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jim carrey great idea for socialists actors union redistribute wealthy to struggling actors
tweet 1000 mars bar freezer homeless celebrity charity
hollywoke strange not lining up see movies
why not tear down monument decades of exploitation rape pedophilia ritual abuse women children hollywood
hollywood oscar for equal number of black gay actors
leftists trump is racist also fallon kimmel silverman stern behar northam trudeau black face
oscar nominees 225k gift bag limos private planes lecture income inequality and climate change
my movies to find out why
leftist logic people who work privileged out of touch people who complain humble represent america
rock i endorse biden for president cone of shame chain lebron james me too
seeing hollywood more mad about people wearing masks than coworkers raping children interesting
diaz angry lady cat whoopi goldberg right wing pissing me off wouldnt if moved to canada tds
chelsea handler white people need racial sensitivity classes not going to happen hangover
robert dineiro pretends to be tough just another butthurt snowflake
funny how leftists have no problem beyonce making 80 million but not ceo with 3000 employees
dicaprio docked boat suv private jet to lecture people on global warming
watching friday 13th awful makeup on brain dead zombies sorry wrong channel the view
when hollywood composed rapists misogynists pedophiles drug addicts tell people how to behave think vote
kimmel colbert fallon still not doing biden jokes
kim jong un face app rosie odonnell
cher if i could turn back illegals not in my sanctuary city
liberals no problem ellen making 65 million but ceo employing 5000 people is problem
hollywood we hate pedophiles and rapists stop making fun of epstein weinstein
babylon bee academy strips schindlers list of oscar
johnny carson more class in pinky than all late night loser comedians put together
celebrities mad at trump for fulfilling promises maybe they should fulfill theirs move to canada
celebrities moving to canada if trump elected whoopi rosie cher jonathon steward al sharpton were waiting
quote ricky gervais golden globes celebrity political views

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