11-12 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

cat smudge therapist jokes cover trauma
sign iam enough let visitors know struggling
thanks parental advisory label awesome albums
pushing cashless society freeze funds political dissidents
politicians overseeing corporate donors binoculars lens cap
working for the government what society parents boss really do sleep
snob royalty how denmark prisoners look american workers
hugging pay raise groceries taking
angry liberal pro choice israel bombing babies
tlaib from the river to the sea wipe out israel music to ears
schools removing analogue clocks halls teens cant tell time
tell kids how you get elected

Make It Happen

joe rogan tucker carlson elon musk debate moderators

Elon to the Rescue Again

ChatGPT, Alexa, Watson, Bard, and every other Artificial Intelligence software suffers from the same major weakness — they’re programmed by humans. In almost all cases, this is the fascist, left-leaning, pro-censorship Big Tech companies on the West Coast. Elon Musk is once again left to come up with an alternative to Big Brother’s New World Order tech, known as Grok. Gee, I wonder if CNBC and the rest of the mainstream media will be running hit pieces on it? 🤔

golfers ai chatgpt grok

Big Tech Fascism Meme Gallery 6

No, Not THAT!

headline nbc alliance tech companies democrats election officials thwarted

I love how this story makes this sound like a hit piece. Those eeeeeeeeeevil Republicans trying to break a Big Tech/Government alliance to censor citizens and fix elections. I thought this was a Babylon Bee article at first as they indirectly admit there is such an alliance, with the media providing cover. Once again the media doesn’t recognize its own stupidity.

Mainstream Media Meme Gallery 7

Social Media Posts of the Day

x daughter why hang up phone feel 90
x airport security split into never been to airport everyone else
x woods nashville shooter manifesto media release or hide political
x republican candidates arguing who give more taxpayer cash to foreigners
x invitation vox work babylon bee inflation prices problem

Quote of the Day

quote sowell people on left no compassion taxpayers

Message of the Day

message politicians word democracy normalizes tyranny constitutional republic

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