Introverts and Anti-People Meme Gallery 3

tweet son do better stuff every social interaction
tweet are you home know more answer
calls phone instead of texting nope nope muppets
tweet reached point in life met enough people
tweet life balancing why not invited how to get out of
groot extravert friend grogu harassment friend
tweet shy at first boom most annoying ever
x unknown number dont answer calls people i know

griswold me 5 minutes talking people enough
tweet hello didnt see you translation couldnt avoid
x ice breakers anxious fun fact dont listen anyone else
doing this nothing barbeque
x icebreaker make them regret it
x neighbors waved hello forrest gump dan wont make contact again
tweet went outside expensive too many people see next year
x gotta get going no plans rather be home
elf grinch me around animals people
hard ask for help moving couch chair
scale 1-10 trust humanity bike locks shoes
stuff ordered amazon in town people lotr
found building next house goa way sign
replaced human interaction with memes i dont know sound
me watching whats about to be missed call
jealous toddlers lack social norms someone dont like scream nooo
baby yoda seeing dog in public petting human doesnt exist
successful social interaction normal person ribbon
gotten older realize bigfoot stayed away from people
two reasons dont trust people know them dont know them
x stressful meeting new people 3 mental illnesses trenchcoat
run vacuum outside so neighbors dont talk to me
things that annoy me feelings people why make list
x love weather ugly decision stay home easier
cant stand people ride bicycles car haul
tweet dont lie to introvert observant notice everything
rather be luggage hold than sit facing each other plane
only talk to 5 people day 3 of them me
me watching whats about to be missed call phone
smudge stop trying please people dont like you most annoying person
meme button trying relate other humans only way know how

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