Political Correctness & Censorship Meme Gallery 2

babylon bee democrats replace all police with traveling bands hippies singing imagine
black lives matter wolf sheeps clothing cash corporate america
aunt jemima gracing breakfast tables longer any of you not until liberal pussified generation came along it was a problem
martin luther kind board calling someone privileged because white judging by color of skin
egyptian pyramids get them down built by slaves
find difference two images us womens soccer team sheep kneeling for national anthem
white privilege being called racist by people who see nothing except color of your skin
cancel cluture apology booth turn in spine
babylon bee san francisco changes term convicted felons to more politically correct elected officials
how did political correctness get out of control campus
why not tear down monument decades of exploitation rape pedophilia ritual abuse women children hollywood
old enough to remember racism in america so bad jussie smollett had to pay black friends to commit hate crime
babylon bee washington post calls on patriots to rename offensive
list not acceptable to left aunt jemima paw patrol ok rioting attacking police
tar feather the truth academia anybody else want to disagree with left wing mob
tear down this monument to slavery irs
yoda waste of time political correctness pussifies a nation it does
jussie smollett what happens when supply of racists doesnt meet demand bubba wallace
thank god smoking in boys room in 1973 now vaping in gender neutral area
you wonder why silent majority is silent cancel culture
babylon bee lebron james pulls over to lecture homeless man on white privilege
whose life should we destroy next cancel culture crows
babylon bee famed archaelogy professor indiana jones photo nazi
my white privilege go to work pay taxes so i can be insulted by people who dont work
how do you know good guys not burning buildings erasing history attacking police silencing free speech
community responders robbers take your bike ask how you feel
black labs matter dont you fucking start signs
land o loakes got rid of indian kept the land
edited blazing saddles for tv 7 minutes long
stuff you need id for rx license plane but racist for voting
message like to thank phrase politically correct whiny pansies no common sense killing america
do black police victims conservatives store owners abortion no 2 criminals shot by police
lucky charms offensive to irish just kidding not offended by jack shit not pussies
white privilege is myth most everyone poor or middle class work whole life
behold new statue has arrived snowflakes
quote danny carlton fact check propaganda semantics agenda
if offended by gone with wind mass hysteria when snowflakes see blazing saddles
tweet removing aunt jemima keeping high fructose corn syrup liberal hollow symbolic gestures
tweet only way to stop cancel culture never apologize no concessions laugh in its face
quote morgan freeman how to stop racism stop talking about it no white black man
quote truth the new hate speech political correctness get people talking again
dr seuss bad for kids drag queens reading sex healthy
message goebbels we called it control of information one day people will call it fact checking
quote there is a new far left fascism demands absolute allegiance censorship
message support black white friends but not kkk blm protests but not antifa
for sale white privilege card hasnt done damn thing

Hitler Reacts to Political Correctness

Link: https://www.youtube.com/embed/rfysvgkKqUc

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