Big Government/Socialism Meme Gallery 7

rules for us break jail government constitution nothing
wonka war on poverty drugs terror more successful wars to start
big government corporate america us citizens gun held
ask my dog fix corruption washington dc noose
congress cant balance a budget but all became millionaires
government state provide good service without permission accidentally bomb schools
economics for dummies comparison poor no middle class rich same socialism capitalism
prayer government please save us from problem u created
face you make government wont abuse nsa spying denied existed
manipulative parasites usa congress office same picture
us department homeland security everyone likes freedom is terrorist
need more government corporations currently contolling government
government doesnt want you living long life owe you social security
government taxpayer debt snowblower plow
what want from government stop helping
build anything they will come irs doj sec epa field of dreams
pothole goose without government wildlife ponds enjoy
old enough nursing home argue wars who give my money to
aliens experiment plunder forever from government
people ask why dont like socialism like to eat
family guy think better than me logic common sense world history
from government here to help pennies stealing wallet
democrats republicans snakes unicorn rainbow
telling me politicians lie constantly if dont believe conspiracy theorist
x thomas massie every spending bill tax bill borrowing printing
socialism rings victimhood envy power
x read the bills free soda act illegal owning dog
babylon bee congress wear bar codes scan prices
capitalism without government with price of cocaine weed
message dont have justify why can do government why cant
self care goggly eyes bulk vandalize
x government set precendent normal life privilege withdrawn grovelling obedience punish dissenters
x process free country socialist thin person obese process back in shape painful
message every law passed another freedom lost
message most dangerous religion on earth is worshipping government
x before voting government power politician hate in charge
quote sowell businesses costs benefits governament any

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