07-22 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

dog intruder sleeping fighting myself
cat known 7 years waking up breakfast
far side text from you wondering left coffee shop
trying to master eating powdered donut back from white house
bart simpson ass stethoscope cdc latest health safety guidelines
climate change jumbo jet billionaires
lgbtq consenting adults behind closed doors also them
how close we are to president kamala harris joe biden fall
old enough did try small town rittenhouse
justin trudeau carbon tax makes weather scamwow
joe biden mulvaney bud light smells different
elon zuck truck is coming duct tape copy
next time picked up drugs want secret service investigate
babylon bee biden giant check burisma right wing misinformation

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet excited cows relationship had
tweet pms so long started get on own nerves
tweet begging toddler boobs stand up on own
tweet triggered photo left hunter congress not kids pride parade
tweet tornado pfizer safe effective

Quote of the Day

quote martineau hard tell worse diffusion things not true suppression things that are

Message of the Day

message stop blaming covid caused by government sign

MSM & Entertainment Industry: So Disconnected from Reality

ron swanson nbc parks recreation mock libertarianism popular

The Ron Swanson character on Parks and Recreaton, intended to mock libertarians, became one of the most popular on TV, but this isn’t the first time NBC has stumbled onto to the same kind of “success.” Do you remember the Alex P. Keaton character on the show Family Ties? A little known fact is that character was created to mock Reagan conservatives. Instead it became one of the most popular characters in sitcom history and made Michael J. Fox’s career. Imagine the content that could be created in the Entertainment industry if it didn’t focus 99 percent of its effort on LGBTQ characters and leftwing political idealogy? 🤔

f joe biden ron swanson worried said lets go brandon establishment

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