09-23 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

street corner artist forehead pure savage
been using baby gate wrong keep out football game
computer desk right wrong me slouching
s&m 20 minutes tinder date restroom
soviet liberal never seen crime gated community gun nuts detached reality
denver set provide homeless no strings cash drug dealers
obiwan redpill normie friend barrage memes sending me anti government content
drugs war on drugs fence cant get around
redneck check message red hat trump derangement syndrome
special counsel targetting hunter biden missing joe arrow
lady plane fetterman not real
beyond meat coo arrested biting nose became swore to destroy
uaw strike demands ev mandates rock hard place

Mainstream Media: “Why Do You Keep Calling Us the Enemy of the People?!!”

cnn scholars outdated constitution democracy at risk


headline pentagon exempts ukraine from government shutdown

Remember this headline when the media starts fabricating sob stories about a looming shutdown of government services and furloughed employees. Politicians will strategically inflict pain so their media allies can attack the libertarian-leaning Republicans while they conspicuously say NOTHING about trillions being added annually to an already $33 trillion dollar debt. It’s all a show. In the end, the weak-willed, unprincipled RINO leaders of the Republican party always cave. Furloughed employees get back pay, the stock market pops back temporarily, and in the next election Republicans can pretend they put up a fight. Regardless of what happens in the budget battles, at least we know Ukraine will be funded–the #1 priority of Americans. 🙄

war on russia infinity ukraine office sign here

Just Say No

fb david wells tape over nike logo woke

Social Media Posts of the Day

x cake for birthday two correct answer
x girls anxiety 3rd ice coffee murder podcast
x nephew floppy disks 80s whiskey
x hunter disinformation to corruption is good newsom

Quote of the Day

quote dostoevsky clever calls self fool once month

Let’s Waste Some More Billions While Convincing People with Cold/Flu They Have the ‘Rona 👍

x biden bringing back at home covid tests

Message of the Day

message trust built telling truth not what they want to hear

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11-25 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

cashier puts protective glass coronavirus customer putting face through
elf me sitting at kids table to avoid talking politics
it clown veggie tray last time asked
steps how to cook turkey win stuff table drunk
inglorious bastards so trump is nazi but lock me in my house take my guns censor what i say biden bingo
liberal praises communism doesnt want to live under mom dads stupid rules
message its been that kind of day i shitzu not corona extra beer
actual photo kayleigh mcenany latest press conference skeletons on fire exploding
clarence thomas matrix red pill blue election ends dispute voter fraud
joe biden dominion buy 1 get 10 free 4am delivery only
ca governor newsome lobbyist dining associate marie antoinette collection
new york closed out celebrating cuomos covid emmy highest death toll economy free fall

Question of the Day

question of day when are we going to flatten us national debt curve

Bush, Obama, and Trump used 9/11, the Great Recession, and Covid as excuses to massively raise spending levels, respectively, yet the bulk of spending increases weren’t crisis-specific. As with taxes and taking of civil liberties, the government will always use crises to put through changes the population normally wouldn’t accept. Don’t expect spending to go back to normal levels after Covid calms down. Expect Joe Biden to leave annual spending a couple trillion higher than Trump’s budget in 2019, but it will probably be below 2020 total levels when factoring in “Covid relief” packages and increased entitlement spending (due to more people out of work). Biden can then claim he “cut” spending when in fact he massively increased it. The same technique was used by Obama in 2009. Bush had authorized the emergency trillion dollar TARP program to deal with the 2008 housing crisis, which Obama added in to to set a new baseline spending level. Of course, if they didn’t have such a corrupt, lapdog media covering for them, they wouldn’t get away with it.

quote rahm emanual obama chief of staff never want a crisis to go to waste

Message of the Day

message keep him busy basic needs never full time for freedom bread key jail

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet dinest dsouza gop unified is stolen election wont unite with thieves and tyrants
tweet common sense extremists less respect rinos never trumpers than leftists

Quote of the Day

quote judge jeanine cleansing needed in fbi taken in handcuffs

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08-09 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

gardening services not proud how long brain tigure out two hands holding fresh soil butt cheeks
all businesses have taken hit during quarantine liquor store owners
before the pandemic common core math after home school by essential employee
keep colleges closed to stop covid no to stop communism yes
youre safer at maga rally with blm shirt than at blm rally with maga hat change my mind
wonka tell me again how virus escaped level 4 biolab but youre going to stop with daisy print home made mask

garbage truck 40s today nbc news
babylon bee texas constructs border wall to keep out unwanted refugees from california
joe biden being fed radical agenda from bernie sanders soviet aoc wing
when government bans tik tok for spying on americans reauthorizes patriot act
another basement fire joe biden media put out fire blacks all alike

Tweets of the Day

tweet media more update when trump given 2 scoops ice cream than bill clinton pedophile
tweet andy biggs fauci birx cried wolf so many times past 6 months mainstream media still gives platform

Random Thoughts of the Day

The mainstream media & democrat politicians are so insistent on lockdowns and closings because they want to spread feelings of misery, hysteria, and chaos in anticipation of the November election. We know this, but there’s another reason–numbers. Keeping the economy & schools as closed down as possible distorts national numbers of economic health–GDP, budget deficits, unemployment, productivity, and so on. This gives easy talking points for November to not only Joe Biden but all Democrats running for office. Not only that, but if Biden is elected, it makes it easy to claim success of his programs as he’s given credit for improving numbers. In other words, as the Covid-19 nonsense fades, the economy will naturally pick up regardless of who is president, causing jobs to be created, GDP & productivity to increase, and tax revenues to resume, which will bring down the deficit. In subsequent elections, Democrats can then say “See, look how well the economy does under Democrats compared to the Republican economy,” conveniently leaving out the coronavirus mess. The same thing was done with the Obama presidency. Recall that he took over in the deepest pit of the housing crisis recession and TARP spending bill. Despite the fact his policies caused one of the weakest recoveries in history, he was still given credit for “improving” the U.S. economy, with Democrat & media operatives conveniently leaving out any mention of the housing crisis.

barack obama worst president ever joe biden hold my beer 2020
obama nothing can fix economy 2016 2019 i fixed economy not trump 2020 not corona trump

Message of the Day

message country would be better if republicans supported tea party as much as media democrats blm antifa

Quote of the Day

quote danny carlton fact check propaganda semantics agenda

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