Libertarian Meme Gallery

i like my government like i like my men weakened to point of only able to perform basic functions
willy wonka government shuts down country keeps going wonder if theres a lesson in that
me trying-to-convince-friends-buy-land-start-community
two kinds of people when you explain drugs whould be legal
red dawn on scale 1 10 how sick of government are you wolverines
got my dna test back 0 percent democrat
i have no problem helping needy however issue with funding lazy
raiders of lost arc empty promises of free shit my rights statue
thinking is hard just do what government says
if patriots of today were alive in 1776 redcoats lives matter respect authority submit comply
commandment dont ask government to fix problem they caused
whats the difference government organized crime one is organized
after government shutdown still no negative impact on country as whole many wondering if federal government necessary
government necessary people left unchecked will do evil but composed of people left unchecked office
when you have to google government still shut down because your life hasnt change at all
why 3 cameras apple iphone one for you fbi cia
are you democrat or republican am libertarian 4 hours later thats how fdr ruined this country
when you spend all day posting overthrowing government two guys from quantico pizza
stevie wonder me when see somebody going illegal isnt harming anyone
adventures of guy who started paying attention government isnt truthful
we must never question government said no founding father ever
fewer things politicians control less it matters who controls the politician
only thing i fear more than government shutdown is government staying open
if there is government shutdown who will spy on me waste my money and have contempt for me
libertarian-world-takeover leaving you alone
republican democrat freedom voting choice pencil doesnt reach 3rd party
home schooling with a libertarian day 31 bazooka
when someone only blames one political party for problems in government
everything i want to do is illegal childrens book
lets play a game name one thing government has made cheaper more effective
when you first discover libertarianism taxes kurt russell snake plisskin
should the government question nope
once government provides housing utilities education food healthcare guns can take away
as a libertarian dont care what you do marry smoke but pay for it yourself
rules for voting in america not voting for best candidate against worst repeat

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