Work and Job Meme Gallery 2

golfer new hires me orienting them
baby yoda boss denied time off request flight booked
tweet pto prepare the others i wont be there
baby yoda how was work jose cuervo straw
tip of day tired nap bottom of ladder boss fell
tweet jobs 3 references same happy employees
random drug testing work wont try crack
office management training anger technically
tweet noticed attitude not actions that caused it
manager employee call customer moron asked
coworker comes back after surprise drug test thought lost
hr says no longer answer phone for fcks sake what now

coworker beat up jumping in not covering shift
tweet parenting toddler adults customer service
10 emails deep into reply all chain why included
office rather feared or loved afraid they love me
new manager dominance of 50 year old worker decades golfers
tweet fake laughing customers skill resume
fire me closing problem opener work
tweet catch errors emails reading sent folder
tweet new coworker training why legacy
tweet peoples routine coffee workout me question existence late work
tweet shtshow resignation letter
grogu boss 3rd time late this week wednesday
baby yoda meditating fighting customres frowned upon
real effort nice at work two minutes shift tomorrow
start questioning yourself work hire anybody
grogu walking into work great day 8 hours later
formal resignation letter quit using meme
baby yoda cough at work boss send home employees
workplace chaos shift ended seconds ago explosions
tweet dream arguing with boss going on timesheet
tweet retire like athletes commentor spreadsheets slides
sponge bob making pros cons list killing coworker
tweet what interests in job being paid to do it
hr explaining to me smoke breaks for nicotine only pot
grogu baby yoda tomorrow work god brought me into world against will and crying
joke so good hr managing director meeting
hr showing me all posts how much hate job
tweet check on friends profession cant say 90 percent not ok
cat work driving deciding start new life country
day alcoholic drink after work today not it lotr
office boss thanking for loyalty me applications rejected
baby yoda grogu coworker calling you watched phone ring
linkedin reverse tinder hot girls wite nerdy guys dont write back
tweet if job tell me how should know how to do
tweet morning companies accept resumes without applicants enter exact same information
plane takeout work email sent attached file missing
tweet least liked tech support make day miserable
tweet two types jobs screamed at teams jingle
train stop suffer work
love my job repeat as many times as necessary baby yoda

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