Big Government/Socialism Meme Gallery 8

wink lawmakers sprinkle word temporary into anything
congress dc swamp hidden camera career criminals stealing trillions
most goverment jobs welfare unnecessary change my mind
duck carrying cat capitalists socialists starvation
x taxes neighbors healthcare than bombs keep money middleman
office find difference athletes games politicians perfectly times investments
politicians cant balance budget all become millionaires
war infrastructure spending helps economy bomb our own cities
dmv compulsory service permission to use own property
door newsom trudeau accepted state lord and savior
30 year old socialists corner rabbit mom asking get a job
clown makeup minimum wage regulations close businesses amazon capitalism failed
bernie sanders financial institution too big fail exist ron paul federal reserve
little thought thief dressed burglar actually suit politician
vader living document constitution altering the deal pray dont hear
war on drugs more drugs terror terrorists next year war on money jobs
none of constitution counts if interests of national security
mmt modern monetary theory trojan horse hyperinflation democrat socialists
x musk fired 90 percent twitter functioning government employees
democracy system rights dont exist if outnumbered scarecrow fire wizard of oz
governments no part causing problem only solution
quote government first dont succeed reward failure throwing more money at it
socialist clocks broken right twice a day
books diet nutrition karl marx communism
comparison when government does something everyone else patriot tsa taxation
statists governments keep peace through history
x real capitalism socialism never been tried almost better
message stop statist doublespeak taxes eminent domain licensing theft
x think country saved not by electing right person realizing government so powerful
message real socialism never tried argument against itself
quote ayn rand statists destroy capitalism tying hands controls
quote government robs peter pay paul support of paul shaw
quote rules lie to us know memoir soviet girl
ineptocracy least capable elected non producing rewarded confiscated wealth
quote ron paul debating spending whether agencies exist at all

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