02-28 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

kermit prepared rest of week coat umbrella flip flops
dog vet doctor how are you feeling tailwagging to down
babylon bee wife cant recall car keys remembers dumb thing said 12 years ago
cat sir isaac newton forgotten hero tree apple
goals for 2024 2023 2022 2021 2020 wasted pandemic
girls run the world lyrics vs bohemian rhapsody
without government throw perfect cherries away surplus
everyone picture cabin no internet month no cellphone determined that was lie
comparison of bigger bombs disney the marvels

We Should Definitely Put Government in Charge of Healthcare 👍

headline prison inmate 550 million covid tax credits swindle

Social Media Posts of the Day

fb falling down beavis butthead soup seinfeldisms
x spend more than earn irresponsible generous
x someone tell woman kids onky happy 40 hours cube souless corporation

Quote of the Day

quote honey child price of anything amount of life exchange for it

Your AI-Run Future 🙄

x us or natzi germany better place live gemini ai
chatgpt which ok stop hurting white people black asian jewish

The Brainwashing Runs Deep

x never forget half democrats prison fines for questioning shots

Democrats OK with fines, prison, and mandates for vaccine deniers: Poll

x youtube google meta zuckerberg deleted fitness influencer

It will always be a battle to shatter the scripted reality that most of the world lives in. The last few years have shown us most of population can be conditioned to accept (and even cheer on) censorship and government control of our medical decisions. We must do everything to keep these tyrants out of power at every level of government and the corporate world, while exposing the mainstream media lapdogs that spread their BS.

simpsons tap the sign dont hate journalists enough
x jacket mask pocket machete wasteland roving gangs cannibal raiders

Message of the Day

message medical gaslighting google medical degree knowing own body

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01-24 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

when complete 1 of 30 things go do list rest
cat terrible towel doent dry scratchy
am i fat boomers millenials gen z gen x shame beautiful
are you democrat or republican am libertarian 4 hours later thats how fdr ruined this country
lebowski face you make someone eat meat made by printer
literally everyone says she isnt white
bike buttcrack woke culture watch movie in peace
milei state is parasite change my mind
swat thieves in congress

pulling into year 4 joe biden presidency

Leftist Brainwashing Central

x 89 percent ivy league graduates favor rationing climate change

Source: Them vs. Us CTUP Rasmussen Study

babylon bee wef world economic forum concludes virgin sacrifice weather gods prevent climate change
marked safe freezing while stranded electric car wont charge

Climate Change & Global Warming Meme Gallery 5

Social Media Posts of the Day

x when jason kelce shirtless me time go home
x jill biden speaking hunter high
x neat thing relationships person trust sitting on remote prove it
x shirtless jason kelce give speech taylor swift wedding

Quote of the Day

quote browne government good break legs crutches

Message of the Day

message lisa simpson only charge resisting arrest no reason

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04-11 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

when actual personality comes out at work
watching childhood movies nothing wrong with reboot
we have guest get fine china star wars qui gon plates
gorilla stop saying evolved from us you people dcks
elon must save free speech twitter planet bumper sticker
mickey mouse woke trap politics
oscar grouch years voting democrat still living trash can
shitzu difference biden pelosi aoc
joe biden same gun control california mass shootings
another weakday at bidens remember obamacare
blue trash can identify as green bin

Quote of the Day

quote biden fossil fuels drilling offshore

Please Update Your Neighborhood Signs

signs school board vask your child

Critical Component of Brainwashing

asch line experiment social conformity pressure

If you’ve ever taken a psychology class, you’ve likely heard of the Asch Line Experminent. Basically, a group of people were shown a series of lines and had to choose which line was the longest. The answer was obvious in almost every case, but all but one person in the room were actually in on the experiment, with the remaining person being the true test subject. The non-test subjects regularly chose the wrong answer. The experiment was on conformity and social pressure. As you might have guessed, participants overwhelmingly went with the group’s incorrect answers, despite the obviousness of the right ones.

It’s wired into human nature to go with group. It’s difficult to be individualistic when doing so may make you seem stupid, uneducated, difficult, or weird. The Ruling Class knows this, and they use it to their advantage to control the population. The media, Establishment politicians, Big Tech censors, corporate policy setters, public education textbooks, Hollywood movie makers, and more are all the paid psych experiment co-conspirators. In other words, everything we see, hear, and read is constantly telling us one of the shorter lines is really the longest. Printing trillions of dollars doesn’t cause inflation. Biological males can get pregnant and have no unfair athletic advantages over females. Vaccines & paper towel masks stop the spread of Covid. Closing pipelines, killing fracking, and halting the drilling of oil doesn’t increase energy prices. War with a country possessing thousands of nukes is a necessary thing. Economic systems which have failed every time they’ve been tried will work if the right people are in charge. If world temperatures climb by half a degree over the next century, the world will end. The list goes on and on.

You’re not alone if you feel you’re going insane. This psychological manipulation, also known as gaslighting, has intensified in the Covid era, and it takes a strong individual to resist. Now you know why mask-enforcement is so important. Whenever you walk out your door and see everyone around masked up, it’s like that room full of people in the Asch experiment, all telling you you’re crazy and not seeing straight. Now you know why they want the least Covid-susceptible group, kids, masked forever. It conditions obedience and conformity.

But you know what? If enough people say “BULLSHIT! Line B is the longest! I don’t care what the rest of you think,” then others who feel the same way start to speak up. One-by-one the conformists realize they’re not alone and start to go with their common sense beliefs. Suddenly, the Ruling Class and their co-conspirators are isolated, and we can finally reverse this downward spiral to a 1984-type society that we’re on.

message reason you dont know lied to brainwashed
me driving away from conformity indoctrination brainwashing group think

Message of the Day

message if situation hopeless propaganda wouldnt be necessary

The Ultimate Pyramid Scheme

social security retirement age 67 trade offer paycheck ssa

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet printed 8 trillion sent you 1400 rest to friends left you with inflation
tweet people complaining not working full hours week
tweet owens 5 year old wont think about sex unless groomed by adult
tweet cancel student debt bernie sanders transferred

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