06-01 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

weve been through covid fires murder hornets quiet please best can do is riots
dog book complete guide to understanding bitches
sponge bob hearing greedy companies struggling for money celebrities complaining about quarantine boredom
minneapolis on fire msnbc generally speaking this isnt unruly
life in minneapolis let me open business dangerous lunatic looter righteous protester
why you wearing headphones broken so people dont talk to me
on a scale of 1 to 1984 how free do you feel muzzle in grocery story follow arrows on floor
worldwide cov 19 cases in gazillions politicians no more accurate
unmasking kayleigh mcenancy mainstream media dnc cnn msnbc npr nyt wapo cbs nbc
how do you feel flynn unmasking envious
nbc news nationwide hunt three white males kidnapping girl
i dont have white vs black issues wrong vs right issues
riot crowds just like that covid was gone

Summary of Past Few Months

message summary instill fear lock people up remove pressure valves strike match

Another Tech Censorship Example

I was searching for a video of Dr. Fauci recommending not wearing a mask for Covid, shown below. When I went to DuckDuckGo.com and did a search for “fauci recommends no masks”, the video I was seeking came back #1. When I did the same search on Google, it seems to have been erased from existence as I couldn’t find it within several search page results. I did however find his current recommendation to wear face masks. But yeah, sure, Google, it’s just the “algorithm”, not any deliberate censorship.

Tweets of the Day

tweet has anyone told them rioting looting reinforcing biggest stereotypes
tweet this isnt civil disobedience paid domestic terrorism fbi investigate

Quote of the Day

quote if you want vision of future imagine boot stomping human face george orwell

Message of the Day

drop single minded can be against cop killing and looters

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05-31 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

when everyone received stimulus payment except you prostitution book
when you spend 300 in target 15 minutes before its looted
hospital charges for oxygen trees you guys are getting paid
cnn racist cop car attacks joggers
new mask to save countless lives duct tape nancy pelosi
journalists 1990s nato bombing filming genocide 2020 trump said hes racist tears
joe biden dementia my ass ive always been this dumb
people with glasses as soon as they put mask on fogged
you should wear mask protect others even if dont need same with firearm
fact check twitter vile cesspool run by left wing hacks democrats control
babylon been twitter hires fact checker hillary clinton
in minneapolis can get arrested for opening business but not looting one
babylon bee who confirms only conservative protests spread covid

New Meme Gallery Added

Mainstream Media Meme Gallery 3

Big Tech Fascism Update

In Apparent ‘Error’, Youtube Has Been Censoring Comments Critical of Chinese Communist Party
33 Examples of Twitter’s Anti-Conservative Bia – Media Research Center

Tweets of the Day

tweet laura ingraham trump jr new york times kara swisher censor president
tweet malice good thing no one spent 3 years getting americans rage followed by 3 months home confinement

Quote of the Day

quote martin luther king hate multiplies hate adding deeper darkness

The Right Way to Do a Political Ad

donald trump add finish him karate with joe biden

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