01-18 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

cat watches two much master chef mouse garnish
wearing bikini cover 90 percent body men polite stare at covered places only
get older stay positive fell stairs fastest moved years
goal old person everyone afraid bring out public
breaking news people dont believe media bs anymore
nancy pelosi catholic planned parenthood alcoholic
illegal tent city american citizen one
flipping fauci bird
trudeau days without embarrassing canada
2024 bottom of barrel democrat search hillary clinton
corporate media decades lies deceit joe rogans fault

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tweet catturd imagine condom getting vd thanking trojan
tweet half no joy other serious communication memes
tweet guess how much owe jail

Question of the Day

question hydroxychloroquine not dangerous lupus arthritis protesting

Unfortunately, Big Tech & Mainstream Media Brainwashing Works Well on Many

Poll Reveals Astonishing Percentage Of Democrats Support Unparalleled Covid Tyranny For Unvaccinated

The silver lining here is that a smaller and smaller percentage of the country still consider themselves Democrat. By my estimation, the Covid & Big Tech tyranny of the past two years has carved out at least a quarter of Democrats and moved them to the ‘Independent’ section, with many doing a full-blown switchover to conservative/libertarian. How do I know for sure? My own formerly Democrat-leaning sister has moved to the right of me in her political opinions after two years of lockdowns & mask mandates pounding the hair salon business she owns. I’m surprised her Facebook posts haven’t yet got her a ban, which I’m sure is coming the next time Big Tech Thought Police can find a January 6th-type event to use as justification.

marked safe mass formation psychosis
america is a free nation change my mind
babylon bee pfizer announces revolutionary new vaccine protect against free thinking

President Uniter

Trump was a divisive president. There is no doubt about it. You don’t bring people together by going on rants where you simply insult rather than persuade. That said, he usually saved his wrath for the members of the Ruling Class cabal–the media, the tech giants, the Establishment politicians, etc.,…and the divided nation was mostly a result of their 24/7/365 mission to destroy him. As for Biden, what he is doing to divide the country is a thousand times worse. EVERY speech he attacks at least half the population, sometimes more. EVERYTHING he does is designed in some way to turn people against each other, most notably with his useless mask & vax mandates, along with his branding of anyone who disagrees with him or his power-grabbing policies as domestic terrorists. During the first year of his presidency, have you heard ONE SINGLE speech where he wasn’t angrily barking orders or condescendingly lecturing the American people?

joe biden evil domestic terrorist enemy voter id folks
mask are you anti vaccine are you pro coercion
joe biden two party system democrats and domestic terrorists

Tulsi Gabbard Slams Biden: He Is Doing ‘All He Can’ To Divide Americans
Biden Calls For Censoring Americans in the Name of Public Health
Joe Biden Meme Gallery 4

Those Who Don’t Study History…

flashback 1934 cartoon spend blame capitablism junk constitution

Anyone remember what was happening in Europe around this time?

Quote of the Day

quote those dont move don’t notice chains luxemberg

Message of the Day

message fruits vegetables healthy eating vaccine

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01-17 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

heathier food potatoes what did
currently a storm trooper yes no x
salad spill keyboard donut wouldnt have
ruling class inflation motorcycle wages bike hill
sure settle science for you big pharma funding
game truth twitter account suspended
bee stings only 99.97 survival suit
most transparent administration ever biden hiding
clowns when vaccinated finally realize ride wont stop
snl in other news maxwell first convicted trafficking children nobody
tom cruise want the truth maxwell clinton
forcing sick nurses to work fired unvaccinated
january 6th committee ignore epps shine light on
fauci hypnotist no evidence of mass formation psychosis
waiting facebook twitter ban sotomayor covid disinformation
babylon bee stores refuse sale chicken soup making covid feel better
people logged on watch cat videos memelords destroying official covid19 narrative

Quote of the Day

quote galileo thunderbolt lightning very very frightening me

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tweet mommy pandemic weight math sober up makeup
tweet impress make 30k will involve sex
tweet not depressed reacting world around me

A Challenge to the Preachy Mask-Obsessed Media

If anyone reading this ever gets a chance to confront Fauci, Walensky, Reid, Lemon, Stelter, Maddow, Sorkin, or any other propagandist who insists on forced masking for all eternity, I want you to issue this challenge: wear a mask every second while speaking the next 40 hours on air (about 3 days for Fauci). It’s no big deal, right? School children, restaurant workers, and millions of others in service industries are forced to do so 40 hours/week, so it shouldn’t be that big of a deal to those of you speaking from your ivory towers? What, you’re concerned your audiences may not understand what you’re saying?! Well, you may then get a sense what teachers & students go through daily, not to mention customers interacting with service workers.

biden supreme court fauci mask mandate dont work anyway
wearing mask 2 years unhealthier than having 1 week flu change my mind
masks do work manipulation tool control division illusion of safety

The Narrative is Crumbling – 16 Reasons Why

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D70kZDLGr4Q

Messages of the Day

message two week emergency two years
message wait in line tested can vote in person

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01-16 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

bet 100 dollars most men stair 1 roof access
females males shampoos cat spit hairdos
being relationship solving problems wouldnt have if single
most real 10 year challenge thread vision
masks stop viruses shopping card carrying sand
facebook edition monopoly go to jail every space
tony fauci super vaccine dr evil quotes
covid house of cards testng pcr debate off limits fragile narrative
useless 20 years 4 presidents trillions replace taliban with taliban
democrats talk about trump big lie hunter russia smollett
cdc credibility died with or because of covid
story punk dead misfits punks liberal intellectuals became fascist propaganda peddlers
new variant read backwards f joe biden
biden presidency tied to chair watching toddler play loaded pistol

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tweet kindergartner complaining breath smells wiping
tweet iphone option slamming phone hangup
tweet deena kid be cooler not ever around my friends

Kill the Unvaxxed!

MSNBC Host’s Latest COVID Rant Perfectly Illustrates Why She’s Probably Going to Lose Her Show

Lately I’ve been constantly hearing in the media and from liberals I know that the unvaxxed shouldn’t be treated at hospitals since they’re the ones supposedly using up all the resources. First of all, does this apply to people there because of Covid, or as the CDC likes to record in their stat books, hospitalized with Covid? So if you break your legs in a car accident, “Sorry, the record says he’s unvaxxed. Dump him in the street.” Second, are we going to apply this to every lifestyle decision of people? Should smokers, drug addicts, and obese be denied health care? Lastly, are unvaccinated really causing hospitals to be overloaded? Based on what, some manufactured media stories or some cooked stats from the CDC, who have lied to us from day one? Are they overloaded because they’ve fired a significant portion of health care workers who wouldn’t get vaxxed?

BTW, how much hospital capacity would be available if so many medical people hadn’t had their time monopolized by administering useless shots and questionable Covid testing? And whenever I hear of staffing issues related to Covid, I wonder, is it because people are actually too sick to work, or is it because they received a positive test and are just following Covid policies? 🤔

mom hypocrisy claiming healthcare human right unvaccinated denied healthcare

Quote of the Day

quote give away freedom health morality overcome fear of death

Another Day, Another Big Tech Nazification Display

tweet ron paul facebook page restricted pfizer interview

Bongino’s Youtube Channel Suspended, Demonetized Over COVID ‘Misinformation’

Flashback Quote

Average daily cases now about twice the peak avg daily rate in 2020, despite the PCR test recalibration earlier in the year used to cook the CDC numbers….but you can TOTALLY trust Fauci, Walensky, and FJB now! Why won’t you stupid peasants listen?!!

quote joe biden not going to get covid if you have these vaccinations

Message of the Day

message not conspiracy theorist study philosoph psychology propaganda servitude 6000 years

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