03-06 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

packaging around batteries light bulbs captain america
two kinds people lay shots bar
gas prices dumb dumber bike
grew up bob hope steve jobs johnny cash save kevin bacon
biden voters stimulus college debt wwiii 6$gas
highway ramp covid authoritarianism russia russia russia
nancy pelosi russian vodka capitol
joe biden die hard communist hates citizens other putin
ukrainians borders guns americans bad npc
milk carton fauci gain of function wrong pandemic

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet smoke weed free tell stoners never smoked before
tweet wife lotr wife ready 5 minutes lord rings extended
tweet kids spawn satan husband better
tweet cnn putin jail fake news cnn pulls out russia

Message of the Day

message lisa simpson if others not pronouns biggest problem privileged people on earth

Can’t Point This Out Enough

Wal-Mart, Costco, McDonald’s, Exxon, Home Depot…they’re all pretty big companies with an enormous effect on our economy, right? If you add up the market cap of all 5 of these companies, the sum comes to about $1.5 trillion. Now, let’s look at the market cap of the top American tech companies:

market cap big tech comparison 2022

Yes, each company alone dwarfs the combined size & power of the previously named behemoths. Facebook wasn’t far behind until the stock recently nosedived. The past few years they’ve marched in lockstep with globalist tyrants. If we don’t elect some people who will confront them soon (and not just with words but actions), there may be no turning back from the 1984 society they want to build.

were all in this together soros censorship facebook globalism fear
simpsons world ruled hyper wealthy psychopaths would have been on news
twitter finding reasons ban you lindsay graham call for assassination
message people right side history fighting for liberty not censorship reeducation camps lisa simpson

Melinda Gates Slams Bill for Continuing to Meet With ‘Evil’ Jeffrey Epstein, Says He Had Multiple Affairs Throughout Their 27-Year Marriage

U.S. Surgeon General Demands Data from Big Tech on Americans Spreading ‘Misinformation’

Quote of the Day

quote freedom of speech thought matters crime reality ben shapiro

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03-02 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

dog wife husband times wagged tail faked it
patch millenial retirement plan societal collapse
rainbow pot gold cookie cutter
memers preparing get everyone through world war 3
family calls you crazy right all along
shrek please no global crisis 5 minutes
john kerry how dare russia invade ukraine without electric vehicles
gas pump stick up just robbed by grocery store
8 million americans slipped poverty government cliff
joe biden cant get opec more oil check texas oklahoma alaska
world is stage trudeau gates boris putin joe biden queen
joe biden start war russia winter polls
john kerry stop climate change distracting ukraine

Just Don’t Admit You Were Wrong

Study: Pfizer Vaccine Just 12 Percent Effective in Kids 5-11

russian military ukrainians no ottawa police canadians

It Worked So Well for Covid

Facebook, Twitter Remove Russian ‘Disinformation’ Accounts
Youtube Bans Ads from RT, Other Russian News Outlets
Facebook and TikTok Ban Russian Media in Europe

Nothing builds credibility and kills conspiracy theories like banning those who might tell another side of the story, right? 🙄

I get it–the Russian government lies and spreads disinformation. We all know this. They’ve been regularly spreading false propaganda in the West since the days of Lenin. But when you ban them, it just makes people wonder what you’re hiding. And even if it is mostly lies, when will the Ruling Class figure out we are not children that need to be protected from ideas by their appointed Thought Police?

npc brain remove covid ukraine angry media

So Glad My Tax Money Is Well Spent 🙄

FEMA: In a Nuclear Attack, Make Sure You Continue Covid Masking & Social Distancing

cdc dont forget mask during nuclear attack skeleton

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet millennials zoomers wwiii gen x nuclear
tweet world learning weak men hard times biden trudeau
tweet dentist appointment see how wwiii ends
tweet catturd border all project 6 billion ukraine

Quote of the Day

quote ben franklin ignorance not shame unwillingness to learn

Message of the Day

message government is organized crime

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02-10 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

cats work bestie trying keep getting fired and another thing
spock logic sing hello think of lionel richie than adele back sore
therapist crying session sign more social
explain taxes to kid stealing happiness obiwan
maybe 2022 year lebron james gets past page 1 of book
henceforth male karen called neil
dad why called boosters boost profits pharma
board who had biden handing out crackpipes february
putin ukraine watching biden voted iraq afghanistan africa syria
soapbox woke capital lecture morality
olympics china joe biden figure skaters refuse to watch

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet started day light ended up beth dutton ruth ozark
tweet guy flirted forgot wear wedding ring better rid of
tweet homeless guy 5 dollars buy drugs
tweet not scanning QR code for menu with boomers

Quote of the Day

quote george washington harder conflict greater triumph

ICYMI – GoFundMe

gofundme banned truckers rittenhouse loudoun supported chop blm blake occupy

Message of the Day

message government creates wealth like tics create blood

Hypocrisy + Tyranny + Gaslighting + Cluelessness = Modern Liberalism

stacey abrams no mask pictures tweet

Stacey Abrams Still Attempting to Do Damage Control After Caught Maskless at Elementary School

There is so much to mock in this story. She’s unmasked as the most high-risk Covid person in the room, while the almost no-risk kids are muzzled. Virtually every picture of her has her without a mask, but she claims she followed all protocols. She claims it’s a false story, when the pictures came from her own social media accounts. Classic liberal gaslighting–don’t believe your lying eyes! She then claims she only removed masks so kids and audiences could understand her words, but she’s unconcerned that teachers & students must try to communicate 40 hours/week with masks on. And of course, the good old liberal stand by, pull out the race card. So pathetic! Abrams is the perfect caricature of today’s liberal politician.

stacey abrams put mask on putting health at risk kid

Science Flashback

flashback 80s aids azt treatment fauci

It couldn’t have been misinformation though because he worked for the government. 🤔

Science Doesn’t Change

science hasnt changed cnn analyst mask reversal

CNN Medical Analyst Changes Tune on Mask Mandates

democrats science settled midterms science changed

Science never really changes. Our understanding of it changes. Explanations from “experts” change. New information is learned. And sometimes, propagandists simply start to realize the jig is up and they can no longer hide their bullshit. Much of the newly “changed science” has been known and screamed by doctors & scientists from the beginning…at least until they were censored and deplatformed. As far as I’m concerned, the government scientists who hid the truth and denied viable treatments, along with their Big Tech censorship protectionists, are criminals directly responsible for millions of deaths. This can never again be allowed to happen, and the people responsible need to pay for their actions. A Nuremberg-type trial for Fauci would be a good start.

artificial intelligence censorship teaching computer tyranny functioning society
tweet scoop hospitalization calc revision manipulation from beginning
tweet fauci got meme biden saw how bad covid mania polling gaslighting criminals

A Triple Threat to Freedom of Speech – Keith Ablow

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