09-08 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

january 2021 its over its done lotr
maybe esurance should choose different font dick sign
twilight zone imagine world which can predict political leanings based on if shake your hand
corona visus lock down thank you government protecting me boot to head
mainstream media unnamed democrat sources trump called soldiers losers atlantic
morgan freedom get this straight release criminals abolish bail defund police watch cities burn expect to win
frog mouse democrats promising everything for free ignorant of history economy eaten
liberal screaming hillary russia obama cages obstruction pelosi schumer ukraine joe biden
months of riots media go to anonymous claims trump bashing troops

Tweets of the Day

tweet abolish any federal agency you wouldnt want the opposing party to be in charge of
tweet adam carolla comedians scared of the mob pryor carlin rolling over in graves

Quote of the Day

quote trump american warriors didnt defeat fascism to watch freedom be trampled by mobs at home

Message of the Day

message for record trump didnt shut down state kill economy your governor did

Big Tech Fascism Update

I see Facebook is now slapping these on posts related to mail-in balloting:

facebook vote by mail bullshit notice

This is so beyond stupid since anyone with the least amount of common sense knows there are a hundred different ways to screw with mail-in votes. Great job, Facebook, on displaying your usual impartiality! 🙄 Incidentally, one of the most overused word in politics is “bipartisan” or “non-partisan.” Anyone can claim to be non-partisan. Rush Limbaugh or Rachel Maddow could both create “non-partisan” think tanks; it doesn’t make it so! The same goes with “fact-checkers.” Both terms are easy ways for the mainstream media and Big Tech censorship gestapo to add what sounds like an air of credibility to their bullshit. Don’t fall for it! Regularly dig into the financing and founding members to find their true agendas.

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