Big Government/Socialism Meme Gallery 2

graphic shows socialism grows economy professor upside down economics book
well it finally happened capitalism failed just had to seize means of production jail people for working
back to future survivors socialism venezuela cuba seen this one leftists america what do you mean brand new
trump everyone who tried socialism got hurt bernie fork outlet did it wrong
how to solve all problems disney crocs communism people disagreeing give more power to government
government is corrupt at every level dont worry will investigate itself muppet old men balcony
socialism will work this time my liberal professor at university said so
congress all you can spend buffett back to business todays special endless debt nancy pelosi
socialism how we are told it works actually government wine glasses nothing for people
law of common sense one person pulling wagon if free ride not enough to pull
socialism if we cant all be rich lets be equally poor except for rulers
problems caused by capitalism too much entertainment food electronics
jim carrey great idea for socialists actors union redistribute wealthy to struggling actors
only government could be in business of forcing money out of citizens taxes still be bankrupt
30 years innovation public sector vs private amtrak usps dmv amazon apple
just when think cant get worse government proves you wrong bull
boat people immigrants folks escaping free education health care for capitalism
bernie sanders fairy tale millenials read part about free pony xbox hoverboard from rich dudes
bernie sanders communism worked reducing obesity cant say all bad
theft compared to government taking theft gun sharing
college students who wants socialism who wants to give away to people who didnt earn
clown sign if we pay more taxes well get more free stuff
socialist communist progressive democrat walk into bar who pays for drinks
communism democratic socialistm boot stepping colored balloons
bike virus killing people quarantine country illegal to do business see capitalism failed we need socialism
socialists living in capitalism unbearable in socialism isnt real fire
bernie sanders as president moves tax it keeps moving regulate stops subsidize
reds and blues we need bigger government someone you disagree with now in charge
freedom has almost been perfected just a few more laws regulations cages
socialism machine how much it varies just keep putting in money until broke hope for best
trust me i grew up in communist socialist nation escaped you dont want it millenials ok boomer
dad why government destroy everything it touches is monopoly no incentive to be efficient accountable

evil capitalism full fruit isle fair socialism no food
frog mouse democrats promising everything for free ignorant of history economy eaten
communism according to college students free bread fun gulah camp compared to history
imagine if you will world people dont grasp liberty basic economics decide how you live
socialism equal poverty no opportunity capitalism unequal wealth unlimited opportunity for success
control education minds health care bodies votes media thoughts others destroy hillary obama pelosi democrats
dday gravestones their dying wish america never surrender to socialism communism
tweet prageru capitalism teaches people work more socialism demand more
dont oppose expanding access affordable healthcare quality education protecting environment government worst institution to accomplish
quote mao stalin hitler didnt come to power promoting tyranny but equality rand paul case against socialism

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