11-19 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

neighbors crazy person on block meeting didnt invite me
cats orioles double stuff
pool want cruise keep getting cancelled
democrat alienating voters want to control life
what inflation gorilla just give him more bananas spending
wake up call public school indoctrination camp
studies lockdown no emotional harm shining family portrait
going to tell kids captain america rittenhouse
blm early christmas shopping kenosha
rittenhouse prosecutor why didnt let kill you before shooting
babylon bee msnbc reporter hangs sign jurors are here
message lisa simpson media no choice attack rittenhouse

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet elon musk inflation most regressive tax of all liberals advocate
tweet forced vax fbi parents calling everyone racist democrats

Quote of the Day

quote fact opinion widely held no evidence not utterly absurd russell

CNN and MSNBC Will Probably Find Some Way to Defend This POS

Watch: Ex-NFL Player Zac Stacy Brutalizes Ex-Gf in Front of Son

Europe & China = Previews of Liberal Policies

france booster shot required deactivate passport

It’s only a matter of time before the CDC changes it’s definition of “fully vaccinated.” That means all the freedoms they “allow” us to have will be modified in their guidelines to only include people with 3 vaccine shots. A year from now, it will be modified to “only those who’ve had the original shots and at least one booster within the last 6 months.” Keep in mind how most politicians, school boards, and businesses base their daily policies: U.S. Constitution, State Constitution, Statutory Laws, Biology 101, Common Sense, CDC Guidelines.

Pay attention to Europe and China for a preview of what the Ruling Class wants to do in America. The vaccination documentation required to work, travel, and visit certain places is just a stepping stone to the same kind of “social credit” system used in China. American Big Tech companies are already using this type of algorithm. Government will attempt to apply it to every aspect of your life. Are you going to let it happen?!

social credit system criticized government account suspended

WATCH: Senator Rand Paul SLAMS Fauci’s comments that ‘individual rights’ should no longer be granted when public health involved.

dont care refuse live in fear government cult followers

Message of the Day

message people say difficult when hard to fool

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11-02 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

stoplight rest of world stop go safe usa go fast check no police red
elaine 27 muscles open bottle wine workout
if you break treat half dog pillow
galileo today earth revolves around sun misinformation demonetize censor
if doubt crazy woman all alone ski lift face mask on
joe biden infrastructure zero cost approval may reach first
no mask jab still healthy evidence of witchcraft
friends skiing never happier since kicked out of society
dr fauci willy wonka everlasting jobstopper covid
names joe biden friends call me brandon
kermit wonder people unfriended me 2019 starting realize was right
oprah lockdown fire vaccine monitor spending illegals get money no vax required
biden voters free health care college biden best 450k illegals

Bill Maher Now Considered “Right-Winger” by the Left

Bill Maher Tells Democrats It’s Time to Admit Something That Will Surely Infuriate Anthony Fauci

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet therapist husband dishes different spots
tweet Amazon dating app here similar people interested
tweet ireland everyone vending machine snack collapse

Quote of the Day

tweet hill juan williams parents right code white race politics

Message of the Day

message if abolish taxes afford everything taxes pay for and more

Center for Dictatorial Control

My brother-in-law recently tested positive for Covid, while his wife tested negative. Saturday night he took a bad fall and broke bones in his neck, after which an ambulance took him to the hospital, then transported him to another for emergency surgery. Naturally, everyone is worried about him, fearing paralysis or worse. However, no one can get into see him because, you guessed it, he’s Covid-positive. This includes his wife, WHO HE LIVES WITH!!! If she was going to contract Covid, it would have happened by now, and I’m sure she’d gladly risk it anyway to be with her husband through some of the worst moments of his life. This is the world we live in, where some of the most anti-common sense policies are thrust upon us, explained almost always starting with the words, “In accordance with CDC guidelines, we are requiring……”

charlie brown snoopy according to cdc shut the fuck up

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10-24 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

ancient vs modern philosophers life soup me fork
cat gym toilet paper
im not ahole hemorrhoid irritate them
superman fighting for truth justice radical wokeism way
joe biden butthead cornholio
china nuclear capable hypersonic missile joe biden 4 star transgender admiral
biden rally empty shelves economy
bernie sanders once again asking you lower expectations biden
parents wall children crt propaganda socialism
joe biden we need this kids hole debt 3.5 trillion

Quote of the Day

quote trump if biden gets in depression lucky have country at all

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet llama no movie good 4 hours 8 episodes 30 minutes
tweet martini kama sutra but people over 35 back issues
tweet robyn cable guy time between 8 and 12
tweet regan parents today vs 80s texting


tweet rochelle walensky cdc definition fully vaccinated changing

The Goalposts Keep Moving: CDC Director Says the Definition of Fully Vaccinated May Change

Remember the CDC only “allows” us certain freedoms if we’re “fully” vaccinated, so if they change the definition, we’ll be back to square one for the vast majority of Americans. And schools & businesses, like the lemmings they are, will do the typical, “In accordance with CDC guidelines, we are REQUIRING……”

me trying to figure out how sane adult could believe covid shit
dr fauci after telling everyone need 3rd shot cash pile
message freedom not reward for good behavior thats how prisons work

We Need More Examples Like This

quote in out burger disagree private company force company discriminate
moment realize cheeseburger company more courage than school board

Let’s give more business to companies with this kind of courage and curtail our buying from the enablers who are too cowardly to stand up to tyrannical governments!

Messages of the Day

message truth surgery heals lie painkiller
message slaves standing up to masters whip we are here

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