11-21 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

watching airline passengers 20 minutes queue for reserved seats
gonna tell kids ken barbie joe dirt
sometimes first step forgiveness other person is an idiot
decades work reach middle class inflation nope
grandkids ask for help 2020 history homework
guys if want to play on girls team fully committed scissors
class passing notes private sector everything government better cheaper
clown makeup lose my house paycheck inflation retirement vote blue no matter who
patient its maam dr you have testicular cancer
hamas massacres israeli civilians attacks cease fire free palestine
retailers locking up items glass stealing everything except criminals
then 60s feels good do it now not prosecuted steal it
babylon bee xi scarecrow so keep california clean
greta thunberg save the planet destroy the jews
forrest gump snoop dogg stop smoking stoners following

Don’t Fall for These Fake, Planted Stories

epps pelosi fake jan 6th calls

As I’ve said before, fake stories that are easily-debunked are intentionally planted, so that when you share them on social media, you can easily be portrayed as a crazy conspiracy theorist. Google and other search engines can also use them to manipulate their algorithms, which are mathematically adjusted based on their interpretation of authenticity.

Ask whenever you read a post if it passes the smell test. To me, this is as believable as Jussie Smollett’s “This is maga country” attack. Critical thinkers know that Ray Epps was likely a Fed who helped instigate events on January 6th, and we know Nancy Pelosi falsified much of the information given to the public so the day could be used as a political weapon. By planting this phone-calls story, they kill two birds with one stone. Discussing supposed calls between the two, which can easily be disproven, makes it simple to portray any discussion of either of the two slimebags as nothing more than nutbag conspiracies. Get the picture?

Social Media Posts of the Day

cnn far right milei argentina peso

Argentina inflation hits 124% as cost-of-living crisis sharpens

x media matters david brock dc politics
x zeroing in unpaid taxes owed irs
x zuby sleep well never advocated taking human rights last 3 years
gaming nasser censoring word ass made worse

Message of the Day

message cant suffer past future dont exist memory imagination

Quote of the Day

quote durant great civilization destroyed within morals trade despotism taxes wars

Fundamental Lessons Everyone Should Know

lesson milgram asch experiments authority conform social pressure

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04-11 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

when actual personality comes out at work
watching childhood movies nothing wrong with reboot
we have guest get fine china star wars qui gon plates
gorilla stop saying evolved from us you people dcks
elon must save free speech twitter planet bumper sticker
mickey mouse woke trap politics
oscar grouch years voting democrat still living trash can
shitzu difference biden pelosi aoc
joe biden same gun control california mass shootings
another weakday at bidens remember obamacare
blue trash can identify as green bin

Quote of the Day

quote biden fossil fuels drilling offshore

Please Update Your Neighborhood Signs

signs school board vask your child

Critical Component of Brainwashing

asch line experiment social conformity pressure

If you’ve ever taken a psychology class, you’ve likely heard of the Asch Line Experminent. Basically, a group of people were shown a series of lines and had to choose which line was the longest. The answer was obvious in almost every case, but all but one person in the room were actually in on the experiment, with the remaining person being the true test subject. The non-test subjects regularly chose the wrong answer. The experiment was on conformity and social pressure. As you might have guessed, participants overwhelmingly went with the group’s incorrect answers, despite the obviousness of the right ones.

It’s wired into human nature to go with group. It’s difficult to be individualistic when doing so may make you seem stupid, uneducated, difficult, or weird. The Ruling Class knows this, and they use it to their advantage to control the population. The media, Establishment politicians, Big Tech censors, corporate policy setters, public education textbooks, Hollywood movie makers, and more are all the paid psych experiment co-conspirators. In other words, everything we see, hear, and read is constantly telling us one of the shorter lines is really the longest. Printing trillions of dollars doesn’t cause inflation. Biological males can get pregnant and have no unfair athletic advantages over females. Vaccines & paper towel masks stop the spread of Covid. Closing pipelines, killing fracking, and halting the drilling of oil doesn’t increase energy prices. War with a country possessing thousands of nukes is a necessary thing. Economic systems which have failed every time they’ve been tried will work if the right people are in charge. If world temperatures climb by half a degree over the next century, the world will end. The list goes on and on.

You’re not alone if you feel you’re going insane. This psychological manipulation, also known as gaslighting, has intensified in the Covid era, and it takes a strong individual to resist. Now you know why mask-enforcement is so important. Whenever you walk out your door and see everyone around masked up, it’s like that room full of people in the Asch experiment, all telling you you’re crazy and not seeing straight. Now you know why they want the least Covid-susceptible group, kids, masked forever. It conditions obedience and conformity.

But you know what? If enough people say “BULLSHIT! Line B is the longest! I don’t care what the rest of you think,” then others who feel the same way start to speak up. One-by-one the conformists realize they’re not alone and start to go with their common sense beliefs. Suddenly, the Ruling Class and their co-conspirators are isolated, and we can finally reverse this downward spiral to a 1984-type society that we’re on.

message reason you dont know lied to brainwashed
me driving away from conformity indoctrination brainwashing group think

Message of the Day

message if situation hopeless propaganda wouldnt be necessary

The Ultimate Pyramid Scheme

social security retirement age 67 trade offer paycheck ssa

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet printed 8 trillion sent you 1400 rest to friends left you with inflation
tweet people complaining not working full hours week
tweet owens 5 year old wont think about sex unless groomed by adult
tweet cancel student debt bernie sanders transferred

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