02-07 Politically Incorrect Daily

Random Thought of the Day

The stupid blackface controversies really need to end. Conservatives were disgusted by the treatment of Judge Kavanaugh, and while it’s entertaining to witness karma hit back at them with the Governor Northam yearbook photos, no one is ever going to have a perfect background. As I’ve pointed out before, it’s easy to destroy anyone’s character by combing through every inch of their history. It’s bad enough that the media are going back decades to destroy reputations, but new “rules” of political correctness are constantly being added by leftist politicians and media. People really need to lighten up and focus on each person’s current character, or in the case of politicians, their current position on the issues. Did anyone notice the whole controversy about Northam’s infanticide comments disappeared after the “controversy” of a 35-year-old picture? It’s not by accident.

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

how sweet trump invited group of mental patients to watch state of union
im not sure what all those big words mean but im mad ocasio cortez state of union
when you realize youre going to die of old age before you starve your country with socialism bernie sanders
bernie sanders state of union notes
problem solving for leftists identify problem blow out of proportion blame on rich increase size of government repeat
border wall is immoral democrats wall is voter suppression
hillary emerges from her burrow sees shadow 6 more years of not being president
russia cnn glasses not seeing hillary scandals emails benghazi
green new deal trojan horse attacking freedom
i was having hard time watching state of union edited out pelosi
babylon bee cnn to give equal time to isis to respond to state of union

Tweets of the Day

candace owens state of union low food stamps black unemployment

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