06-02 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

people existing cdc signs must turn left right
ark lion shitty cruise great buffet
jessica jones who could have seen inflated prices libertarians
shirt shove gun control up your ass
dr fauci flip flops wuhan masks
when you cant riot no gas molotov cocktails sad antifa noices
climate change scam mislead the public get big grant tell the truth lose your job
word of day joe biden chinas little beach trump
babylon bee at chinas instruction apple removes taiwan from maps
if surprised by covid wuhan conspiracy theorists circle back election results

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet jp wondered back to the future mad max 2021
tweet jack prosbiec so mich journalism going on joe biden weightlifting ice cream

Quote of the Day

quote thomas sowell want cops risk own lives handling criminals gently

Message of the Day

message be kind of person pulls ahead gas pump

Random Thoughts of the Day

Throughout 15+ months of Covid BS, you know what word I haven’t heard in the media a single time? Choice! A few scattered voices on Fox have talked a little about personal freedom, but every debate seems to be centered around what Dr. Fauci, the CDC, and tin pot dictatorial politicians should “allow” us to do. It used to be in Western democracies that you could make personal choices that affect your life, then live with the consequences, both good and bad. Regardless of the irrefutable “science” of the week, why should any unconstitutional authority figures be making choices for YOU?! If you’re protected from Covid because of natural or artificial immunity, if you have no symptoms, if you don’t live with any vulnerable high-risk patients, or if you’re simply young & healthy enough that you don’t feel the Covid risk is worth the quality of life sacrifices, why should anyone in government have a say?!

Yes, I know, the government & media say masks and other anti-freedom measures are about protecting other people’s health. Putting aside the very dubious, changing “science,” again, why does it matter? If people are vaccinated or have natural immunity, they don’t have to worry about Covid, right? Other people can also choose to triple mask and not to go to crowded locations like sports stadiums.

At a minimum, you should see what kind of endless anti-freedom controls can be opened up by government getting involved in health care, along with the perceived justification of doing things for the public good. Imagine if we go to a single-payer, totally government-controlled health care system. Anything labeled as an unhealthy lifestyle can add to national health care costs. Donuts, pizza, “climate change”-causing beef, soda, alcohol, cigarettes? Will we be allowed any of it? What if we’re not getting the prescribed amount of exercise? What if we’re not reporting for our annual physicals? What if we haven’t received every vaccine known in the world? What kinds of taxes, fines, and jail time will we be subjected? Absurd? Ridiculous? As you watch kids playing outside in masks at summer camp, or wear a mask as you walk from the door to your table at a restaurant, ask if there’s anything too absurd for the government to mandate.

question which medical procedure products forced ones you want neighbor to have ones your neighbor wants of you sandi raymond
pandemic safety precautions economic reset medical police state corporate media your dumb ass
to think i spent all those years medical school could have been congress expert
facemask people afraid to die no afraid to live

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05-14 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

lazy cat award mouse trap
dad doesnt want dog later swingset
sooner realize calm wife down giving her food
shouldnt post that thats why no one remember your memes
dr evil theyre refusing the lockdown take away their gas
blue state shit hold socialist leaving for red state

Quote of the Day

quote voltaire dont agree with what you say defend death right to say it

Message of the Day

message when no police more crimes death penalty clint eastwood

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet mark me believe parents kids look up on phone
facebook family lockdown ideas home school cover honey

Sure, It Was the Hackers’ Fault

joe biden inflation gas shortage hold my beer jimmy carter
joe biden if elected no red or blue states green new deal no fracking coal drilling gas
joe biden cutting keystone border wall economy balloon
gas prices rising fast if only had pipeline keystone cheaper oil
joe biden told them shut down oil industry horse buggy no fracking

Setting the Stage for Vaccine Passports

CDC says fully vaccinated people don’t need to wear face masks indoors or outdoors in most settings

Thank you CDC for being only 7 months behind on what anyone with common sense or Biology 101 completion could tell you! Of course, the two keys here are 1) “in most settings,” meaning they reserve the right to set any nonsensical exceptions they decide, and 2) vaccinated people only, meaning you have to have proof of your vaccination to get permission to have any freedom granted by your CDC overlords. Expect basically nothing to change in locations where there’s any remote chance of a non-vaccinated person being around; e.g. stores, stadiums, government buildings, and pretty much every other public place.

Why Experts Recommend Buying Covid-19 Vaccination Card Holders

What About Listening to the Science? States and Companies Won’t Commit to CDC Guidelines Granting More Freedom

People Bring the Receipts After Fauci Attempts to Dodge Connections to Wuhan Lab

how to talk to conspiracy theorist friends relatives you were right sorry
there are actually people stayed in homes year tv told them to

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05-11 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

ate ice cream from toilet roll pushup back in my day
homer me wedding dress learning melinda gates single
dont sell guns shop interest you in cordless holepunchers
gm billion mexico plant climate change joe biden jobs other countries
judas benedict arnold john kerry one of a kind traitors
sign us border nothing see here no problems jen psaki
sun looking at all the masks in the park today
babylon bee white liberals watch in amazement as black man acquires id
oprah winfrey al sharpton racism some people make lots money at it

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet ewing zoom conditioned walk away any meeting
tweet murder all plans discipline never once had in life

When All Else Fails and the Truth Leaks Through the Mainstream Media/Big Tech Shield

swiss diplomat iran biden billions suicide hotline hillary

Swiss Diplomat Who Represented Biden Admin Interests in Iran Is Found Dead After Falling from 17th Floor Balcony in Tehran

Sorry to Be the Bearer of Bad News

I know many Americans are showing optimism now that the CDC has “given us permission” to remove our masks outdoors around vaccinated people. But don’t kid yourself–the only reason they did this was because they were being mocked and losing credibility at a rapid pace. Sorry to break it to you, but the liberal fascists in charge will NEVER voluntarily let all mask mandates and Covid restrictions expire. Expect one artificial “short-term” restriction after another, with the hope that the majority of the American public will just become numb to the Covid restrictions and accept them as their new way of life. Don’t let it happen!

Dr. Fauci Says Facemasks Could Become Seasonal After Covid Pandemic
Cuomo Announces Social Distancing and 100% Mask Mandates for Outdoor Events
Why Facemasks, Social Distancing, and Other Covid Restrictions Will Continue Forever

Quote of the Day

quote pj orourke what would annoy most people most often left wing government test

Message of the Day

message defund the media hypnosis

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