Educational Indoctrination Meme Gallery

bumper sticker my kid is honor student as dumbed-down government indoctrination camp
maybe its time we home school kid lighting flag on fire
being thrown into gulag reeducation camps sounds too rude free education bernie sanders clap
maybe 100000 college debt not worth
climate change agenda education system brainwashing propaganda
babylon bee harvard now offering 4 year degreee in feeling oppressed
college tuition stealing students money hypnotizing top 1 percent are thieves
why are students such pansies those are professors protect safe spaces speech is violence
radical leftism anti americanism socialism into education system out critical thinking discipline intelligence
if you accept free speech restrictions you didnt have education you had indoctrination
us history politically correct version cancel culture press endorsed by democrat party
okay kids what learned home school china sucks america great im boy girl
americans why do police protect bad cops keep employed teachers unions
me driving away from conformity indoctrination brainwashing group think
university creates office diversity inclusion wont let conservatives speak on campus interesting
teacher of year kelly holstine refuses to stand for pledge of allegiance still wonder why millenials are brainwashed
hey-guys-lets-market-ourselves-to-financially-illiterate-college-students bernie sanders credit cards
that was statue of abolitionist destroy history maybe we should defund public education
department of education google search school sad cry depressed no problem
greatest mistake in history was allowing government to educate our children
indoctrinates students about capitalism requires 900 dollars textbooks
teachers union and we will use children to maintain wages not have to compete like non union
higher education assembly line turning students into democrats
new sat exam based standards based on color of skin
survived college without becoming a liberal shirt
free college speech is violence will there be
kid going to college coming back as karl marx
tar feather the truth academia anybody else want to disagree with left wing mob
students political correctness microaggression so long brain wont be needing me
evolution of education area of square color in
taxpayers billions soviet biden bernie trambling freedom of speech defund universities snowflake generation
when someone says self checkout killing jobs public education system could be replaced by youtube

5 of orwells 1984 worst nightmares list media hollywood corporate oligarchy public education

communist ideologies that killed 100 million being taught and praised in universities mao stalin

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