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Whether or not you support America spending $5 billion to build a southern border wall, there have not been any more eye-rolling statements this year than those made than by Schumer and Pelosi, saying the wall is a waste of money. Since when does Congress care in the least about wasting money we don’t have? Let’s put this in perspective, $5 billion is less than 0.125% of theĀ $4+ trillion annual budget by the federal government alone. It’s 0.02% of our current $22 trillion dollar national debt that is growing $1+ trillion per year. They’ve spent over $5 trillion fighting a war in Iraq but can’t spend $5 billion to secure the U.S. border? Then, you have to love the statement that walls don’t work. Can you think of a single secure structure or location in the world that doesn’t have a wall or fence around it?

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trump hello my government not doing what supposed to have you tried turning off and on
dear santa brains for democrats balls for republicans
trump singing snowflakes melting on an open fire
bernie sanders were going to destroy establishment i lost money goes to them vote for establishment democrats
floor is alcohol and bad decisions fox pouncing through
hitler failed liberal arts student blamed failures on ethnicity deemed privilege america has come around
we live in a world where peope use an 800 dollar phone to check food stamp balance
congratulations to congress elitists spend 4 trillion but so incompetent americans crowdsourcing wall
ultimate guide to government shutdown are you still getting taxes taken it isnt shutdown
james cowmey those damn republicans and fox news making our coup attempt political

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obama trump comparison quotes on energy drill price of gasoline plummets

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tweet schumer americans will not get secure border be we will send kids to middle east wars

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08-05 Politically Incorrect Daily

Random Thought of the Day

If there’s one thing Trump and Republicans deserve to be criticized on, it’s their continued out-of-control spending. Republicans always promise fiscal restraint if they’re in power, but in never happens. Trump has to take a stand and shut down the government if things are ever going to change. And in a $4.3 trillion budget, they can’t find a few billion to build a border wall? Please, never trust their BS on this issue. The chances are 100% that Democrats will use the deficit as an issue in the midterms and 2020 presidential election. Without a doubt, they will say the Trump tax cuts are the cause. But watch the numbers, total revenues continue to increase even with the tax cuts. The deficit is solely caused by a government with no political courage to cut spending and balance the budget. We will surely pay for it down the road.

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What are the Pros and Cons of Building a Mexican Border Wall?

Pros – Arguments For Building a Mexican Border Wall

  1. The financial costs of illegal immigration (government benefits, litigation, education, etc.) far outweigh the cost of building the wall.
  2. Drug cartels use border weakness to pour drugs into the country.
  3. Thousands of construction jobs will be created by building the wall.
  4. It adds to the cost and risk of hopping the border; thus, it discourages many illegals from even trying to enter the country.
  5. It prevents large-scale transportation of illegals, such as “coyotes” hauling trucks of people.
  6. Patrolling the border is much easier, which lessens the number of guards that are needed.
  7. Illegals crossing the border are more likely to be apprehended, so stronger actions can be taken against those who’ve already been deported or committed some other crime.
  8. Immigrants take jobs from American citizens, and since they work for less money, the average wage rate of the American worker falls.
  9. National security is increased as terrorists and other enemies have a more difficult time entering the country.
  10. Sex trafficking and other immigrant abuse is reduced.
  11. We are a nation of laws. If we fail to enforce them, what other laws will be ignored?
  12. Immigrants are more likely to use legitimate means to enter the country, resulting in more people paying taxes and entering American society rather than staying in the shadows.

Cons – Arguments Against Building a Mexican Border Wall

  1. Construction costs are prohibitive when the U.S. government already has trillion dollar annual deficits.
  2. Symbolically, it doesn’t represent America, a nation built on immigrants.
  3. It gives a false sense of security, as taller ladders and digging under the fence can allow illegals to get past the wall.
  4. Low unemployment rates and rising minimum wages has created a shortage in labor-intensive jobs that American citizens don’t want to do.
  5. Building a wall on the Mexican border but not the Canadian one creates the perception of discrimination and racism.
  6. Animal wild life habitats would be disturbed where the wall is built.
  7. It could strain Mexico-U.S. relations even further.

Recommended Solution

  • Build the wall at strategic places across the border using cost/benefit analysis of each major location.
  • Make the barriers extra difficult for high-traffic areas; for example, greater height, more barbed wire, more motion sensors, etc.
  • Combine the wall construction in a bill that raises fines for companies that hire illegal immigrants.
  • Increase the number of legal immigrants allowed to come into the country, and lessen barriers to legal status for those who follow the rules.
  • End chain migration. Children of non-U.S. citizens born in the country should no longer gain automatic citizenship.
  • Create a series of citizenship requirements that bring legal immigrants more into American culture and society; for example, passing basic history and English tests.
  • Take politics out of the immigrant issue by preventing any new immigrant citizens from voting or collecting benefits for at least 15 years.


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Written by: Joe Messerli
Last Modified: 3/19/2019