Big Government/Socialism Meme Gallery 5

us debt cant quit now keep digging to venezuela
democrats ban harmful americans doj irs fbi
property us government spy equipment pointed at americans
tweet entrepeneur dreaming product life better politician regulations prevent
government created whole problem need more
democrats reading put xi book raid indict jail rivals
bernie sanders fight system by making it bigger
office whiteboard imagine watching shtshow government these people should run life
yoda communism never tried soviet mind of child
liberals military waste foreign aid corrupt bureaucracy corporrate welfare wealth pay everything drowning
judge defendant realizing exposing illegal stuff government
politicians need more taxes celebrating cash duck
are politicians stupid or evil ron paul yes
republicans democrats rino uniparty burning usa money
office government money for budget stole it
this is sharing theft government taxes doesnt make you generous
kids born 60000 debt parents everything cant afford human right
liberals paying money dc getting less free stuff back
politicians temporary government program
increase taxes rich companies raise prices liberal capitalism blame
government solves obesity inflration food shortages
communists liberals capitalism fascism dont know either means
soviet leftist liberal cuba crisis us embargo communist access capitalist
fast food social credit score 3 extra crickets sandwich
free internet healthcare housing taxpayers hole government
flowchart illegal wrong caught pay government
communists poverty propaganda literacy rates healthcare
company share profits workers losses too
tell socialist not hurt take things you selfish
national international social office same picture difference
government corruption weve seen iceberg
message no consequence poor incentive good work no motivation government
leftists analyzing billionaire spending vs government
message difference government thieves pretend to help
quote sowell solutions problems todays yesterdays solutions

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