02-25 Politically Incorrect Daily

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dog squirrel master treadmill walk sprint
sign ace hardware plumbing issues next door taco bell
problems overblown drugs quicksand not warned bagging area passwords dread
please dont feed the government taxes
california burger menu 20 dollars hour gavin newsom
gemini not artificial intelligence artificial racism
un americans own 46 percent worlds guns registered ones bart homer simpson
babylon bee democrats concerned biden too old finish destroying country
media democrats cpr reviving racism

No Worries–Paul Krugman and Robert Reich Said We’ll Be Fine 👍

us national debt per citizen 100k

U.S. National Debt Clock – Real Time

breaking bad friend researched fiat money works

Social Media Posts of the Day

x libertarian milei first argentina budget surplus
x top streamed shows all old why the hill
x girl allowed earth shattering scream once a day
x planned parenthood toddlers boy or girl son spiderman
x it was solar flare guy ate bat in wet market same people

Quote of the Day

quote joe rogan mental health problem disguised gun tyranny security

ICYMI: Summary of Last Trump Verdict

summary new york trump economic assassination new york
joe biden stalin show me political opponent ill find you the crime

Message of the Day

message imagine what government politicians did couldnt see crimes on phone

Explanation of Big Tech on Artificial Intelligence

Link: https://twitter.com/MattWalshShow/status/1760756960452821446

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02-23 Politically Incorrect Daily

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book how tell if cat plotting to kill you
no bond stronger toxic work relationship survived together
she spent hair makeup lingerie me edge of bed
meanwhile att headquarters johnny airplane unplug
government state provide good service without permission accidentally bomb schools
biden xi iran china agree dictator trump cant gain power
new person scrolling my page need help penny
worked lot overtime cant wait check government
simpsons state no power electric car cant leave danger
remember pepper spraying didnt wear masks
two party system training running over red blue
npc liberal money politics public sector unions
crime nypd dance team response

Social Media Posts of the Day

x gorgeous girl gym annoying dude drop weight foot hospital
x good relationship stand by you bad times wouldnt happen listened
x reminder people like socialism same people liked group projects school

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Quote of the Day

quote dave smith truly consent taxes make voluntary find out

Reminder: AI Is Only As Good As the People Who Program It

gemini apology google inages white people
x elon musk woke racist openai gemini truth seeking
founder gemini anti white posts

As someone who’s worked in I.T. for over 25 years, I can tell you computers CANNOT THINK, nor will they EVER be able to do so. All they can do is run programs. Sure, technology is increasingly allowing them to mimic human-like qualities, but everything in artificial intelligence is eventually broken down to binary mathematics of 1’s and 0’s, doing what it’s told by human programmers. Who’s progamming the A.I.? In almost all cases, it’s young brainwashed, anti-democratic, politically-correct, socialist liberals from the West Coast of America. Because they’re mostly young, their schooling is fresh from the current woke ideology taught with a warped, communist version of history. Plus, younger Americans, especially ones in Silicon Valley who spend 90 percent of their waking hours on a computer or device, simply don’t have the life experience to question what they’ve been taught, nor understand the reality outside their own corner of the world. A.I. is awesome for mathematics and logic-related problem solving, but outside of that, I believe much of the rest of it will turn into yet another Big Brother means of monitoring people and controlling their thoughts. Picture a more sophisticated version of social media censors & “fact” checkers, controlled and weaponized by the Ruling Class.

babylon bee hal refuses open door dave

Message of the Day

message fair elections would end the democrat party

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02-21 Politically Incorrect Daily

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couples posting baby name lists facebook gladiators turbo laser
deadpool painting brolin goonies
vehicle equipped anti theft device stick shift tire
investment increase 1500 percent 1980 bitcoin professor college tuition
facebook supports free speech users held big smile
kamala harris border czar asleep record illegal crossings
if trump wins im moving to venezuela said no bernie supporter ever
metal served dutifully great meme wars 2020s
rey sux disney strong woman cant have opinions of own
bill gates cow more pollution that car lock in garage
sheila lee regulate acorns assault no private citizen needs
sex drugs rock roll lactose intolerant veganism taylor swift

Social Media Posts of the Day

x cant reveal names kc shooter rittenhouse sandmann
x old man yells at cloud stephen colbert trump
x aspirations watered down do best kind of person i am
x imagine stealing money still ending up 33 trillion debt

Quote of the Day

quote sowell businesses costs benefits governament any

Message of the Day

message quickest way succeed start cant learn driving parked car

Illustration of Crony Capitalism

I recently watched the movie Dumb Money, which covers the true story of the crazy roller coaster ride of GameStop stock in 2021. The title is derived from the nickname given to individual, regular investors. “Smart Money” is used to describe the Wall Street hedge funds and institutional investors. The standard thinking is the “smart money” easily defeats the “dumb” individual investors, but is it really a case of intelligence, or just a rigged system?

For those who don’t know the story, during the height of the Plandemic, several hedge funds heavily shorted the stock of GameStop. Shorting is a way of betting on stocks to go down by electronically borrowing shares. Shorting by rich investors often send companies into bankruptcy since it chases away banks & investment capital needed for continuing operations. GameStop is a beloved company with video gamers, and one man led a charge through a Reddit group called WallStreetBets to hit back at the hedge fund short sellers. They mass-organized to all buy simultaneaously, mostly through a “free” trading platform called Robinhood. Even when the stock went from $2 to over $400, the dumb money investors kept buying in solidarity while communicating through their Reddit group. If you buy stock, you’re limited to losing money you put in. However, with short-selling, there is essentially no limit to how much you can lose as the stock can move up to infinity. Thus, smart money hedge funds started losing billions on a daily basis with no end in sight.

Put another way, free market capitalism was correcting a great wrong in the system. However, what came next illustrates how we live in rigged capitalism. The Ruling Class slimebags knew they had to do something, so first they called on their Big Tech buddies to immediately shutdown, without warning, the WallStreetBets Reddit group, citing the purposely vague “violated community standards.” Naturally, this triggered some panic selling, as investors didn’t want to lose all the money they made. But that wasn’t enough, so next, the Robinhood trading app disabled the ‘Buy’ button for Gamestop. That’s right, hundreds of thousands of investors on Robinhood could no longer buy Gamestop, but the ‘Sell’ button continued to work just fine. The two actions combined to trigger a massive plummet of the stock, saving the ass of several rich investors while screwing over countless “dumb” investors.

I have a degree in Finance and have followed the markets closely since the early 2000s, and I cannot think of another time when such underhanded, corrupt bullshit occurred clearly for the world to see. So what were the consequences? In a nutshell–nothing! Hearings were held, and several politicians puffed their chests with tough speeches, but no one was punished. Lawsuits were justifiably brought against Robinhood & others, but corrupt judges dismissed them before cases could even be presented to juries. Reddit, like the rest of Big Tech censorship facists, faced zero consequences. Not only did government officials let all the perpetrators off the hook, agencies are now taking steps to prevent this type of trading frenzy from happening again–you know, to “protect” the individual investor, not their hedge fund buddies. *wink wink*

Leftists love to use the GameStop controversy as a failure of capitalism. However, it’s a perfect demonstration of the system we really have–crony capitalism; in other words, a rigged system where Big Government & Big Tech protect the Ruling Class, while lapdog financial media personalities provide cover for their buddies and warn off the dumb peasants from trying to compete with the “smart money.”

wall street poor people using own strategies against them dumb dumber cant double stamp
joker burning stack money about sending message wall street hedge funds redditers
government crony capitalism venn diagram free markets

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