04-07 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

cat leash walk agree isnt working take home
grim reaper bears qb souls caleb williams
bar old guy girl where been all life not born
smudge stop trying please people dont like you most annoying person
what kids think monsters look like actually congress
why hate taxes my tax dollars both sides funding wars
neighbor smile grandma killer quarantine camp
waiting which state secedes first look for houses
romeo and juliet tom holland kill himself because he cant have her
sign equal pay for men on onlyfans
raise minimum wage prices go up circle
babylon bee 9 other groups need own day of visibility

Quotes, Messages, Social Media Memes of the Day

x avenatti 1st amendment hypocrites trump gag order
x no baggage fees tsa lines 911
x started dating anniversary credit for time served
tweet self checkout cashier human interaction dumb
quote ron paul government shouldnt be able to do you cant steal from neighbor
message how to be free produce solutions without government permission

These POS’s Deserve Life in Prison or Worse

x cdc accidentally inflated children death numbers

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08-31 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

someone calls phone instead of texting muppets nope
cat puzzle do stuff together human table
federal parks hunt gems google ruby ridge learn more
life in america liberal support war ukraine usa flag offensive
tax pay stop covid or just work for climate change
dont jump off cliff fda approved
leading causes of forrest fires 2023 climate change arsonists
biden graph testicular injuries female athletes
ecb european central bank climate change causes inflation not printing money
100 million ukraine anytime jack biden americans no chance
girls classroom walked in gadsden flag patch
angry liberal teacher gadsden flag boy

Social Media Posts of the Day

x easier this time tell liberals shove masks up ass
x favreau scarlet johannson iron man leg lock
x home cooked meal laughs something else mom
x hbo max peacock wont dropping first half name

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Lesson of the Day

lesson mask petri dish face

Quote of the Day

quote sowell left entranced ugly reality creating real world

Sounds Like Anti-Science “Misinformation” 🤔

ny post 99 percent covid deaths cdc not due to virus

For consistency, should we ban the CDC from all social media for saying the same thing as the rest of those Covid anti-science crazies? I’m sure CNN and MSNBC will point out these stats when they’re once again scaring their gullible viewers, right? They would NEVER selectly leave out key facts that go against the narrative? 👌

media roar scary new variant flu election season
explain it like vaccine for free donut
trust gas station sushi more than cdc and fda
me waiting for dumbass put mask on im your huckleberry
2023 people still calling you a conspiracy theorist

Message of the Day

message didnt comply with tyranny 2020 2021 2023 2023 and beyond

Some Things Never Change 🙄

BTW, Facebook is getting creative with various methods of blocking this report with “False Information – See Why” warnings.

99 percent covid deaths fact check facebook

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10-23 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

baby yoda meditating fighting customres frowned upon
leslie nielsen badge school building
your newsfeed my bullsht posts clown
stop buying guns look at porn like normal man
knitting millenial retirement program societal collapse
ban xl pipeline alaska drilling beg saudis putin did it biden wall crayon
fbi mistakes 100 percent favor democrats in power
nancy pelosi filming crew framing trump take
joe biden look like jimmy carter staglation
democrat protected species criminals illegals cartels hunter

Mainstream Media Enemies and Alliances

usa today rittenhouse vs waukesha opening statement

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet being left wing great move no friends truck
tweet bassler 2022 edition life hacks government avoid reject
tweet flashback trump strategic reserve biden media opposed

Quote of the Day

quote ronald reagan inflation people living well government is

Every 2 Years Conservatives Fall for the Same Nonsense Designed to Suppress Turnout

tweet six year anniversary ny times prediction 91 percent hillary trump

Liberals Fighting War on Free Speech on All Fronts

no murders rapists lose accounts bank america catturd conservative

Six Major Banks Are About to Be Under Investigation. Here’s Why.

Expect Branch Covidians to Come Back Out in Full Force Wherever Democrats Maintain Power

Doctors Blast CDC Decision That Will Lead to Forced COVID Jabs on Kids

The CDC is trying to shield itself from criticism by saying their Covid controls are simply recommendations, that states decide. Don’t buy it for a second. We all know all Democrat-controlled states & cities will rubber stamp whatever they say, and we also know that Biden will supercharge the executive orders once he loses control of Congress in a few weeks. It’s up to you to vote for your local leaders, choosing whether or not you want your family to resume living in the United States of Covidistan. Winter is coming, literally and figuratively.

kids trying to learn addition cdc needle force
merrick garland doj fbi domestic terrorist parents masks

Ron DeSantis Promises No Vaccine Mandates for Schools in Florida

Message of the Day

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