02-09 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

beeker broke office printer act surprised
door sign psych the rapist psychotherapist
romantic dating ideas 2022 bug out bags survival firearms foraging
kids masked trust the science stacey abrams
leaving 2019 grease 2020 pulp fiction 2021
whoopi goldberg select squares with racist trump gop american not hitler
pelosi dont say anything bad about china ruthless bags money
king dont need fight them just convinced masked unmasked trying kill them
hunter biden dont start memes can afford own crackpipes
homer trudeau safe space bushes freedom
mypillow guy how sleep canadian liberals cant sleep truck honking

History Flashback

1936 olympics pelosi slow down jesse owens dont want to provoke adolf

Even Lifelong Democrats Are Starting to Get Sick of the Covid Fascists

tweet bill maher tees off democrat covid restrictions

Maher Lights up Biden, Dems on COVID Restrictions: ‘How Much Wrong Do You Get to Be?’

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet spike cohen focus government wrondoing
tweet dream job not participating in society

Quote of the Day

quote al capone dont mistake kindness weakness unkind weak not remember about me

Valuable Lesson

lesson gofundme funds can be frozen digital currency

This is the perfect illustration why the Ruling Class pushes for a cashless society and a worldwide digital currency. They want to be able to take away all your money with the click of a button if they don’t like your ideology or if you’re any kind of threat to their power. We’ve seen how easy it is to cut off your internet communication using whatever arbitrary justification they want, and how people self-censor simply to avoid the fate of others. The same kind of tyrannical power can be used to hold your money hostage. Imagine living off funds from a lifetime of working, saving, and investing. Then, you retweet some medical or climate change info flagged as “misinformation,” or you’re simply waving a flag in the wrong place during a January 6th-type protest. Clearly you may be a terrorist, so the government is just going to freeze all your money pending the outcome of your case. They keep your money tied up for years until you plead guilty and testify against some of your friends. Starting to get the picture?

lesson cashless society transactions frozen recorded

babylon bee truckers loot burn cop cars so gofundme reinstate

Messages of the Day

message escape facebook twitter youtube google censorship with alternatives
message nothing threatens corrupt system more than free mind

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