Lisa Simpson Instructional Messages Meme Gallery

message lisa simpson opinions you are oppresser
message letting government determine true false more dangerous lisa simpson
message lisa simpson werent listening mom jump off bridge shows
message lisa simpaon no one thinks black ids democrats just want to cheat
cant control drilling shipping refining oil price oil lisa simpson
lisa simpson man talking not the same as mansplaining
message lisa simpson if you spent much time helping people calling for government to do it
lisa simpson only time left speaks positively america illegal immigrants right to be part of
message lisa simpson memes better current events news
lisa simpson its just as easy to buy scientists as it is to buy politicians
message people right side history fighting for liberty not censorship reeducation camps lisa simpson
message lisa simpson if get someone fired expressing opinion youre not oppressed oppressor
biggest governments in world cant stop virus global warming if pay more taxes lisa simpson
message lisa simpson government controls social media feed programming you
lisa simpson spend trillions bills havent read want details how you spend 600
message lisa simpson if others not pronouns biggest problem privileged people on earth

message americans should be more concerned canada than ukraine lisa simpson

message lisa simpson if trump froze bank accounts blm supporters dont hate fascism

message lisa simpson todays fact checking lowest form of journalism
lisa simpson if you believe politicians promises probably think strippers like you
message lisa simpson only reason americans mandatory covid camp 2nd amendment

message lisa simpson millions people unwilling tolerate risk cant have functioning society
message lisa simpson media no choice attack rittenhouse

message talking lisa simpson leftist taxation government exploiting labor value workers

lisa simpson questioning ukrainian propaganda not same as supporting putin

message lisa simpson if trust government history teacher didnt do their job
lisa simpson fauci malone dr debate only one up for it

lisa simpson maybe follow money instead of politically driven science

same people took 20 years replace with taliban war on covid lisa simpson

message people weaponizing healthcare same human right lisa simpson

lisa simpson take away right shall not be infringed what stop other rights

lisa simpson when media is behind your movement you arent resistance blm antifa
message lisa simpson dont let people surrounded by barbed wire soldiers cant own firearm

message lisa simpson white shaming is literally racism

lisa simpson inciting violence empty buzzword people responsible for own actions

lesson first ban accounts twitter facebook apps infrastructure next isps browser lisa simpson

lisa simpson joe biden doom gloom not winning campaign strategy

lisa simpson everyone happy pay more gas biden voter

lisa simpson republicans dont care about debt democrats about black people

government reaction to covid is worse than actual damage from virus lisa simpson

lisa simpson todays counterculture when you align with billion dollar corporations
lisa simpson supreme court political affiliation wouldnt matter if just did job constitution

lisa simpson chances are if your front yard has a flag everyone knows who youre voting for

lisa simpson being anti left doesnt make you conservative rino

message lisa simpson batteries dont make energy store ev not zero emissions

if it wasnt for 17 years with guns youd still be british lisa simpson

the people that thought Trump meant actual coyote get to vote for people that rule over you lisa simpson
message lisa simpson irs target people cant afford lawyer
lisa simpson socialism nothing like democratic socialism government steals money voting for it

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