07-19 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

every parent right now starting school in person online or homeschooling face
government closed bathrooms brought in port a potties
dear plexiglass thank you for protecting me from cashier just touched everything taking home
do we quarantine until no more germs in world or just until election is over
taxpayers billions soviet biden bernie trambling freedom of speech defund universities snowflake generation
if let bat shit crazy drunk speaker of house at least give job to ron white
covid 19 star trek dammit jim doctor not politician
ghislaine maxwell ford bronco chased bill clinton spacey weinstein dershowitz
virologist hazmat suit but your bandana probably works too covid
cdc need to protect our elders them all walking around no masks
make no mistake covid deadly already killed 70 percent of freedom
imagine 30 year old living in basement could be worse joe biden for president
things im worried about losing constitutional rights covid 19 pie chart

Dr. Fauci vs Dr. Fauci

We’re obviously in the middle of a national debate on wearing masks. Speaking for the masks side, we have the CDC, WHO, and Dr. Fauci. On the no-mask side, we have the CDC, WHO, and Dr. Fauci. 🤔 Seems pretty clear cut, let’s ram down a no-choice mask policy on the entire country. If we can’t get government to do it, we’ll get big corporate sponsors to enforce it, after which we’ll reward them with special tax breaks and new regulations that squash small business competition.

quote dr fauci no reason for masks definitely in favor side by side
when i grow up i want to be weatherman can be wrong all the time and keep their job cdc who
i pledge allegiance to mask of world health organization to new world order for which it stands

Dr. Fauci Opposes Controlled Study on Effectiveness of Masks

Message of the Day

message fauci is pharmaceutical salesman increases fear of viruses destroys immune system

Tweet of the Day

tweet james woods hillary clinton tone deaf irony trump not accepting election

Quote of the Day

quote america without police looks like a suburb aoc ocasio cortez

Help Is On the Way

Conservative Group Launches ‘DivestU’ To Redirect Donations Away from Liberal Colleges
Antonio Sabato Jr. Announces He’S Starting a ‘Conservative Movie Studio’: ‘No More Blacklisting’

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Hillary Clinton Meme Gallery

07-18 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

babylon bee famed archaelogy professor indiana jones photo nazi
corporate america donating to black lives matter soviets transferring cash directly to democrats
black lives matter vandalism monuments not vandalism
breaking news coronavirus updated cdc home test send stool sample to nancy pelosi
cnn seeing can of beans watching portland burn blind fold goya
joe biden dummy hand puppet to china
official flag of 2020 mask covid
psychiatrist couch is orange man in room with us right now
tin foil hat of 2020 coronavirus mask
how my facebook feed looks right now put on masks kiss our ass british patriots
ghislane arrest clinton undercover hillary rug bill zombie
1970 1980 2020 mirron decoration face mask
hillary clinton trump wont go quietly if loses election time to say bye bye

Correction: USA Today Decided to Join the Snowflake Censorship Movement

A few days ago, we published a no-mask editorial from USA Today. As with the New York Times, liberal snowflakes at the paper broke into tears and convolutions, forcing the non-publication of an alternative, non-liberal view.

dr simone gold usa today editorial censored er doctor

Here’s the full, unedited editorial if you want to read it.

Big Tech Censorship Fascism Update

tweet fournier facebook deleted joshua feuerstein page 2.5 million followers
tweet kevin sorbo facebook banned for joke about clintons
tweet ryan fournier in case you dont know donald trump jr locked out of twitter account

Twitter “Hack” an Inside Job – Reveals Shadowbanning Tool Is Manual and Not Accidental — Exposes Tech Giant’s Massive Censorship Operation

Google Bans Ads On Coronavirus ‘Conspiracy Theory’ Content

Do We Have to Keep Doing This?

Why do people continue to believe ridiculously biased polls like this one that has Biden up by double digits? These polls always oversample democrats and don’t focus on people who actually vote. The media always runs with these stupid polls to suppress voter turnout and enthusiasm.

tweet jason miller percentage republicans recent polls
new poll trump biden 100 cnn anonymous sources

10 Reasons Polls Can’t Be Trusted
National Association of Police Organizations Endorses Trump, After Backing Biden as VP in ’08, ’12

Quote of the Day

quote handmaids tale atwood that was when they suspended the constitution said it would be temporary

Message of the Day

message im selfish vaccine mask job losses so you feel safe

You Must Comply!

Walmart, Target, Festival, Aldis, Kohls…everyone is jumping on the fascist control freak train. So after all these new face mask rules change nothing, do you think we can start showing our faces again with things back to normal? Or will they shift to blame the next freedom or personal liberty that is REALLY causing the covid spread and needs to be taken away to “keep us safe”?

If the science is so clear cut on masks, why is there a need to ban/censor any doctor, scientist, or psychologist who tries to explain the drawbacks of masks? And why should California and other states feel the need to redo the shutdowns when masks work so well?

Why does Dr. Fauci oppose any controlled studies of mask effectiveness for covid? Why does the CDC oppose any kind of auditing of their case numbers & death counts?

Never mind, everyone just go along and OBEY! Question nothing! Critical thinking is a waste of energy. America isn’t about freedom, choice, or personal responsibility. We’re just here to live, die, and serve our socialist masters in the government and big corporate boardrooms.

mask this is bullshit

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People with Lung Conditions ‘Should NOT Wear Masks’ – Sam Blanchard

07-10 Politically Incorrect Daily

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Colin Kaepernick Meme Gallery

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

hart app to trace movements of covid positive how about pedophiles rapists
are you drinking more alcohol during quarantine yes no missed x
democrats black lives matter in an election year
i have no clue whats open or closed walk to automatic door if hit glass turn around
police quick tell me race gender religion every driver in front of me broke law
aunt jemima uncle ben mrs butterworth fired because theyre black
covid showing people 99 percent survival rate prying eyes open
kermit how come antifa blm never attack biker bar construction site or anywhere there is concentration of grown men
whats your plan shatter ratings records save western civilization losing sponsors tucker carlson yes
babylon bee liberals worried without cancel culture may have to defend ideas
wonka so youre obese smoke exercise diabetes but want everyone to wear mask for your health wonka
de blasio newsom lightfoot lockdown for thee but not for me
mainstream media peaceful protest riots cuomo is great governor senior living

Random Thought of the Day

If you haven’t read all the CDC Covid guidelines, let me summarize:

1) If it brings an ounce of joy to any one person, it must be banned!
2) If the activity is too essential to be banned, we recommend you add masks, OCD scrubbing, and a long list of requirements designed to make sure nothing positive or enjoyable comes from the experience.

Our motto: ‘We want you to live a long, miserable, boring life.'”

patrick henry give me liberty or give me death cdc said did i stutter
center for democratic control cdc spraying fear
cdc forget about all those inaccurate virus models used to justify collapsing the economy men in black neurolyzer
cdc adding up covid deaths 2 + 2 = 1984
towelie i have no idea whats going on message brought to you by cdc

Big Tech Fascism Push

List of Companies Boycotting Facebook Ads Until They More Thoroughly Censor Conservatives, Libertarians, and Free-Thinkers

Tweets of the Day

tweet prager u new york times founder editorial supported slaveowner rights cancel yourselves
tweet pomp harvard 50000 online classes maybe kids watch youtube read books

Quote of the Day

quote rand paul fatal conceit believe one person knowledge direct economy public health behaviors

Message of the Day

message defund welfare hard to riot when you have to go to work

PC Cancel Culture/Censorship Update

Fired for Speaking the Truth – John Stoessel
Liberals Will Come for You Sooner Than You Think – Derek Hunter
Amazon Pulls All Washington Redskins Merchandise from Website

Question of the Day

question im curious has black lives matter helped job education cleaned up city rec centers

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Model that Predicted All But Two Presidential Elections Since 1912: 91 Percent Chance Trump Win in 2020
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