12-09 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

when someone asks directions put address in phone and do what it tells you
when i was young wondered how jim jones got all those folks to drink kool aid now i get it tds
socialist communist progressive democrat walk into bar who pays for drinks
elizabeth warren cleveland indians baseball card
articles of impeachment didnt win in 2016 cant win in 2020
never talked to trump wasnt on call learned from politico impeachment clown star witnesses
misogynist noun someone who wins an argument against a feminist
active shooter dead muslim media didnt even get chance to say right wing christian
government is corrupt at every level dont worry will investigate itself muppet old men balcony

Random Thought of the Day

Regular followers of this blog know that Facebook recently deactivated both the Facebook page for this website (with 60,000 followers) and my personal Facebook page even though I don’t post political stuff to the latter. Not surprisingly, Facebook hasn’t answered appeals and provides no way to contact a person by email or phone. I never once advocated violence, used racial slurs, called people names like idiot or libtard, or did anything most normal people would find offensive. I took great pains to keep things light and humorous. It didn’t matter. It was conservative/libertarian and often pro-Trump, which is unacceptable in the eyes of the Big Tech fascists. There were plenty of potential posts I skipped that would probably be seen as non-offensive by 99 percent of the country. Then it occurred to me–even before Facebook completely censored my material, I was in effect often self-censoring to appease their leftist & vague “community standards.” How many others out there on Facebook, Twitter, etc. are also censoring their own material? How free do you think they feel to speak their minds if they were banned by one of them but eventually got back on? The free speech dangers created by Big Tech censorship are increasing exponentially and cascading in ways few would expect. The time has come to fight back!

powerful oppressor person banned resistance twitter google cnn nyt facebook

Quote of the Day

quote jerrold nadler never be impeachment supported by only one party

Tweet of the Day

tweet candace owens taylor swift divisive kanye west preaching love todays america

Lesson of the Day

george washington franklin jefferson classical liberals nowadays libertarians

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06-28 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

in case you missed democratic debate free stuff warren castro booker orouke
bill clinton joining joe biden fondling fathers tour
when youre thinking rode bench in high school but couldve joined girls team been all state
wife is amazing surprised me with trip to dominican republic and life insurance policy
trump i have no interest who built drain system want to know who built wall
venezuela flashing socialist college student
democratic debate free health care college housing unwilling to work
benghazi irs targetting eric holder clinton emails lynch media yamn trump sneezes impeach

Random Thought of the Day

San Francisco just became the first U.S. city to ban e-cigarettes, despite the fact they’re far less damaging than traditional cigarettes and often help smokers kick their habit. The reason most often cited is teen vaping. But like every fascist liberal policy, the remedy must punish the entire population. Why not just make punishments more severe for teen users or whoever supplies the teen users? Instead, adults making decisions that hurt no one else but themselves can’t partake in something they enjoy, or are deprived of a tool that may help them quit regular cigarettes. So, a town where you can legally buy marijuana and where you’re given drug needles for free now bans the relatively harmless e-cigarettes. Is it any wonder that that Nancy Pelosi is the representative of these fascist, illogical morons?

Snobbish Liberal Media Update

ABC News’ Chief Political Analyst: Hillary Was Right About Trump Base ‘Deporables’
Predictable: Media Ignores Project Veritas Google Bombshell

Expect this to become a common practice: liberals pay hackers to create some fake accounts which post hateful remarks and calls for violence on sites run by conservatives, libertarians, pro-Trumpers, and free speech advocates. Big Tech fascists review the posts and use it as justification to shut down the site.

tweet reddit quarantees trump group because of a few random posts

Tweets of the Day

tweet candace owns democrats declared bribery 2020 platform
tweet peritas ban youtube twitter reddit vimeo google tech censorship working together

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05-03 Politically Incorrect Daily

Random Thought of the Day

Did you ever notice that when tech companies ban people from their platforms, they never site specific examples of what broke their terms? For example, Facebook recently banned InfoWars, Laura Loomer, Milo Yiannopoulos, and others, but as always, they cite only vague references of using “hate speech”. If they listed specific examples, wouldn’t it be much easier to teach people what “hate speech” to avoid to stay on their platform? Or is it intentional to keep the definition of hate speech general so they can censor anyone with whom they disagree?

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

i have a particular set of skills that always get me thrown into facebook jail
crying preganancy test shows democrat
obama biden if they use facts well call them racist greedy sexist islamophobic
clapper brennan comey if bernie wins well still be able to vote
joe biden are you better off than when obama and i in charge next question
ocasio cortez whats my stance on race relations i really dont follow nascar
orange man bad donald trump terroristm sanctuary cities liberal comparison
trump biden will put back in hope and change scandals vs trump economy
spelling last 4 letters american republican democrats rats
trump can fill any stadium biden ahead in recent polls quotes

Democratic Party Platform in One Meme

democrats we are all just trying to force our vision through force shame legislation

Tweet of the Day

tweet it amazes me how americans willingly give up freedom to government oreilly

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