08-29 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

dog laptop me trying to get some work done in 2020 explosions
fact alcohol kills 2.5 million people per year but produces many more
simple way to kill mosquitos salt tequila stick rock covid 19 death
stop overthinking things when i stop being right
aoc green new deal raise taxes kill jobs hurricanes magically go away steps
game show 1 elected trump democrats destroy america 2 biden do same thing
joe biden liberty biberty mutual commercial
donald trump ray liotta laughing nba boycotting own games
protesters do as youre told fascists yelling in face
if ever youve had your ass beat with belt wooden spoon probably not out rioting
who world health organization wrongly defend china special masks
if civil war antifa snowflakes blm vs ex military hunters bikers hour never get back
babylon bee 14 most accurate cnn headlines human history
they live kyle rittenhouse entering kenosha came here to drink monster and kick ass out of

Tweets of the Day

tweet lebron james other nba stars organizing march for people murdered in chicago just kidding dont care
tweet leonydus johnson love democrats cause widespread chaos division run on platform of love like mafia threat
tweets tulsi gabbard covid 19 rules not based on science

Quote of the Day

quote donald trump for every violent protester hundreds moms dads want to sleep safely at night

Center for Deep State Corruption Update

‘A black eye for the CDC’: Director walks back coronavirus testing guidance

So, basically the CDC is once again admitting they will alter their guidelines based on politics and media pressure. And remember the Big Tech censorship gestapo have openly stated they will remove any Covid-related posts by scientists and doctors who contradict guidance from the CDC, you know because it’s “science”. Have you figured out yet why so many people are cynical about all this BS?

cdc facts about wuhan two months later sponge bob
worst part of censorship everything fine trust your government

Message of the Day

message get this straight military this is uniform sports this is costume

Everything Is Engineered

For those who still think these “protests” just spontaneously happen by accident:

kenosha police department letter out of state anarchists

Only the Peasants and Deplorables Need to Follow Our Dictates

south lawn white house no mask reporters writing columns criticizing everyone else

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08-27 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

love you personality thanks its a disorder actually
acupuncture proof that stabbing someone makes things better
jose cuervo straw getting ready for another fun filled day of 2020
tired of political posts here is dog picture name is maga
joe biden came out of basement saw shadow 4 more years of trump
jemele hill says america is nazi germany idiotic everyone is dumber for having listened to it
lori lightfoot have right to protect my home mccloskeys arrested for protecting theirs
i dont always vote for trump but when i do it is because rinos hate him
democratic convention lie detector exploding
lisa simpson if rioters would have killed shooter in kenosha instead of them it wouldnt even be news

But They Bowed Properly to the Politically Correct BLM Mob?

racism has no place here black lives matter broken windows torched sign

Tweets of the Day

tweet dan borgino liberals if you want something work for it stop whining its embarrassing
tweet youll never be nick sandmann maga hat cnn paid ripping on cool

Quote of the Day

quote americas governor trusted my people no lockdowns contract tracing masks

Message of the Day

put 5000 cash in envelop mail to yourself if you dont have balls to do better vote in person november

Center for Deep State Corruption & Fear-Mongering

The CDC quietly modified coronavirus testing guidelines to exclude people who are asymptomatic, potentially limiting our understanding of the true scope of the virus

I thought we all had to be terrified about asymptomatic transmission? Isn’t that why most of the nation’s healthy people are forced to wear masks? Or could this testing change be the CDC is more concerned with raising recorded death rates to keep fear-mongering at a max level? 🤔

CDC guidelines say wearing a mask during prolonged exposure to coronavirus won’t prevent possible infection

But, by all means, let’s continue to force everyone to wear face masks all day at work and school. 👍

cdc spin wheel coronavirus masks surfaces transmitted through air

cdc forget about all those inaccurate virus models used to justify collapsing the economy men in black neurolyzer

towelie i have no idea whats going on message brought to you by cdc

center for democratic control cdc spraying fear

cdc masks dont work everyone should wear playing both sides always come out on top


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08-14 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

explaining no bailouts in capitalism fake capitalists crying in baseball hanks
my cat breakfast me trying to sleep wrestler
kermit when you pull up to work and building is still standing fuck
biden you better call nasa only 7 planets after destroy uranus zuckerberg
joe biden hand puppet kamala harris you aint black
kamala harris chose me because of gender and race so proud of my achievement
liberal voting for old white guy and crooked cop both hate blacks
dr fauci china puppet covid coronavirus pinochio
joe biden kamala harris if we didnt lock you up then you aint black
big ten back to normal charlie brown football
im confused how does jamaican father indian mother make african american child kamala harris
kamala harris cop i got the black vote locked up

Tweets of the Day

tweet james woods california to pay for covid diagnosis
tweet thomas sowell flowly painted into corner by political correctness
tweets shaun king joe biden kamala harris mass incareration
tweet john hayward dont you dare treat kamala harris way we treated sarah palin every feminist writer

Quote of the Day

quote mckayla reason trump get historically high black vote not accessories

Message of the Day

message if youre afraid to live life you have already died

Dehumanizing Masks

face mask kids
Some Qs: Can you tell me which kids are happy or sad? Which are angry or depressed? Which are understanding class material, and which are confused? Which kid has a split lip from being beat at home? Which one was recently part of an Amber Alert? For those first meeting them, do you think teachers or fellow students will be able to remember the names or personality of each one? Do you think any of these masks will lose effectiveness after kids constantly touch their faces to adjust or re-use dirty ones? How will hearing-impaired kids dependent on lip reading be able to understand anything? Kids go to school to not only learn course material but social skills. Do you think they’ll as easily be able to pick up social cues & learn proper ways to interact with teachers & fellow students while wearing masks? How do you think kids with colds, allergies, and asthma will feel wearing masks? Will taking in less oxygen and making it more difficult to hear teachers speak be conducive to learning? Do you think there’s any chance more kids will develop OCD/germophobe disorders with mask mandates? Do you think kids’ overall happiness and quality of life will be affected from being forced to wear masks 40 hours/week?

Maybe, just maybe, we shouldn’t just blindly follow recommendations of Dr. Fauci & the CDC. Maybe there are other considerations than just the transmission of a virus not fatal to kids, except in very, very rare cases, and which may not be prevented by forced masks anyway.

Biden Calls for 3-Month National Mask Mandate Regardless of Location or Age

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