06-15 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

glass of wine for health others for witty comebacks flawless dance moves
sick of numbers age weight murder convictions bodies burned
dinosaurs noahs ark today
kermit need lawyer facebook jail know rights
fast food biden economy is great inflation hired 20 an hour that will be 75.62
joe biden hunter fishing being saying racist stuff years no one cares
dr fauci first symptom covid 19 believing everything government says
facebook marked safe believing anything fauci says today
when havent been sunday school killed goliath covid

America Last

Big Surprise! UK Gov’t Advisor Nicknamed ‘Stalin’s Granny’ Wants Masking, Social Distancing ‘Forever’

Remember, Liberals always believe the worst of America. We should be more like China or Europe, and if they’re doing something different from America, then America is definitely wrong! I guarantee you many liberals are watching Europe keep Covid restrictions in place indefinitely, so they’re drawing up plans to reinstate mask mandates and lockdowns. New strains and the approach of winter will be used as cover for CDC reversals of various policies.

joe biden make american last again executive order pen

NOT ONE INCH To Covidstan – Scott Morefield

Social Media Post of the Day

tweet erik burger king popeyes chicken sandwich war analogy american political parties

Quote of the Day

quote ron desantis chose freedom over fauci

Message of the Day

message live in time smart people silenced so stupid people not offended

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