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Perhaps the biggest source of misinformation nowadays comes from “anecdotal evidence”. This is evidence that draws conclusions based on individual stories or a personal experience. Scientific researches know it is one of the laziest and most inaccurate sources of information for one simple reason — the sample size is too small! A case may occur only once out of million possibilities, and the anecdotal example may lead to a 1/1000000 case is the proper conclusion. This is precisely why today’s news media is such a joke. For example, white police officers shooting unarmed black men almost never occur, but you wouldn’t know it by the media. They dig up whatever cases they can find and replay them over and over to create the illusion it’s a widespread occurrence. Another example was Charlottesville “white supremacist” rallies. This involved a few hundred people in a nation of 350 million, or about 0.000057%, but the media made it sound like white supremacists made up half the country. Lately, the tactic has been applied to immigration and school shootings. Pay attention how every day the media creates an alternative reality through acecdotal evidence, and unfortunately, how many people fall for it.

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