Bernie Sanders Meme Gallery

bernie sanders credit cards lets market ourselves to young gullible economically illiterate college students omg brilliant
bernie sanders mittens strangling epstein bill clinton
kennedy ask not what country can do bernie who wants free crap
bernie sanders i am once again asking you to vote for whoever dnc wants
parents telling kids about santa claus will grow out of it bernie sanders
bernie sanders mittens gulag
elizabeth warren taking back everything good i said about you bernie sanders you are an indian giver
bernie sanders if you work hard for family i will take and give to those who refuse to do same
group photo of everyone bernie sanders has lifted out of poverty himself
bernie sanders today marks 78 years contributing nothing to society and bashing people who do
bernie campaign sticker soviet 1917 revolution
camp bernie sanders participation trophies gulag trotsky tug of war
bernie sanders dnc tony harding nancy kerrigan
bernie sanders driving suv to private jet to give speech of evil capitalism and fossil fuels
bernie sanders once again asking you to ignore 20th century body count ideology
bernie sanders our government is corrupt and solution to that is more government
me watching bernie sanders campaign self destruct over 15 hour staff pay
white people dont know what its like to be poor but you will bernie sanders
trump putting illegals in temporary holding areas no bernies staff wanting to put opponents into actual gulags yes
how to make millions selling socialism to idiots bernie sanders
nothing says standing up to greed like banding together for free stuff bernie sanders supporters
bernie explains difference socialism democratic this one has sprinkles on it
stop trying to explain economics to bernie sanders supporters not going to happen mean girls
liberal economics 5.7 billion for wall too expensive 35 trillion for medicare thats a good deal
if you work hard you can be billionaire like trump if you use capitalism to sell socialism you can be like bernie sanders
bernie sanders what socialism seems like what it feels like
bernie explains socialism take more of your money to give you free stuff
bernie sanders on his way to a rally against the 1 percent donald duck
green new deal island aoc bernie sanders dresses as gilligan skipper
bernie sanders once again asking you to stop using me in meme


bernie sanders were going to destroy establishment i lost money goes to them vote for establishment democrats
bernie-beer-drinking-game chug someone else's beer


bernie sanders if i have 1 dollar you have 20 now have 21 and you qualify for food stamps
bernie-sanders-stop-giving-their-money to people who work zero hours per week
bernie sanders-take-half-your-sign
bernie sanders never let someone who has done nothing tell you how to do anything

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