to do so first
gore granted us 12 years to live liberal ocasio cortez gracious twelve more climate change
ocasio cortez girl you wish you hadnt started a conversation with at party
ocasio cortez im serious women save the planet by stopping cow farts
ocasio cortez calling on congress to fund development flying cars reason havent theyre racists
ocasio cortez 70 percent tax 10 million pelosi little bitch trying to piss me off
ocasio cortez end is near 12 years world or her party
elizabeth warren ocasio cortez its not your money chris farley

i just quit my job signed for unwilling to work green new deal ocasio cortez
alexandria ocasio cortez first bill introduced to congress kindergarten crayons
ocasio cortez no biggie on math my morality is tippy top
world is going to end in 12 years socialism killed venezuela same ocasio cortez
ocasio cortez willing to spend trillions on green new deal wont spend 5 billion on wall
thinks roe vs wade are 2 ways to cross a river ocasio cortez
new season no laws no border trump derangement unit ocasio cortez
if youre constantly refering to other peoples color maybe youre the racist
socialists on how government help people today person gave wallet to person who only had knife ocasio cortez
ocasio cortez sharing memes again wait until i have gulag power
ocasio cortez socialism lets you keep your dignity russia china venezuela
pull-my-strings ocasio cortez free housing destroy military socialism
50 shades of communism bernie sanders ocasio cortez
ocasio cortez why are you so afraid of socialist economy trump because want to walk dog not eat them
ocasio cortez my feelings dont care about your facts
aoc kids in cages 2018 crying photo up 2021 homer bushes
young frankenstein abby normal aoc brain











make alexandria bartend again ocasio cortez
ocasio cortez society allows billionaires to exist is wrong confiscate wealth of every billionaire run government 8 months
whats difference between old new socialists nothing bernie sanders ocasio cortez

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