07-27 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

mondays small talk things i dont like coffee getting cold
viagra shipment stolen cops looking for gang hardened criminals
rioters portland wheres mayor when you need him yo
bee how to identify peaceful protester kill all cops drink sign bricks tv che shirt
democrats going to destroy america economic boom fuck it will do it myself lockdown riots
imagine being so anti trump youre pro crime seattle portland mayors
successful rebranding fed ex microsoft target soviet union communism blm democrats antifa pride flag
masks speak i believe cnn live in fear trumps fault new normal medical tyranny
babylon bee cnn stay out of our fake news territory babylon bee
did you hear about coin shortage america out of common cents

Random Thought of the Day

It’s great to see baseball back, finally! Of course, without the fans it doesn’t have the same excitement or energy. Someone tell me why we can socially distance seats for hours in a closed metal tube on a plane but not in a 50,000 seat open air stadium? Oh yeah, I forgot, it might bring joy to some people 😱 …and give them false hope they still live in a free country.

Tweet of the Day

tweet kanan vitolo andrew cuomo chewing kills covid outside drinking not permitted

Quote of the Day

quote you hateful racist conservatives are dividing america rioters fuck white people police

Question of the Day

question anyone notice urban unrest riots where conservative not in office for generations

Escape from the Hippie Communist States Continues

Elon Musk Chooses ‘Freedoms’ Texas Offers for New Tesla Factory

Message of the Day

soldiers give up lives for country they love entitled brats take everything for country they hate protestors

Most Accurate Pollster of Past Few Decades

tweet poll rasmussen trump approval near 50 percent

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