10-12 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

raw egg diet add sugar flour cocoa bake
zoom camera mic checking every 2 minutes off
baby yoda text me havent checked voicemail since 2005
boobies ghost magazine centerfold
signs woman live laugh love cat sleep hiss kill
so long watched news old movie clip cheesy propaganda
biden economy better than ever just picked 4th job rambo thumbs up
me arriving in hell looking at meme posts satan
wolf government big tech fb google censorship conservative voices liberals too easy
no facebook memories in fb jail baby beer cigarette
nobody above the law starter pack hunter hillary epstein clients fauci gain function research
how i imagined evil as kid reality bill gates
liberal dont base society outdated documents communist manifesto
how come terrorists armed american rifles us government
babylon bee gofundme send liberal squad to gaza raises 5 million aoc omar

BLM Has NEVER Been About Black Lives

blm founder cullors calling for eradication israel palestine

We’ve always told you that BLM is an anti-democracy, communist front organization. The “Black Lives Matter” name was picked simply to extort funds from gullible corporations and liberals while providing an easy way to whip up political violence when needed.

Black Lives Matter (BLM) Meme Gallery

Social Media Posts of the Day

x cnn palestinian national initiative lying boldly never attack civilians
x thunberg stop sending smoking pic not me
x problem governments trying to solve freedom
x in favor of anything breaks two party system sledgehammer

Quote of the Day

quote bruce lee material wears out not knowledge teach kids

Message of the Day

message usa electoral map no blue states just blue cities

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09-05 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

spirit of halloween corpse toys r us childhood
saw invited to family reuninon act normal no conspiracies
people say cant multitask po and amuse myself
lights out banned gas cars everybody plugged electric evs at once
kermit why arent american tax dollars for americans book
mass media pill medicine do not swallow
californians looking down rest of country lights out
people fighting student loans universities raising tuition every year
babylon bee energy grid newsome cars wind up by 2035
fbi make america a banana republic again raid hat
biden afghanistan withdrawal paper extraordinary success
babylon bee biden abolishes office president supreme fuhrer

New Meme Gallery Added

Big Government & Socialism Meme Gallery 3

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet simple man inexplicably wealthy
tweet 19 year old cant buy vodka take on 50000 debt
tweet did fbi leak pictures epstein island raid all you need to know

Quote of the Day

quote anouih nobody more sacred obligation obey law make the laws

Buying Large Mansions

BLM Leader Accused of Stealing $10 Million from the Organization

Flashback: BLM Co-Founder Patrisse Cullors Funneled Money To Her Ex and Bought Mansions with Donations

Black Lives Matter has been a blight on America. It’s nothing more than a communist front & money laundering organization that has NOTHING to do with black lives. In fact, it’s divisiveness and war on cops have cost blacks far more lives than it could possibly save. BLM only still exists because way too many PC pussies are afraid to denounce it simply because of its name and the woke army keeping them in line.

fbi blind when leader blm steals 10 million
corporate america donating to black lives matter soviets transferring cash directly to democrats
blm co founders pool mashion america is so oppressive

Messages of the Day

message preach truth even if only one person accepts
renaissance vs brave new world roads tyranny vs freedom

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05-19 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

hardest kid mother in laws
reflecting me choose violence chucky
turn signal cobwebs
biden domestic oil cork free speech ministry of truth
cancel culture removing george washington
how to care for your npc friends
types of headaches migrain hypertension stress kamala harris voice
mainstream media stop madman nra not ny red flag mentally ill mass shooter
cnn teachers books sex 3rd graders freedom liberty
lgbt propaganda me trying live life horn
joe biden pecking order of democrat america mexico ukraine mullahs trans america last
babylon bee scientists who didnt predict anything right confident 100 years

Just Like His “Voters”

audit half biden twitter followers fake

Audit Reveals Half of Biden Twitter Followers Are Fake

Remember – It’s Racist to Run This Story

blm founder paid father creative services brother security mail online

BLM Head Paid Millions to Family Members in ‘Consulting Services’

when blm founder patrisse cullors feels sad drying tears cash
Black Lives Matter (BLM) Meme Gallery

The Most Dangerous and Pervasive Type of Censorship -> Self-Censorship

daily struggle little voice post banned self censorshipdaily struggle little voice post banned self censorship

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet brokest card declined ramen noodles
tweet teacher hate groupwork lazy incompetent people
tweet musk warns of looming dirty tricks wont vote democrat

Elon Musk Warns of Looming ‘Dirty Tricks Campaign’

Quote of the Day

quote john dutton meaner than evil family sunrise

Message of the Day

message being sarcastic add life healthy

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