Kermit the Frog Meme Gallery

kermit rehab commercial comes everyone looks at you
kermit me waiting for all the free drugs my teacher said id be offered
kermit me waiting for the common sense variant to spread
kermit tell me 1 for english then put bin ladens sister on the phone
kermit song wrote conspiracy theorist friend right owe apology
kylie jenner 1 million instagram me loses 10 each post kermit
kermit how come antifa blm never attack biker bar construction site or anywhere there is concentration of grown men
41 percent of americans disapprove of roaring economy almost same percent dont pay taxes kermit
kermit dont have time for your shit today patron fuck your tea
evil kermit meme too offensive to post people think youre a shitshow anyway
message kermit maybe we should let machines take over not exactly doing well
kermit making healthy people act sick masks munchausen syndrome none of my business tea
kermit when you pull up to work and building is still standing fuck
when youre trying to cut back on posting memes but government wont stop doing crazy things kermit
kermit at this point doesnt feel working from hom living at work
kermit past week taught us stupidity spreads faster than any virus could
kermit please dont block traffic with protests have to go to work to pay for your welfare
offensive to say merry christmas kermit
kermit government can tell me how much owe to penny but cant count votes
kermit chicks matching purses to clothes but not babies to daddies
kermit some people sympathetic pat on head with hammer
kermit how to slap someone while social distancing
kermit need lawyer facebook jail know rights
kermit discussion respecting wrong opinion
kermit look calm mind punched you multiple times
kermit sunday night wondering what fresh hell monday bed

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