08-09 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

going to need glasses to watch news wine much better
which one to buy trojan condoms huggies diapers
i am awake respect privacy during this difficult time introvert
biden voters crying dinosaurs student loans minimum wage tax breaks billionaires
kim north korea biden secretary speak to president trump
after being labeled extremist cia still hasnt given you weapons and funding
democrats defund police come back will treat you better
new motto of corporate america following orders of cdc off cliff
babylon bee joe biden next lockdown 1 month or end of us
barney fife biden landlords jail bill of rights trash charging rent
media andrew cuomo murder ok sexual harassment draw line
cnn trump and his crazies not down goddamn right walter white

Just a Reminder

democrats no id for voting but for vaccine but not at border

Sure, It’s Trump Supporters That Need De-Programming 🙄

media programming time to drop unvaccinated friends

I personally am not anti-vaccine. I really don’t care if a person gets or doesn’t get a Covid vaccine. I believe it’s every person’s individual choice, and it should be respected. And I also will never condemn someone for speaking for or against the vaccine. That is what liberty and freedom is all about. Is this same thought pattern true for modern “liberals” though? Can you think of any political issue nowadays where liberals want to give you freedom to choose, outside of abortion that is? Most liberals believe that anyone who disagrees them is stupid, racist, brainwashed, ignorant, etc. and therefore can’t be trusted to make their own decisions, so they must be FORCED or DEMONIZED! Big Tech is dominated by far-left activists, and since they believe non-liberals can’t think for themselves, techies must narrow all information to what they feel you should be allowed to see. Covid is just the latest manifestation of this level of thinking. We shouldn’t be surprised.


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Mainstream Media Meme Gallery 6

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet isabella deluca shut down government 2 weeks slow spread totalitarianism
tweet jordan final covid variant is communism
facebook rapinoe jared subway spokespeople good job
tweet politicians sexually assault women keep jobs teachers fired teaching history

Quote of the Day

quote tamyra marianna mensah love representing usa

Message of the Day

message age 20 worry what others think 40 dont care 60 discover werent thinking of us at all

Rules for Thee But Not For Me

Guests Forced to Delete Photos of Obama’s ‘Epic’ Birthday Bash
Democrat Mask Theater Continues in Washington, DC

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12-31 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

celebrating new year 2020 party 2021 lord of rings fire
when sketchy guy mask gloves rings doorbell 2020 dinner is here
really hope men in black guys show up 2021 new years eve party nebulizer
happy new year drink responsibly hide the sharpies
2020 taught us deep state so deep dig get to china
prison photo santa claus violating stay at home order
cousin eddie 600 dollars government get something real nice vacation
keys chain apparently 2020 not done screwing with me

Message of the Day

message socialism needs a heavily armed police state to enforce it

Random Thoughts of the Day

During a Christmas reunion, I visited one of my relatives who has a Ph.D.; she very much fits the stereotype of the elitist, know-it-all, condescending liberal. I’ve dealt with these type of people more times than I can count, so I didn’t bring up politics. When overeducated people are as far-left as she is, it’s a waste of time to try to win her to your way of thinking. She, of course, couldn’t help herself though as she had to bask in the celebration of Trump losing. Here’s an experiment for you — find ANY hard-core liberal and ask them why Trump has such intense support, including over 74 million votes. I guarantee you will hear one of the following words used to describe Trump supporters — racist, xenophobic, stupid, uneducated, or brainwashed. I have not heard ONE SINGLE liberal acknowledge that maybe, just maybe, people have different values or support different solutions to the issues. Even in a voting block as large as 74 million, liberals can’t help but put simplistic labels on groups of people. Hmmm….don’t these high-and-mighty liberals pride themselves on standing against labels, discrimination, and stereotypes of groups of people?

Anyway, this relative couldn’t use the stupid and uneducated label with me since I have the same amount of education as her, so she turned to old reliable — Trump supporters are brainwashed. Let’s examine this theory. For the last 4+ years, we’ve been subjected to non-stop, 10-story-per-day anti-Trump attacks by almost all of the mainstream media, Hollywood, social media, comedy shows, tech news aggregators, corporate advertising, sports, protests, campaign ads, classrooms, and on and on. The anti-Trump barrage has been impossible to get away from. Even if you turned off all typical sources of news, you still got it thrown in your face through the usual escapes — social media, sports, and entertainment. Now let’s look at the pro-Trump side. If you didn’t tune into a small sliver of media such as Fox News primetime, talk radio, or a few other scattered sources, you simple didn’t get the pro-Trump voice. Indeed, when I brought up some things like the Mideast peace deal, record low pre-Covid unemployment rates, the Hunter Biden scandal, evidence of election fraud, etc., this overeducated Ph.D. liberal relative of mine didn’t have the first clue what I was talking about. She truly has been living in a sheltered, carefully crafted world brought to you by information control of the Deep State Ruling Class.

So I bring you back to the argument of brainwashing. Which side is simply spewing what they’ve been inundated with 24/7 for the past four years, and which side has used their independent critical thinking skills to form thoughts counter to the prevailing wisdom of all major institutions of influence in this country? Which side is more likely to get the pros and cons of major issues? Which side is more likely to be attacked for expressing their views? Trump supporters are the very definition of ANTI-brainwashing. They’ve had the strength, courage, and free-thinking ability to stand up to EVERYTHING thrown at them the past 4 years by the most powerful people in the world!

liberals omg conservatives are brainwashed also drinking cnn msnbc post nyt buzzfeed vox vice
me driving away from conformity indoctrination brainwashing group think

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet sarah officially wore mask more than bra this year
tweet maxie shepard accidentally combined all good no worries
tweet hannah berner holidays refresh therapy
tweet 6 year old screaming play it back final 2020 punch

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10-10 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

ducks scrooge therapists after 2020 skiing in cash
graph lyrics to macarena eh
for halloween going normal person no mask scares the shit out of everyone
joe biden oprah black so got her vote what grocery store love senator byrd kkk
11 clever ways cover rent me learn a marketable skill
election integrity man shredding mail in ballots
trump whats happening to you fox news racist
joe biden lies bingo card supreme court iran china fracking socialism iraq hunter
lisa simpson man talking not the same as mansplaining
my mayagi catching fly chopsticks pence
dr evil kamalas losing the debate release the fly
pence kamala harris just monica lewinsky with more ambition

Random Thought of the Day

I consider myself more a libertarian, not a Republican, but this meme below accurately sums up much of what liberals think. The majority of the so-called educated or elite liberals always think they’re much smarter than the average person, and anyone on the Right falls into one of three categories – stupid, uneducated, or brainwashed by Fox News/Rush Limbaugh.


Tweets of the Day

tweet lauren boebert contractor took 47 years work on home still broken would you hire
tweet undercover huber amy coney barrett refuse to answer democrat question know my position after confirmation vote biden standard

Quote of the Day

quote charlie kirk definition of happiness freedom to take risks

Message of the Day

message betty white bruce jenner year joe biden elected to us senate

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