12-15 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

run out of christmas wrapping paper happy birthday jesus
white wine all have food coloring
crush her kids marry mine heart what zone in
baby yoda try to be good person someone pulls in front driving below speed limit
in season 5 life writers making sht up keep interesting
mother daughter tea party feathers war paint taxation
christmas tree up 20 minutes cat on top
santa kid drum set parents naughty this year
buffalo bill 90s psychopath 2020s gender fluid mainstream progressive
liberal im leaving twitter new moving to canada

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet find partner sneak out holiday parties bathroom
tweet son no siblings nice because of you
tweet i am woman bottles shampoo tub shower
tweet conan obriend scott farkus christmas story
tweet kid calling geese honkeys wont correct

Random Thoughts of the Day

I’ve never been an advocate of the impeachment process. It’s not that it isn’t deserved, as presidents throughout history have committed impeachable offenses, including many regarded by historians as among America’s greatest presidents. Unfortunately, it’s always turned into a divisive act of futility that lasts so long that the offender is almost out of office anyway, and we all know that regardless of the facts of the cases, Congress will vote along party lines.

With that said, there has been no more obvious and destructive of a high crime against the Constitution than the Biden Administration’s collusion with Big Tech to censor half the country the past two years. Not only is the trashing of the 1st Amendment a violation of the most fundamental element of American democracy, but it cost perhaps millions of lives and caused untold damage to the world economy. In addition to the Covid aspect, the suppression of 2020 Biden stories and coverup of 2020 election shenanigans has undermined the credibility of the entire American electoral system.

Impeachment doesn’t even scratch the surface of the punishment many in our government deserve, and in the end, because of Democrat/RINO control of the Senate, no one will ultimately lose their jobs or serve jail time, but it may be the only way Biden, Fauci, Walensky, Garland, Zuckerberg, Agrawal, and so many more will be exposed for the vile, despicable criminals that they are. We know we can’t count on the lapdog media to do its job, so some other megaphone is needed.

tweet musk twitter suppress free speech 1st amendment
i want the true facebook independent fact checkers fbi
mainstream media twitter files fallon cheerleader
fauci biden schwab soros gates freedom speech threatens
biggest story suppression of story this also biden

Quote of the Day

quote simplicity complex thomas sowell evading the truth

Message of the Day


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11-01 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

kids waking see candy supply archives incomplete obiwan
texts called mom accident kid
how to stop stressing about tasks complete them book
born to be wild baby yoda until 9pm or so
climate change goals coal china
bill electric meter bend over
biden democrats deliver recession division inflation
kid decided not to release my algebra results
biden all time low approval start war with russia winter
democrats parents covid shots kids gender reassignment

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet home security system legos floor
tweet energy eating right exercise coffee god intended
tweet millenials deserve treat basic necessities
tweet twitter employees note to elon musk

Just Accept the Narrative, You Stupid Peasants

tweets hillary clinton elon musk pelosi story
tweet cops san francisco laughing pelosi narrative
Everyone Is Laughing at the Ridiculous Pelosi Big Lie – Kurt Schlichter

As with every other ludicrous story of the past few years, anyone who asks questions about nonsensical story narratives is labeled a “conspiracy theorist” spreading “misinformation.” Watch for tech companies to ramp up the “fact checks” and post removals of anything that goes against the official Pelosi story. Watch the media lapdogs ridicule and attack anyone with a brain who does some basic critical thinking. An increasingly common technique is for the media to attack those who share a link from a location on the web not belonging to a mainstream/Ruling Class-controlled media outlet. They’ll dig up any story they can from the past that turned out to be false, sometimes going back decades, then use it with a description, “A website known for spreading false information in the past.” Never mind their basis for declaring something false are the same fact-checkers that Big Tech uses to censor, usually based on opinions and liberal talking points rather than any evidence-based criteria. Luckily, as with the word racist, “misinformation,” “hate speech,” and “conspiracy theory” have been so overused the past few years, they’re essentially meaningless terms. BTW, I don’t believe for a second this unquestionally-accepted story of a 500 percent increase in the use of the N word since Musk’s takeover. Who the hell has even heard of Network Contagion Research Institute? But suddenly, we should just accept their stats, which are so face-palm obviously used to push for maintenance of censorship policies? Even if by some obscure chance they were true, we know Twitter bots and fake accounts can easily be manipulated to create whatever eyeroll narrative they want. But again, don’t ask questions you stupid peasants! Just put on your NPC expression and follow the lead of the Ruling Class information control drones.

tweet elon musk didnt tweet fake new york times
npc liberals spaceman musk bad media
welcome social media person humor exaggeration contact you shortly
boys underwear wrestle 2am hammers
aoc almost died hit hammer 3000 miles away
corporate media lies about everything need credible article office matrix

Politico Steps in It Going After Conservative Media Over Pelosi Home Invasion Coverage

Message of the Day

message living in country founding fathers fought to escape

Quote of the Day

One week to midterm elections!

quote thomas jefferson government majority who participate

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10-29 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

husband first time met fire and sarcasm
nobody cares stick figure family jason chainsaw
halloween costume financial analyst 401 down
smart car hit squirrel accident uninjured
biden cliff driver republicans will crash economy
spirit halloween costume warren native
biden look abortion open borders economy inflation energy spending
fetterman biden giving microphone advice
biden sleeping teeth strategic petroleum reserve teeth
eyedrops democrats didnt see riots antifa blm summer 2020
zelensky milking biden usa cow cash ukraine
2022 manure spreader todd cooper wolf maddow jean pierre
hillary clinton kari lake media election deniers
fetterman cnn mostly coherent democrat

Social Media Posts of the Day

two kinds people pack trip laundry marry each other
tweet chore put off 6 months minutes learn nothing
tweet shoving ipad in boss face tip percent barista

Payback Is a Beee-itch

Facebook Stock Drops Another 25% This Week for a Total of $100 Billion Lost Zuckerberg Wealth in 13 Months

tweet musk cleaning house twitter

Elon Musk Assumes Control of Twitter and Immediately Cleans House

twitter parag agrawal ceo not gonna work here office space
toast called karma pronounced ha ha ha

Quote of the Day

quote bastiat if natural tendency mankind free government why better

Message of the Day

message never forget democrat mayors swat teams churches let looters antifa burn cities

Staged Attack Alert

false flag alert birds

The Pelosi’s have one of the most heavily protected houses in the world, yet somehow a deranged man gets inside and attacks Paul?…a little over a week before midterms when Dems have been squawking about “attacks on our democracy,” and a day after Musk completes his takeover of Twitter (and fires all the key censorship employees)? Sure. 👌 I totally believe it! 🙄 I only hope that CNN & MSNBC can talk 24/7 until the election about the attack, how hate unleashed by MAGA Republicans is a threat to our country, how more speech & civil rights crackdowns are necessary. 👍

babylon bee 15 gravest threats to democracy

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