Work and Job Meme Gallery

me training person at work not really supposed to do this is what i do
when on break at work see staff struggling because busy relax sponge bob
at job interview they pull up facebook account imma head out sponge bob
70s show want recurring stimulus called job dumbass
hear someone ask coworker smoke what
when actual personality comes out at work
crying stupid job car society wont collapse
brain sponge bob trying to hold in sarcastic thoughts work
somehow ended up venn diagram work apocalypse
construction sign 10 bosses 1 worker ahead
how think drinking look work from home mad men shameless
customer always right not on my shift

restaurants providing benefits hand job
no matter what the job make it fun
recently got a job as cashier at dicks now dad always says im dick checker
tweet robert schultz contact previous employer
bartender server busboy cook tips
everything wrong work used to it by now
tweet dream job not participating in society
started new job at stay at home alcoholic
coworker almost died then took drink of coffee

cats work bestie trying keep getting fired and another thing
im doing escape room well get out of work
firehouse subs tired of looking at your teenager we are hiring
office supplies liquor shelf work from office
tweet side hustle mandatory extra jobs expensive life

so tired worked 60 hours government crazy wheres my cut

labor shortage employers nighmare quit job
tweet manager not drink after shift worked

tweet no one asks husband job 3 kids
baby yoda would you slap coworker 25k not about money

coworker can smell alcohol under mask back up karen were in pandemic here

brought brownies coworkers drug testing unless plan on firing everyone

dishes like significant others coworkers shouldnt do

boss zoom everyone turn on their camerias drinks tanning

big bird when boss calls last minute friday meeting jumped gun on edible
tweet customer service good apologizes things not my fault
fire emitting deadly radiation boss cant work sun
pro tip blow on coffee cup zoom boss wont know alcohol

free lunch entrance jobs now hiring comparison
kermit sunday night wondering what fresh hell monday bed
education system nutshell elementary hs sheep college jobs market
how to be grown up at work replace fuck you with ok great
management pizza party overworked staff jedi mind tricks dont work on me only money
tweet job resumes toysrus manager

spiderman point fingers explain gap resume turnover rate
sign issuing weekly stimulus checks see manager
driving home work eat sleep do it again
sign warning to avoid injury dont tell me how to do my job
far side 50 stories up should i push coworker off

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