07-26 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

when your mom wrote book report teacher asks what about mueller
rman vs what i got old man
schiff state your name mueller what page is it on
mueller i cant get into that barr oh but i can
mainstream news racist american voter sleeping
omar city of brotherly love why go to philadelphia
trump sending aoc pressley omar tlaib to moon
bernie sanders we demand 15 minimum wage staff dont even think abou it
if trump wins im moving to venezuela said no bernie supporter ever
winner of democratic presidential debate looking for tootsie roll in septic tank
obama kids in cages sorry keys youll have to wait until next election before media notices
trump compared to obama staff salary huffp nyt cnn buzzfeed

Random Thought of the Day

Whenever a journalist publishes a story based on anonymous sources, there are two possible generations of dishonesty. First, the reporter may have completely made up the existence of the so-called anonymous source. And even if the source does exist, he or she could have been lying. In either case, neither can be verified, which makes anonymous sources so potent for character assassination. Real journalists won’t rely on just anonymous sources, and honest media outlets won’t echo a story based solely on anonymous sources. Can you think of any mainstream media outlets that follow these principles? What makes matters worse is that the liberal mainstream media doesn’t even add qualifiers like “alleged”. If it’s a hit piece on Donald Trump, you can bet the story will be taken as 100 percent unimpeachable fact and echoed so often it eventually becomes “fact” in the mind of many readers and viewers.


Quote of the Day

quote candace owens not a racist country anyone claiming otherwise vested interest in keeping us divided

Lesson of the Day

masculinity isnt toxic weak little men abuse

Tweet of the Day

tweet worst thing about depression knowing 150 years ago heroin and vibrator treatment

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