12-13 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

nothing worse stuffed candy stocking pinata
google login from new device gmail sopranos
elf grinch me around animals people
home alone sequels horny moms
tax money faucet politician problems friends glass
tommy devitos agent looks exactly like expect
homeless fire biden agend build back better bidenomics finish the job
rudolph red nosed reindeer transition compete does games
government crony capitalism venn diagram free markets
snow windmills greta thunberg broom ancient failed religion
rat spread disease take over home schwab
babylon bee white house perine jews advised protect themselves not being jewish
reindeer santa want to work from home
us department homeland security everyone likes freedom is terrorist

Social Media Posts of the Day

x advil christmas strength
x autocorrect ratio to fellatio getting a raise
x sowell created world success others grievance not example

Only a Matter of Time

headline california fiscal emergency deficit newsom

Despite taxing their citizens to death, deeply liberal states like New York, California, and Illinois face massive, unsustainable deficits. I doubt their leaders are too concerned though as it is guaranteed — they will become such messes that the federal government will step in to bail them out, meaning the rest of us have to foot the bill. There have already been calls for bailouts, but Democrats don’t yet have the monopoly power to do them. Notice they’re already tossing around the descriptor, fiscal “emergency.” Covid emergency, Ukraine emergency, climate emergency, budget emergency….it’s almost like there’s a pattern for pushing through government actions that will piss us off? 🤔

Quote of the Day

quote joe tzu frustrate enemies destroy country by doing it yourself

Message of the Day

message morality not equal legality slavery segregation holocaust

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11-14 Politically Incorrect Daily

Random Thought of the Day

Donald Trump can obviously go overboard sometimes with his Twitter account, but the tweets that seem to bring the most criticism & condemnation are the ones where he tells an uncomfortable, politically-incorrect truth. For example, he recently tweeted about the California wildfires, blaming poor forest management for the fires. Did you ever wonder why California always seems to get hit with destructive wildfires, whereas other states with even dryer climates seem to be unaffected? The answer is that California is the environmental hippie capital of the world. In truth, radical environmentalist policies, not climate change, have caused these fires to spread and become tougher to extinguish. Maybe Trump could have picked a better time to bring this up, but the same could be said for the media & Democrats, who never miss a change to raise climate change hysteria.

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07-28 Politically Incorrect Daily

Random Thought of the Day

I have to say I’m thoroughly enjoying watching Californians having to live in an increasingly ridiculous world, with the recent examples of jail time for business owners who distribute straws and a possible ban on free employee cafeterias. Homeless, drug addicts, and illegal immigrants are flocking to the cities. Crushing debt is pushing the state towards bankruptcy, and insane taxes are driving productive individuals & businesses out. They deserve to live in the socialist hell they vote to renew year after year. It’s especially fun to watch the spoiled tech workers at Google and Facebook lose their free food perk. Keep pushing that conservative/libertarian censorship and live with the consequences!

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Quote of the Day


Tech Workers Explain Shadow-Banning Conservatives

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