07-06 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

sleeping next love fall asleep faster pizza breadsticks
elon musk neuralink chip stream music hackers rick astley never gonna give you up
officer if you caught me you were speeding too
perfect tshirt dog lovers find dog longer
axios biden inflation supreme court roe v wade
pleases crown drink ale age conscription
anybody constitution definition shall not be inflinged
counterculture 1980 punk 2022 traditional family
biden savings stock market inflation recession gas blame putin
babylon bee world economic forum banner slips hydra logo schwab

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet r kelly epstein island be free man
tweet not smart enough people stupider than me
tweet gas stations bring down prices biden wh intern
facebook starting to believe white house wont say saved on 4th july barbeque

Quote of the Day

quote tesla anti social behavior intelligence world of conformists

Message of the Day

message first thing abuser expose cowards crazy unhinged unstable

The Debate Most People Fear

woman my body my choice babys body

There’s no debate that average Americans are less willing to engage in or express an opinion out loud about than abortion, mostly because they fear the wrath of one of the two extremes, who on the contrary, are VERY willing to state their opinions. Let me simplify this debate for you. I’m guessing everyone would agree that it should be illegal to kill a toddler, and all but the most strict religious people agree some kind of pre-conception birth control should be legal, which involves the precursors of a human being (i.e. sperm or egg cells). Both sides of the debate have firmly stated their opposition to government control of a person’s body (the Right–vaccine/mask mandates, the Left–abortion). So it really comes down to, where do people draw the line as to when another human being enters the picture and develops rights of their own? Some believe it starts at conception, some when there’s a beating heart, some when a brain & vital organs are formed, and then there are some who won’t even say human when the head is halfway out the birth canal. Whatever you pick as the dividing line is how you justify in your mind your political position on the abortion issue.

I don’t pretend to know all the answers, but the point is there will NEVER be agreement on that dividing line, which is why the Ruling Class particularly loves this issue.

mr burns divide and conquor plan working
tweets biden president unite country ultra maga taking away womens rights
tweet foster kids poverty disabled reason for abortions

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06-25 Politically Incorrect Daily

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dumb dumber carpooling office gas 10 dollars gallon
daughter homework galileo poor boy from a poor family bhohemian rhapsody
vader leia daddy issue stripper outfit 3rd movie
skeletor pay good money comedians offensive i get reported
california never allowed slavery taking money never owned give never were
joe biden inflation cant be fixed overnight inflation
hoarding gas cans make up for crypto losses
obama biden begging bowing saudis trump
babylon bee pelosi avoid pain pump millionaire insider training congress
adam schiff boy who cried trump guilt jan 6th evidence this time
dominoes obama making fun trump dinner roe v wade overruled

Quote of the Day

quote einstein knowledge street one way wisdom both ways

Message of the Day

message sht hits fan need country folks more than need you

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tweet top gun maverick vs lightyear woke propaganda
tweet monopoly game rollong dice waiting bankruptcy
tweet forgive not wanting negotiate guns eliminate societ medical treatment

President Gaslighter

biden supreme court took away constitutional right american people

Biden Addresses Nation After Supreme Court Overturn of Roe v Wade

It’d be nice if Biden could give one speech where he’s not angrily yelling at Americans while telling blatant lies designed to tear the country apart. My eyerolls have been on overload since the decision. First of all, the court DID NOT PROHIBIT ABORTIONS! They simply said it’s up to the states, legislatures, and people to decide any restrictions (which we all know in blue states will be exactly zilch). Second of all, there is NOTHING in the Constitution that mentions the word abortion. It was all based on interpretation, whereas President Gaslighter and the Dems have been working feverishly in recent years to deny rights explicitly stated in the Constitution like “right to bear arms” and “freedom of speech & press,” “right of people peaceably to assemble.” Third, I thought the hypocrisy & gaslighting of the Jan 6th farce couldn’t be exceeded, but here we are once again with “medical freedom” shouts by the Left. Two years of mask, vax, and testing mandates–100 PERCENT of which were passed by executive order or unelected bureaucrats–are perfectly fine, but allowing democratically-elected legislators to decide any or no restrictions on abortion is tyranny. 🙄 Fourth, the Left is whining that a small group of lifetime-appointed judges are now “making law.” Do they not see the irony that the court is overturning a decision made by a different group of lifetime-appointed judges who made law? Lastly, I keep hearing that men can’t comment or have an opinion because an abortion decision doesn’t affect them, as if the potential life doesn’t have any physical or emotional connection to the father? Does this mean men shouldn’t have to pay 18 years of child support because it’s not their kid?

At least we get a temporary halt to the January 6th hearings so Dems can publically call for an overthrow of a branch of government through insurrection. 👍

joe biden abortion your body your choice covid vaccine our choice
liberals ban abortions women get them illegally gun owners

so youre telling me liberals calling for sex strike so they can have more abortions

5 Reasons SCOTUS Overturned Roe and Casey – Spencer Brown

roe casey decision supreme court why stare decisis doesnt apply

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05-08 Politically Incorrect Daily

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me alll personalities once overreacting
Introvert extrovert date no pickles
dogs friends cavemen domesticated
teacher more inclusive happy birthing person day
big government censorship frankenstein alive free speech
candle only weird if you make it weird
fbi sting undercover outside food processing plants
is it boy or girl doctor let kindergarten teacher decide
ministry of truth inflation supreme court mainstrem media depp trial
liberal loyalty carg free toaster disney ukraine twitter covid biden

Note on Last Week

Sorry I’m behind on some of my current event memes. I was on vacation hiking in Utah last week. Yes, I did beat the crap out of Romney while I was there.

On the possible Roe v Wade reversal, there isn’t much more to be said that wasn’t said all last week. I will say that if the decision really does go through, it will be one of the most pro-choice abortion decisions the Supreme Court has ever issued. In other words, the choice is now up to the states. I’m not confident that Kavanaugh and Barrett will maintain their current votes, so don’t get too emotional about the decision just yet.

leftists last 2 years fighting against body autonomy
mask up get shot not your incubator my body my choice

Don’t Worry, You Can Trust West Coast Tech Companies

elon must undermine ideological diversity

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tweet fbi raid house politico or just biden diary
tweet free speech concerning government truth historically not good guy
tweet saphier covid vaccine health care decision woman doctor
tweet my mortgage identifies as a student loan

No WAY! The CDC Ignores Science?! 😱

birx cdc not interested official guidance mental health kids

Birx: CDC Ignored a Study Documenting a Lockdown-Caused Mental Health Crisis Among Kids…Back in 2020

These Democrat Senators Voted to Continue Masking Toddlers

Quote of the Day

quote naomi wolf misinformation disinformation

Message of the Day

message conditioned propaganda news education indoctrination know enemy

How Biden Admin Creates Policies

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c9LUCXVnGXI

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