10-06 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

angry lady cat smudge you are loved covid
romantic dating ideas 2021 bug out bags survival camping firearm training foraging
cat lion mirror makes me looked ripped slide glass door
dr fauci bill gates booster shots forever shining twins
red dawn raiding food truck after banned from grocery store
babylon bee liberal terrified movie government leave alone make own decisions
brian williams I was there chanting lets go brandon f joe biden
teacher kids wear masks unless illegal

Don’t Believe This ‘Whistleblower’ BS

Facebook whistleblower hearing: What to Know

I don’t believe for a second that this is some concerned employee “whistleblower.” This is simply another engineered story to pressure Facebook to increase their libertarian/conservative censorship. The dead giveaway is the emphasis that Facebook “magnifies hate and misinformation.” Facebook’s role as Big Brother Thought Police didn’t really kick in until it failed to censor enough of the truth to prevent Donald Trump’s election over Hillary Clinton. Now, the Ruling Class’s attempt to use Covid to control & manipulate the world is starting to fail. Users are figuring out ways around their censorship, and their leftist-funded “fact” checkers have become such a joke that most people just ignore them. Thus, the pressure on Facebook is ramping up to dedicate even more resources to manipulate information and to crack down on free speech. Notice the non-Fox mainstream media will NEVER, EVER cover a story of libertarian/conservative free speech infringement by Big Tech, no matter how accurate the censored info or how distinguished the credentials of the victim. However, a manufactured story like this will be used by the usual suspects to call for even more destruction of 1st Amendment freedoms…you know, for our own good!

big tech list approved sources conclusions list scientists sites
were all in this together soros censorship facebook globalism fear
liberty movement watching facebook get shutdown well turntables office

Big Tech Fascism Meme Gallery 4

Anything and Everything to Silence Conservatives & Libertarians

DOJ Launches Assault on Parents Opposing CRT, COVID Mandates in Schools

tweet matt walsh leftists burn police stations visit homes fbi does nothing conservative raise voices school board hunted as terrorists
fbi when democrat involved bart simpson sunglasses cane
no longer peoples fbi now democrats kgb

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet facebook vitolo removed violating fb standards
tweet liberty savage us government not denousing australia same plans usa
tweet republicans look like fools cracking down big tech supporting patriot act vitolo
tweet kyle becker mandates democrats way of purging government military those believe in freedom

My Eyerolls Are Starting to Become Painful

mcauliffe government parents telling kids what to teach trillions equals 0 infrastructure free stuff teacher democrats
tweet rantz jen psaki unfair absurd companies increase costs consumers taxing them more

Quote of the Day

quote those make believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities

Message of the Day

message if stop asking government solve all problems realize is problem would be great

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09-29 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

texts anything grocery store peace of mind chocolates that works
cat see neighbors wearing masks only
drinking wine to therapy toast
my roads look like this potholes so taliban look like guns military
jen psaki border crisis window of opportunity democrat voter wall jumping
tshirt whoever voted biden owes me gas money
scooby doo reveal ghost green new deal soviet communism
killer clown joker what people think actual dr fauci
democrat pet projects tax plan bigger truck 3.5 trillion

Quote of the Day

quote covey people listen to reply not understand

Losing Popularity Every Day

Poll: Biden Nosediving; Majority Disapprove $3.5T Spending Bill, Border, Afghanistan, Covid Response

biden to desantis how to be popular do opposite of you
biden got any more of them ballots drug addict

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet tulsi gabbard biden politics divide us
tweet aoc king masked servants carry train 250k table tax rich irony
tweet schulyer government invited trumpets in planted fbi gutter running usa
tweet candace owens favorite democrat hoax russia jan 6th border whipping blue anon

Only Ruling Class-Approved Doctors May Opine, But TRUST THE SCIENCE

tweet shiva fauci mit phd live debate account suspended

Facebook Whistleblower Shares Just How Deep The Censorship Rabbit Hole Goes

New Meme Gallery Added

Big Tech Fascism Meme Gallery 4

Message of the Day

message wonka come with me world of facebook violations

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08-21 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

70s wanings kids electricity will kill you knife
michael myers jason voorhees everyone wearing masks now posers
vet said stop from scratching cone balls
joe biden presidency white flag afghanistan border delta energy economy competence
how get there cow tree car roof biden white house
government wear mask vaxxin rejoin society bold assume worth rejoining
when challenge reality force them research conspiracy theorist
americans trapped in afghanistan high five joe biden no mean tweets
delta variant is terrifying starter pack democrats celebrating
babylon bee new zealand to sink entire country stop single case covid
joe biden basement are we out of afghanistan yet

Quotes of the Day

quote charles barkley poor vote democrat 60 year still poor
quote robin williams emtpy stomack wallet best teacher

Just a Reminder

reminder trump biden gas price comparison

Center of Dictatorial Control

Let’s take a trip to Fantasy Land and pretend the CDC is a truly science-based organization free from influence of money, politics, and psychological operations. Stop rolling your eyes and laughing, we’re visiting another world here. This is supposedly a “new” virus, so how can anyone who calls themselves a scientist decide anything on the virus is “settled?” The best they can do at this point is gather research and report percentages. They have zero Constitutionally-granted authority and have no business dictating policy with so much uncertainty. Masks, vaccines, lockdowns, and every other restriction has done nothing to slow the virus, so how can they and their Thought Police Big Tech protectors end all alternative discussion? Every risk we take in life is a percentage. If we drive 100 mph, our chances of a fatal car accident are much higher than driving 55. If we consume a diet filled with sugar, trans fat, and alcohol, we’re more likely to die sooner of various health problems. And with Covid, certain behaviors may or may not lead to infection or death sooner. In a free country, we’re supposed to be able to make those decisions and live with the consequences, both good and bad. For Covid, maybe if you’re young and healthy, you might want to just get infected, let your body fight off the disease and gain antibodies, then you may be far more protected long term than with a vaccine. Maybe if you’re old and have emphysema, you may decide that’s too risky of a strategy. We have to look at our own situation and make the best decision for ourselves. A one-sized-fits-all mandated policy ignores not only science but basic common sense and American principles.

Maybe the CDC should go back to reporting facts rather than providing cover for a fascist medical police state. But alas, we don’t live in this Fantasyland, so our only choice is MASS NON-COMPLIANCE!

people existing cdc signs must turn left right
new motto of corporate america following orders of cdc off cliff

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet shiva ayyadurai challenge dr fauci live debate phd biological engineering

Message of the Day

message sign no basketball be ungovernable

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