07-31 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

how does bill work corporations write the bill bribe elected officials until it passes
no one considered sun when designing wall row of dicks
opening night baseball killed cardboard fans listed as 19 covid deaths
might as well get august started adding water to gremlin
band of brothers antifa blm democrats burning flag protesters
antifa how can we get feds to leave call them fascists racist stop destroying federal property
new college crest inclusive values black is good white is bad
anti america protesters feds are coming put on wall of moms shirt
joe biden cognitive test remember flynn logan act no aced it
babylon bee pelosi warns hydroxychloroquine may save life live trump presidency

Tweets of the Day

tweet libertarians high distrust doesnt make you conspiracy theorist but a history buff
tweet dr david samadi allowing 1 doctor only unilateral decisions for 350 million silencing others unamerican
tweet dr david samadi facebook instagram twitter removing posts of medical doctor

Quote of the Day

quote gary sinise lieutenant dan flag represents men women serve country stand put hand over heart

Message of the Day

message you are americans do something days of walking on pins needles over

Question of the Day

when fact checkers are controlled by same people doing the lying what do you call it deep state

It’s Come to This

Nowadays, if you want to get around the Big Tech censorship gestapo, you have to disguise your message with misspellings, partially-block letters, or something like this:

let world know hydroxychloroquine virus

Fighting Covid-19 with Cuomo Science

Gov. Cuomo Now Dictates Which Foods, Portion Sizes Can Be Served with Alcohol at Outdoor Bars and Restaurants

government must order food at bar coronavirus seeing buffalo wings force field ny cuomo
our constitution was written because of people like this whitmer cuomo newsom
tweet kanan vitolo andrew cuomo chewing kills covid outside drinking not permitted
governor andrew cuomo shooting hole in ny boat where is my bailout
cuomo any comment rotten job desantis doing in florida bording covid nursing home
breakfast club quarantine sucks cuomo just bought yourself 30 days

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