09-13 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

sandford sons tell you no shortage of dummies
crying stupid job car society wont collapse
sharks ok long dont eat buns keto diet
psyching self up booster protect whiskey variant 2385th day to flatten the curve
disaster relief which fire floods hurricanes biden administration
rogan drank water cnn dihydrogen oxygen nurclear reactors
babylon bee jussie smollet diguised as larry elder so real hate crimes

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Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet psa men cant decide sexist term applied to gender

Quote of the Day

quote lewis caralla lazy people little work winners hard as possible

In Case You Missed It

Four Ex-Guantanamo Bay Inmates Obama Freed in Exchange for Army Deserter Bowe Bergdahl Are Named as Top Commanders In Afghanistan’S New Taliban Government

obama bowe bergdahl taliban leaders released

Let’s remember, this wasn’t just a “deserter” that Obama traded for 5 top Taliban. Bergdahl was a pure traitor who hated the American military and voluntarily surrendered himself to the terrorists. While he gave top secret intelligence to our enemies, six soldiers died trying to get him back, after which the Obama administration negotiated his release and bragged about it afterwards. You have to wonder sometimes about Obama & Biden — are they just incompetent and puppets of the New World Order Ruling Class, or are they part of anti-American sleeper cells with a mission to destroy the country, or both?

biden hillary pelosi fauci biden susan rice taliban
taliban helicopter guess hunter doesnt feel bad one laptop
joe biden unvetted afghan refugees trojan horse plane
taliban treatment women least not texas

The 6 U.S. Soldiers Who Died Searching for Bowe Bergdahl – Time.com
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Messages of the Day

message facebook partly false has truth dont want you to know
message trust science coercion withholding data cherrypicking fear mongering propaganda

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