Mainstream Media Meme Gallery 3

al sharpton im here to help gasoline fire riots
good news dont have coronavirus bad news case blindly trusting authority believing tv
journalism class destroy gop trump report facts when convenient
greta thunbern swedish child cnn qualified rand paul doctor covid 19 survivor not
stirring pot racism ny times cnn cbs msnbc wash post abc
cnn msnbc islam religion of peace dove machine gun
drudge report then 2016 trump now orange man bad run by google angry woman
cnn npr washington post new york times nbc puppets of china
unmasking kayleigh mcenancy mainstream media dnc cnn msnbc npr nyt wapo cbs nbc
cbs nbc nyt msnbc abc look fox is right of center teeter totter
trump said good morning media reactions cnn msnbc post nyt oan fox huffington post
mainstream media lies about everything im going to need to verify that claim with link to credible mainstream media article
romper room news trump white house press corp cnn msnbc china jim acosta
wizard of oz americans trump catching mainstream medias blatant hypocrisy
riots media putting gasoline on the fire
media reporting on everything trump does compared to all 1984 things states doing
new masks intended protect from media horse shit ear
cnn racist cop car attacks joggers
media everything we tell you highly edited propaganda push leftist agenda
washington post trump sarcasm compared to biden joke
like wakeup call everything you ever seen on mainstream media lie to take rights away youre still asleep
iran to replace state tv with msnbc
nbc news nationwide hunt three white males kidnapping girl
when cnn puts child immunology not about sicence manipulation sign
media magnifying coronavirus crisis scaring people
that face just watched msnbc cnn fox cbs abc msnbc no sources useless information
cnn converage christine blasey ford compared to tara reade
mainstream media propaganda trump holding mirror

trump had bacon eggs for breakfast media so you are saying kill all vegans
forced vaccination property of us government police state mainstream media lies
pulled you over for driving while conservative thought police kanye west candace owens red pill

message you are being conditioned to think people stand for freedoms are selfish extreme irresponsible hateful

quote goebbels if you tell lie big enough and repeat people will believe cnn msnbc nyt post abc time
mainstream media is enemy of people are you awake cnn nyt post cbs abc msnbc google facebook

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