11-24 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

when you scold your dog compared to when you scold your cat
me trying to catch up sleep morning zoom meeting
girls boys dont get our signs dont push pull only
my business drowning state were all in this together high five
two types of communists old soviet blue haired iphone liberal
king cuomo new york spiking again buck stoppeth elsewhere
aoc socialism is secy drink up someone else will pay stalin green new deal
cnn if 911 happened in 2020 no evidence inspired by extreme islamic law
joe pesci my cousin vinny how many ballots wrong 160000
this just in fox news stabbing conservative viewers

Question of the Day

question of the day when party cheats in front of world what do you think they will do behind your back

Lesson of the Day

10 words phrases people say incorrectly supposedly espresso epstein didnt kill himself

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tweet real american politics biden absentee vote each midwest state mi pa higher than all
tweet libertarian in chief 18 business plan 100k college student loans

Message of the Day

message capitalism rewards hard work ingenuity ambition socialism rewards laziness corruption violence

Quotes of the Day

quote some of you comfortable with tyranny government business masks travel
quote noem justice alito pandemic resulted unimaginable restrictions on liberty trends

Stampede of Post-Election “Not a Conspiracy” Covid Remedies & Vaccines Continues

AstraZeneca has added a 3rd Covid vaccine with 90+ percent effectiveness. Merck and Regeneron have added to the post-election FDA-approved Covid treatments. Do you remember when the all-seeing, all-knowing, Wile E. Coyote suuuuuuuuupergenius Dr. Fauci said it’d optimistically be 1.5-2 years to develop a Covid vaccine, with effective treatment remedies unlikely to be ready before the end of 2020? And do you remember when that anti-science President Trump was spreading LIES and MISINFORMATION and CONSPIRACY THEORIES about soon-to-be-released vaccines & remedies? I’m so thankful Facebook, Twitter, and fact-checkers were there to stop us from buying into false hopes spread by that evil Trump monster! And I’m also thankful for CNN, MSNBC, 60 Minutes, NY Times, Washington Post, and the rest of the objective mainstream media who relied on the “science” given to us by the brilliant Dr. Fauci rather than the UNSUBSTANTIATED claims of a crazy president trying to spread hope & optimism rather than fear and end-of-world chaos!

In all seriousness, how can anyone keep a straight face while they say all these “new” Covid vaccines and remedies just happened by coincidence to be ready immediately after the election? And how can anyone take anything said by Dr. Fauci seriously? I’d have to crunch the math, but by my estimation, he’s been wrong on 100% of his Covid predictions. So why do “journalists” in the mainstream media still take his word as Gospel? We all know why–because he regularly contradicts Donald Trump, most notably right before the election, fulfilling his starring role as #1 Deep State Tool of 2020.

I joke a lot about Covid-19, but it doesn’t mean I don’t recognize its danger. It illustrates just how evil and despicable of people we’re dealing with when you consider how the media & Big Tech companies weaponized information on Covid, and Big Pharma companies or the FDA possibly withheld treatments, all in an effort to get a president they couldn’t control out of office. How many lives could have been saved if they cared as much about people as they do money and power?
dr fauci when your pitch is as accurate as your covid 19 predictions
babylon bee facebook now add warming share post expressing hope during pandemic
sign media is the virus peoples behavior is the pandemic common sense is the cure

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11-21 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

me trying to get in good headspace for holiday political conversations
skipping school 2019 vs 20 zoom camera microphone
its a little early for cocktail when start drinking march
golden girls in 20 years kids complaining tp shortage of 2020 story
mainstream media can see trump supporter defacing trash can blm antifa soviet
left democrats step on it biden 46 mandate toy car
mom jokes welcome to muff please dive carefully
who wants to stop climate change liberals raise hands china 1 3rd emissions
behold the blue wave specks on electoral map
nancy pelosi we won war reelect me speaker carnage
babylon bee dr fauci we must obey government like founding fathers intended
thanksgiving cop put down the mashed potatoes step away from the turkey
big tech rifle taking aim breitbart free speech google twitter facebook

Soon to be Censored

Another Major Study Finds Masks Don’t Reduce COVID-19 Infection Rates

Another One Bites the Dust?

Why People Should Never Ever Use DuckDuckGo – TechRights.org

Whenever I read a story of a Big Tech competitor exhibiting the same kind of anti-freedom behavior, I always wonder if the story is fake stuff put out by the Big Tech companies themselves. Still, DuckDuckGo has been dropping in my trust department for a while. For example, for years I’ve used DuckDuckGo to show how Google fixed Top Results and auto-suggest, as shown in the example below:

duckduckgo vs google clinton body count bias

Now, that example has been “fixed” by DuckDuckGo. I really don’t like the Right flocking to conservative sites while the Left flocks to liberal sites. It leads to polarization, and I believe we all need to hear voices across the political spectrum. However, when one side censors and the other doesn’t, what choice do we have? For example, the majority of Parler and MeWe users are conservative, but at least they don’t censor liberal voices who do come on. We can’t say the same of conservatives on Twitter and Facebook. As for search engines, here are 22 alternatives to Google. I checked and several, such as Bing, have been fixed by the Thought Police. At least Yahoo hasn’t “fixed” their algorithm — yet.

bing clinton body auto suggest
yahoo clinton body count auto suggest

Quote of the Day

quote einstein laws alone cant secure freedom of expression must be spirit of tolerence

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet russ imagine better world treat every citizen independent individual rather than member of some group
tweet donald trump ive been asked to join parler daily will join if echo and get 100000 shares

Message of the Day

message people with worst past best futures robert downey jr

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11-20 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

quarantine barbie netflix food alcohol
governors decidign your thanksgiving plans thumbs down
working from home problems need report asap me at target
when politicians start talking about lockdown again tar feather colonists
dentists gums are bleeding because flossed them
hillary trump hates dead people wants to deny them right to vote
interviewer facebook why work protect peoples data have good user experience lol
joe biden fake collusion impeaching election president chinese puppet
the election 2020 a george soros production bomb thanks kamala
dr fauci says masks social distancing until constitution destroyed government all powerful enslaved
twitter we apply out censorship standards no bias biden 0 times trump 194 election 2020

Rules Are Only for You Peasants

Shutdown Hypocrites: Here’s the Growing List of Democrats Who Defied Their Own CoVID Rules

democrats royalty politicians when called out violating corona rules they implemented

The Next Frontier in Tech Censorship Fascism


Apparently, WordPress has given notice to the Conservative Treehouse website to vacate the premises for spreading unapproved thoughts. I cannot begin to tell you how bad this would be if this became more widespread. I’ve read varying estimates of around 60-70 percent of websites nowadays use WordPress, including this one. Whatever the exact number, the point is it’s a significant portion of the web, and almost all new websites being developed now use the platform. An even bigger worry is if this expands to Internet Service Providers. For example, imagine Verizon or AT&T blocking traffic to certain websites like Parler, MeWe, and Townhall. I once thought this would never be possible, but nowadays I’m not so sure. I’m about as hands-off of a person as there is in regards to government intervention, but this is one big exception. To give you an idea of the power wielded by Big Tech, just the biggest 5 tech companies–Apple, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and Amazon–have a combined market cap roughly equal to the whole European stock market. To look at another way, imagine $1 million dollars in a briefcase. That’s a lot of money, right? Now imagine 2,000,000 cases lined up, each with a cool million bucks. That’s how much Apple alone is worth, with the other four not far behind. The top tech companies clearly care nothing about the 1st Amendment. If the government doesn’t get involved (e.g. by repealing Section 230 or filing some antitrust actions for starters), then we’re running out of options. We have to keep up the pressure and not give an inch in fighting censorship. You’re seeing the slippery slope.

big tech replacements parler mewe gab rumble duckduckgo oan newsmax

Tweets of the Day

tweet donald trump ive been asked to join parler daily will join if echo and get 100000 shares
tweet melissa francis zoom 34 thousand kids left public school system so far

Quote of the Day

quote ron paul snowden espionage government views you as enemy

Message of the Day

message sign real virus is communism covid 19 just how it spreads

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