09-02 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

online quizzes mental disorders diagnosed with
work until bank account like phone number 911
am i adopted mom dad why pick you dogs
grocery stores return arrows safe
facts guns freedom speech taken away enforce tyranny
progressives awful new research paper vs plastic straws
me new life woods dog orwellian clown world
media credible source said we need to mask flipping bird
biden chalkboard should be obvious by now never about making things better
democrats cpr covid stay with me
biden next useful home appliance banning ceiling fan
woman mask wrong about everything opinion less valid exactly
vox tax spending policies increasing poverty around world
gop establishment democrat party hands dc coruption cookie jar arrest trump

It’s (D)ifferent

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Social Media Posts of the Day

x icebreaker make them regret it
x political scientists dont know caused inflation climate change
x dont listen doctors risk license nothing to gain paid for media
x way destroy republic criminization political speech

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Incapable of Original Thoughts

liberal scream podcast colbert fallon kimmel meyers oliver

Quote of the Day

quote dresden james well packaged web lies generations speaker raving lunatic

Message of the Day

message someone tinfoil hat better than blindfold

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