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ocasio cortez theres more where that came from stealing from wallet to give
titanic me doing my taxes i have a child dog

government adding up how much owe services never asked dont want
california taxing text messages bill breathing talking standing existing lollygagging chewing
obama pelosi schumer what to do blame 1 percent stop taking 40 percent of paycheck thrown out window
ultimate guide to government shutdown are you still getting taxes taken it isnt shutdown
paying taxes to government represents foreigners taxation without representation
governor cuomo people fleeing new york for florida tax torture
irs when you cheat on your tax youre trying to kipnap what ive rightfully stolen
when youre watching people in other countries revolt over taxes and your country is voting for more

is it greed when you want to keep what you earn or take what someone else earned the dude
social security universal health care free college for all smothers hands over taxpayers
stop calling tax refund you overpaid all year and got your change back
when government took 25 percent of money gives 2 percent back sponge bob stimulus
what if irs really stands for theirs
if your refund is more than you paid in taxes youre getting back my taxes not yours
give-me-all-my-money holdup government
jesus-feed-the-poor not elect politicians to do it
only difference between death and taxes is death doesnt get worse every time congress meets will rogers
libertarian in chief retirement if private savings vs social security
no such thing as government funded its all taxpayer funded
hey what if you spend less steal less of our money government holding cash
question if 100 percent of someones income is slavery what percentage is it not
pay more taxes so government can fix weather like they did roads health care costs drugs
1 dollar double for 20 years millionaire taxed at 28 percent 71 thousand
our-tax-system-penalizes-those-who-are-producing-wealth-rewards those that consume thomas sowell
ocasio cortez society allows billionaires to exist is wrong confiscate wealth of every billionaire run government 8 months
democrats things we can tax brainstorming session
would you kindly fix road taxed to fix using car income home taxed
democrats republicans together stealing wallet taxpayer

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