12-01 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

cats all day when im trying to sleep rock band
women dating apps jabba hutt solo how tall are you
babylon bee sad new napolean movie french guy not sweet dance moves
nike found colin kaepernick job kneel all he wants shoe salesman
when first discover libertarianism months later chainsaw
shawshank what in for meme irish government didnt like
working class doesnt want to be fired sharing opinion online nikki haley
biden hamas israel tug of war self
republicans democrats emergency funding bill billions lego pieces
british disney mickey mouse abide my rules else musk x twitter go fck yourself

Government: “But, But Inflation is Falling!”

I cannot drive home these points enough. The inflation rate is simply a percent of the last base measure, so if a price goes from $100 to $200 to $250, by the media/government’s definition, inflation has “fallen” from 100% to 25%. And as we know, government numbers are always adjusted so they get the results they want; e.g. quoting numbers with food, health care, housing, and/or fuel removed. There’s no doubt the price levels of counted goods/services are slowing since there isn’t available money to feed demand. For example, when Biden was selected president, an American maybe had $3000 monthly take-home pay but only spent $1500 on essentials such as food, fuel, and housing. That means $1500 was available to spend on phones, TV’s, clothes, etc.; however, because the essentials cost more and must be purchased whatever the cost, maybe now $2900 of that $3000 take-home pay is spent on essentials, leaving only $100 for the non-essentials. Therefore, the demand curve shifts and quoted average price levels slow. The Biden administration can then pat themselves on the backs, with the media cheerleading the “recovery” from inflation. 🙄

joe biden ghost of inflation present

Social Media Posts of the Day

x bloomberg death fan taylor swift climate change
x tuition free debt free education family higher taxes
x womens fall fashion wearing blanket
x steven fund capitol police tucker carlson fired

Message of the Day

message ask native American government gun guntrol worked out for them

Leftwing Asshats Like Andrew Sorkin Live in a Scripted Bubble

x cnbc sorkin musk disney boycotts public judge
x woke marxist dont apologize musk sorkin

Quote of the Day

quote stacie martin stand up front world express truth clear others do the same

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04-20 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

kids in bed forgot how to flirt quality wood
superman flash batman super pay to fck off trailer park
dogs human ok around dogs snappy people
remove star wars pajamas before sex stop being man
joe biden wheel build back better square
plane america left wing crash it out of contempt
joe biden inflation eating dollar
why cant facebook give emojis we really want maga
liberals tax carbon disincentivize carbon usage businesses
defund media kyle rittenhouse

Not a Babylon Bee Headline

headline washington post give elites bigger say choosing president

Washington Post Changes Headline After Getting Slammed for Accidentally Revealing How Liberals Really Think

Ruling Class-Appointed Whiner vs Real Businessman

I regularly have CNBC on in the background for my morning workout. I can tell you since Covid was first uttered in America, EVERY SINGLE DAY that he’s been on air, Andrew Sorkin has been pushing lockdowns, masks, censorship, and every kind of totalitarian control that can be spewed, on a “financial” channel of all places. Most corporate CEOs and other guests just go along with the politically-correct talking points. Finally, someone dishes back some obvious truth when discussing Twitter’s nosedive as a company. The mainstream media shills go into convulsions whenever someone gives an alternative viewpoint and brutal honesty. It says a lot that, until now, with Twitter -55% and Facebook -50% since the start of the Trump supporter purge, NOT ONE SINGLE TIME in the past 15 months have I heard a CNBC guest suggest that censorship may be the cause of social media stocks tanking. 🙄

cnbc sorkin kevin oleary twitter

WATCH: Kevin O’Leary Says Censorship Is Why Twitter Is at Bottom of Dante’s ‘Hell’

100 Percent Chance Democrats Will Oppose

desantis sign law felony multiple ballots prison fine

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Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet need to go to liquor store kid not understand
tweet therapist said free therapy
tweet commercial have that toy medication

Will Never Let It Go

Psaki Tells Travelers to Continue Masking but Defends Ending Title 42
Breaking: DOJ Will Appeal Ruling Nixing Federal Mask Mandates

statue liberty slingshot face mask joe biden
tweet when over remember government rolled nothing back without courts

Message of the Day

tweet america sunk controversial ruling to breath freely

Quote of the Day

quote reagan governments first duty protect people not run lives

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12-02 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

36 year old chris paul winning streak random photo lebron
pull up next up you car race better safe than loser
woman separate shampoos men same 1 for carpet hair body car dishes
if you cant remember walked into room but these jingles 80s my people
santa fauci new variant gates want smallpox
redskins tshirt caucasians awesome
christmas parade blm terrorist vs charlottesville media never stop talking about
maxwell trial starts release omicron covid variant dr evil
covid variants xi skipped by who omicron china
babylon bee hitler proclaims anyone attacks him attacking science fauci
chris cuomo will lie for food cnn

One-Sided Propaganda 24/7/365

tweet cohen new variant same as old harder bad person

When most people think of media bias & propaganda, they think of the usual subjects – MSNBC, CNN, NY Times, Washington Post, the Atlantic, CBS, Time, Newsweek, and so on. While you’d be right about these sources, the Ruling Class’s hold on media is everywhere, including sources that should have nothing to do with leftist political talking points. We’ve all seen ESPN sports “journalists,” who slobbered over Colin Kaepernick, toed the line on everything BLM, fired Trent Dilfer and every conservative who expressed an opinion, and most recently, have relentlessly attacked Aaron Rodgers for believing in medical freedom. Another source that is overwhelming liberal to a sickening degree is CNBC, the “financial” channel. I like to follow the financial news for stock trading, so I’ve gotten into the habit of having the channel on in the background while I workout in the morning, but after the last couple days, I can’t take it anymore.

It occurred to me that during the entire 2 years of the Covid plandemic, I can’t think of one single scientist or doctor they’ve had on on to discuss natural immunity or antibodies from Covid recovery, although they sometimes take time to attack people who mention it as anti-vax conspiracy theorists. And of course, you can count on briefings every half hour from Pfizer & Moderna execs as well as government officials. Ok fine, I like to hear all sides of issues, and this gives me one clear side of the Covid debates. Still, you would think they could actually cover some actual financial news, but the amount they cover dwindles every day. Their regular morning host, Andrew Sorkin, is to the left of Karl Marx on virtually every issue. For Sorkin, if a company executive is on for an interview, no matter what the product or service, he is only interested in one thing – does your company have mask and vaccine mandates, and if not, WHY WOULD YOU DO SUCH A THING….DON’T YOU BELIEVE IN SCIIIIIIEEEENNNNNCCCCCCE!!!!!!! Well, I shouldn’t say that is Sorkin’s only concern. If any tech-related company exec is on, he insists on knowing why they don’t intensify the censorship of conservatives, libertarians, and free-thinkers!

Then, there’s Jim Cramer, who in the past mostly tried to stick to stock-related news, but now he’s letting his inner Josef Stalin shine through, with his epic rant a couple days ago calling for a new military-enforced totalitarian regime to force vaccines on every American.

The irony is lost on these fascist liberals as the Supreme Court currently argues abortion laws. I’m betting out of the “My Body, My Choice” pro-abortion advocates, you’d be hard-pressed to find a single one who didn’t support universal mask & vax mandates.

fauci omicron like delta with more fear
temple of fauci follow the gain of function

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet twitter banning hunter biden info draw pictures

Lesson of the Day

lesson cashless society transactions frozen recorded

Quote of the Day

message biggest fear opinion others lion

Message of the Day

message know enemies foreign and domestic

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