09-22 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

babylon bee newsom mask mandate on trees to stop wildfires
car tiger king what happens forced stay home watch netflix
boss no drinking on job me after 3 months home opening beer
trump holding paper kiss my ass democrats supreme court
lebron james refuse to stand national anthem military not for pussies
defund police say no school choice easy for you to say
donald trump middle east peace dove iran palestine death to israel
babylon bee biden forgets to put on clothes media praises
liberals cant believe trump gets 2 supreme court picks count 3 sesame street

Another Weapon of Censorship

message orwell called them thought police zuckerberg calls them fact checkers

The Facebook & Twitter “fact checkers” are beyond ridiculous…fact checking hyperbole & opinions, “true but misleading”, “true but lacks proper context”, “true but doesn’t reflect current position of the CDC”. One article I saw on Kamala Harris was marked “partially false” when everything in it was accurate, but a year was mistyped. And we all know, nothing from the left will EVER be “fact-checked” no matter how outrageous or easily disproven.

message fact checkers didnt exist until truth started to get out

Controversy over anti-Biden ad blocked by Facebook: ‘Someone needs to fact check the fact checkers’

Tweets of the Day

tweet therapist how coping with everything me sarcasm mostly working great
tweet best matt ever trump should nominate joe biden so libs pay attention to rape charges
tweet barack obama need 9th justice do your job

Quote of the Day

quote charlie kirk if everyone looks different but thinks same thats conformity not diversity

Message of the Day

message never evil monster until you decided that i was one gay race political affiliation

Lesson of the Day

lesson of day government funded science oil reserves ice age acid rain ice caps catastrophies

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09-08 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

january 2021 its over its done lotr
maybe esurance should choose different font dick sign
twilight zone imagine world which can predict political leanings based on if shake your hand
corona visus lock down thank you government protecting me boot to head
mainstream media unnamed democrat sources trump called soldiers losers atlantic
morgan freedom get this straight release criminals abolish bail defund police watch cities burn expect to win
frog mouse democrats promising everything for free ignorant of history economy eaten
liberal screaming hillary russia obama cages obstruction pelosi schumer ukraine joe biden
months of riots media go to anonymous claims trump bashing troops

Tweets of the Day

tweet abolish any federal agency you wouldnt want the opposing party to be in charge of
tweet adam carolla comedians scared of the mob pryor carlin rolling over in graves

Quote of the Day

quote trump american warriors didnt defeat fascism to watch freedom be trampled by mobs at home

Message of the Day

message for record trump didnt shut down state kill economy your governor did

Big Tech Fascism Update

I see Facebook is now slapping these on posts related to mail-in balloting:

facebook vote by mail bullshit notice

This is so beyond stupid since anyone with the least amount of common sense knows there are a hundred different ways to screw with mail-in votes. Great job, Facebook, on displaying your usual impartiality! 🙄 Incidentally, one of the most overused word in politics is “bipartisan” or “non-partisan.” Anyone can claim to be non-partisan. Rush Limbaugh or Rachel Maddow could both create “non-partisan” think tanks; it doesn’t make it so! The same goes with “fact-checkers.” Both terms are easy ways for the mainstream media and Big Tech censorship gestapo to add what sounds like an air of credibility to their bullshit. Don’t fall for it! Regularly dig into the financing and founding members to find their true agendas.

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12 Lessons Learned from Covid-19

1. Government will use any crisis to take away your rights and give themselves more control, and once you relinquish those rights, you don’t get them back. We are six months into “15 days to slow the spread” and we still have lockdowns, business restrictions, empty sports stadiums, mask mandates, and other arbitrary, anti-common sense rules that aren’t backed by results or science data. Mask mandates have been in place in nearly every state for months, yet we haven’t seen any significant correlational infection rate reduction, certainly not enough to offset the negative health & psychological effects of masks, not to mention their ability to ruin the enjoyment of almost any activity. Are we going to be forced to wear masks the rest of our lives if we don’t find an effective vaccine? The “new normal” is code for “you’re never getting your rights back.”

2. Big business will move in lock-step with big government, and they’ll be richly rewarded. Wal-Mart, Costco, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, Twitter, and other megacap companies have all gone along completely with government Covid-19 rules — enforcing mask mandates, silencing opposition, etc., and they’ve all made a killing, with their stocks near all-time highs as testament. Small business competitors have been crushed, many to the point of bankruptcy. The result is that free-market capitalism is almost gone, replaced by an oligarchy of big businesses & billionaires that control everything.

3. Half the country will go along with free speech restrictions as long as it isn’t their own views being censored, not understanding that if others are silenced, eventually the same controls will be used to silence them.

4. Once politics and mainstream media get involved in science, it can no longer claim to be true “science.” We’ve seen over and over how WHO and the CDC will set or modify guidelines at any time based on political goals and media pressure. And how can anything be called true science when ALL alternative viewpoints by qualified doctors & scientists are squashed by Big Tech and media blackouts?

5. Mainstream media will gladly tank the economy and let people die to destroy political enemies and restore Establishment power. The media has created an irrational level of fear never witnessed in U.S. history, one that simply doesn’t match math and science data. Any treatments that don’t go along with the panic/lockdown/fear narrative (such as hydroxychloroquine, convalescent plasma therapy, and remdesivir) have been relentless attacked based on obscure research and dubious scientists. Any politicians that don’t go along with the narrative are labeled as “wanting people to die.”

6. The government will use any crisis to disregard the Constitution. Freedom of religion, speech, press, or assembly anyone? How about depriving citizens of life, liberty, or property without due process of law?

7. Politicians will use crises to spend money on things that have nothing to do with the instigating event, rewarding their campaign contributors in the process. Very little of the trillions spent on the Covid “stimulus” packages has went to individuals or Covid-related medical costs. The vast majority went to big business “bailouts.”

8. Government should be kept as far away as possible from our health care system. Have you ever seen such incompetence in simply distributing personal protection equipment and test kits? Do you think anyone in the private sector could have done it more cheaply and efficiently? Half the Covid official deaths are related to incompetent governor mandates related to nursing homes.

9. The public is woefully uneducated on history and the human immune system. The media has only been able to create such fear because too few people understand the functioning of the immune system, which fights off Covid-19 in at least 99.5% of cases (probably higher). And watching government so easily dupe the population and take away freedoms show few have learned the lessons of totalitarian governments and virtually every dystopian novel ever written.

10. Never underestimate any persons’ job. Covid has created a new appreciation for grocery clerks, truckers, nurses, stylists, waiters, and so many other professions.

11. Live a healthy lifestyle. About 94% of Covid deaths have had some kind of comorbidity condition such as emphysema, obesity, or diabetes. Eating well, exercising, getting plenty of sleep, giving up smoking, and making other healthy lifestyle changes are essential to surviving this or any other epidemic.

12. Politicians stay in power by creating division. Have you ever witnessed a more divided country since the Civil War? Government has weaponized much of the population to shame, report, and attack anyone who doesn’t follow their dictates. The division keeps hatred and anger directed at fellow citizens rather than at government, where it belongs.

i cant breath face mask constitution covid 19
cdc adding up covid deaths 2 + 2 = 1984
covid 19 death rate without a vaccine lower than flu with a vaccine
amazon walmart covid 19 government beating up small businesses take that capitalism
government reaction to covid is worse than actual damage from virus lisa simpson
argument covid you want people to die how are people supposed to survive when economy is locked down

covid 19 solution afraid stay home wear mask not afraid go to work school shop eat take kids to park freedom is solution
stay home so we can make covid disappear like your civil liberties
oregon trail you have died of y2k anthrax west nile sars bird flue ecoli recession covid 19
south park its over stan covid is here soon only 99.98 percent of us will remain
masks no masks reply hazy covid 19 guidelines magic 8 ball
message just because someone isnt afraid covid doesnt mean believe just prioritize over fear
covid 19 star trek dammit jim doctor not politician
year is 2254 covid 19 lockdown still full effect last remaining karen says still not safe to open back up
nurse ratched covid 19 over the cuckoos nest wear mask or else government
me trying to tell people immune system best defense covid 19 buried head in sand
im no longer calling it covid 19 election infection
dday facing certain death liberals 2020 99.7 percent survival covid mask
covid showing people 99 percent survival rate prying eyes open
wal mart save golf course not save covid 19 coronavirus
new york deaths from flu pneumonia heart attack covid 19 theyre the same picture
to everyone who thinks us should manage universal health care how are covid test working for you
question if science developed covid 19 vaccine 99 percent effective return to normal human immune system
guide to staying safe from covid unsafe checklist trump biden church pelosi riots

Written by: Joe Messerli
Last Modified: 9/3/2020