Liberal Meme Gallery 2

democrats burning constitution if it saves one life
democrats no one above the law also democrats who wants free health care for illegals
iran has sleeper agents in usa we knew that obama hillary schumer pelosi
liberal praises communism doesnt want to live under mom dads stupid rules
michelle obama having me on ticket no criticim or sexist racist transphobic
liberal mind this pilot doesnt share our political views hope he crashes
how white leftists see themselves after complaining about white people online
babylon bee new program helps people of color find white liberal to speak for them
democrats am i out of touch no everyone is racist
hey kid wanna try some liberal insanity democrats msnbc cnn blm soviet
due to lack of fans nfl requiring new uniforms liberals jim carrey ace ventura
liberal screaming hillary russia obama cages obstruction pelosi schumer ukraine joe biden
liberal guide to labeling biden warren obama bill gates mostly peaceful floyd
democrats listening to poor minority after election im going to head out sponge bob
rabbits signs personal responsibility victimhood everything unfair
if your iq is 75 but you think its 220 you must be liberal rachel maddow
i want free education healthcare food have you tried prison
you can shut down any liberal with the f word facts
when you disagree with a democrat family guy color shades white supremacist or uncle tom
tolerant left after they meet a black conservative ed norton
woke liberals should replace national anthem song represents us send in clowns dont know history
fuck white people im helping simpsons
maddow arrogance when consistently being wrong motivates you to lecture others what to do
student debt gender studies degree vote bernie sanders because trump fault
democrat monkey fight cheered by libertarians republicans trump voters
media democrats blind when obama bombed seven countries
liberals omg conservatives are brainwashed also drinking cnn msnbc post nyt buzzfeed vox vice
youve never been judged by your skin color just was white privilege is racist divisive lie
woke pumping soviet communist propaganda ignoring trump accomplishments
quote danny carlton latest liberal mantra been proven that propaganda
hate crime heinous act of disagreeing with a liberal
democrats anything anyone but america
liberals womens clothing choice nothing to do with rape also maga hat asking for it
reds and blues liberal politics rules never miss opportunity to exploit tragedy with enough hype anything can be tragedy
liberal cubans cost florida state farm selling socialism
control education minds health care bodies votes media thoughts others destroy hillary obama pelosi democrats
quote andrew breitbart realy waterboarding is leftist orwellian intimidation against those who dont think they way they do

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