First Lady of the United States (FLOTUS) Meme Gallery

hillary that face you make when youre only seated in the presidential row as a plus 1
melania trump speaks 5 languages jill biden understands senile jivverish
dr jill biden pretend doctors magazine
joe jill biden do you like pattern white house tableware wont answer questions about china
obama binoculars looking at melania trump
jill biden tacos corporate office comparison
Bumper sticker id rather quarantine with melania
joe jill biden no gender now two idiots in white house
michelle obama nobody raided my panty drawer
trumps sacrificed wealth for good of country clintons sacrificed country for their wealth
jill covid again boosters biden give another one
quote obama theres only so big house need 15 million mansion marthas vinyard
cnn sir how do you feel about melanias shoes flood zones
me leaving barnes noble after putting hillary clinton books true crime section
jill joe biden democrat party salute sieg mask
heres to all fashion designers who dressed michelle obama but refused to dress melania trump
so gracious of trump and melania to take picture with barack obama horses ass
message racism in america mocked almost dead then obamas showed up set back
vogue fashion editor lynn yaeger criticizes everything melania trump wears
muslim transvestite rapist satanist hillary bill clinton michele barack obama
obamas 30 times more wealth in white house seems legit
jill biden melania trump coats tacos
michele obama amen melania trump awoman
quote melania trump advocate love of country generations children founding principles
michele obama melania trump jill biden hate love forgot america
quote melania trump knew donald 18 years love for america patriotism

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