03-12 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

school paper pages real world explain in 7 seconds
customer always right not on my shift
marked safe from whatever media wants me to be afraid of today
me every day since 2019 for fucks sake
monkey stupidity contagious and in middle of pandemic
more troops dc than iraq afghistan more enemies
cuomo worst performance emmy by sexual predator national pandemic
markle royal flush want privacy so talking to oprah
trump children cages joe biden daycare development center
babylon bee secret service agent dives reporter asking biden question

Social Media Post of the Day

tweet math prof forest ranger trash bins smartest bear dumbest tourist
tweet scott adams things cnn believes but not q fine people drinking bleach russian collusion

Lesson of the Day

lessons 6 nations in world 1 party rule all communist hr1

Quote of the Day

quote 2020 election safest 800 page hr1 bill lauren boebert

Message of the Day

message lisa simpson white shaming is literally racism

Random Thoughts of the Day

Those of you reading this who are over 30, think back to the time when you got out of high school or college. Did you ever say or do anything stupid you regret? Did you have different values? Do you ever look back at your former self and just shake your head at the thoughts you had or the mistakes you made? Have your beliefs and values changed since then? Now imagine putting inexperienced 20-somethings in charge of the world. They’re allowed to decide what the rest of the world is allowed to see and read. They can make any voices, concepts, opinions, or facts simply disappear. They can manipulate information in a way that gets their favored politicians put in charge.

Unfortunately, that world exists, and we now live in it. Young tech experts living on the Left Coast have near total control over internet search engines, apps, social media…among other things. We’re talking about far-left, inexperienced young adults who may be great at math & technology, but who are serious lacking knowledge of history, psychology, business, economics, parenthood, biology, and so many other knowledge areas. This is precisely why ANY kind of censorship is dangerous to freedom–regardless of the reason given for the censorship (hate speech, misinformation, etc.)–you’re subject to the biases and weaknesses of who decides what information does or does not qualify. Leftists who favor all this censorship of Trump, Parler, Dr. Seuss, election interference, etc., how would you feel if Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, Ted Cruz, and Ben Shapiro were in charge of determining what information you could and couldn’t see?

Censorship not only removes endless mountains of information and perspectives, it undermines the creditability of any information that makes it through to the public.

cant believe fact checked manbuns skinny jeans dont know who bombed pearl harbor
message has to be doctor not that one epidemiologist expert science narrative is old
communism college students bread gulag history executions
social media fact checker to be healthy masks no sunlight
tweet admiral ackbar its a trap fact check empire plans to care for whole galaxy
message fact checkers didnt exist until truth started to get out

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01-13 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

aliens watching season opener 2021
need to get back in shape waiting to see if world ends before put in effort
Dreams have meaning barbie gun therapist
realize life better no calories wine bottle
sometimes best therapy long drive good music bj car
north korea kim spent years trying to infiltrate capital viking shirtless guy strolls in
memes on facebook 2021 false information before posts
voted democrat promised to help how foreign aid ron white
eye chart election laws violated media not supposed to cover both eyes
sleepy joe biden blm antifa riots now this violence threat must end now

Social Media Post of the Day

tweet mom dad find tolerable woman crazy

Enemies of Freedom

In case you missed it, here are the exact tweets that got Trump permanently banned from Twitter:

trump tweets got him banned american patriots

You’re seeing the perfect example of why ANY kind of censorship is dangerous–it leaves everything to the interpretations of the censorer. I’m guessing that 99 percent of people could read the tweets above and not even begin to take them as some kind of call for violence. That is of course, if you assume you don’t have hired talking slimebags in the media gaslighting half the country into believing they were. “Incitement to violence” — that is precisely the justification used by Twitter, even though Trump and dozens in his administration have issued repeated forceful public statements & tweets saying “no violence, peaceful protests only.” Notice no one in the media is showing full Trump statements, because if they did, most people will either roll their eyes or get more angry at the censorship.

BTW, when Apple, Google, and Amazon pulled their coordinated fascism move on Parler, they didn’t just silence Trump, they cut off 30 million people, simply because they were perceived to be Trump supporters. Sure, there probably were a few people calling for Capitol attacks on there (or there were posts planted to say so), but there is zero chance you’re ever going to stop that entirely on any social media platform.

Picture this scenario–a few tweets were found that called for Black Lives Matter riots and violence, so Twitter and Facebook decided to ban accounts of 30 million black people, with all black charitable cause apps banned from the Google and Apple app stores. Do you think there would be any outrage? However, because we’re talking about conservatives & libertarians, there is no violation of Constitutional rights too great, regardless of what public justification is used.

twitter banned trump google suspended parler december 2020 january 1984
obama vader last remants of the old republic have been swept away
big tech denounce trump by going full fascist
tweet once upon time 80 year old man no campaign elected shutup or you will be deplatformed

Big Tech’s War on Free Speech – Edward Ring

Messages of the Day

message according to watch time for civil disobedience
message psa trump supporters dont worship him constitution free speech wont be silenced

Quote of the Day

quote message tried to bury us didnt know there were seeds mexican proverb

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01-12 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

it joker clowns 2020 2021 its all yours
tips become better conversationalist what the hell is wrong with you
daughter alexa play let it go radio station cassette boom box
baby yoda 5 year old 35 opening automatic doors
shocking twist cleveland browns pittsburgh win
bon appetit obama biden harris americans 2020 plandemic globalism election fraud socialism pot stove
prefer guns way biden voters untraceable undocumented
babylon bee congress upset they only criminals allowed in capitol

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet konstantin kisin two kinds of people in world people celebrating opponents purge studied history
aoc tweet protester demands make people uncomfortable

Quote of the Day

quote black men for trump racism conversation institutions controlled by democrats

Not Just Enemies of America, They’re Enemies of the World

tweet michael malice democrats maga rallies terrorist activity
apple amazon google twitter facebook strangling free speech

Don’t expect Democrats and their Big Tech allies to do anything the next two years to unite the country or improve the lives of Americans. It will be all about consolidating power and eliminating competition. For starters, they want to outlaw political assembly, keep people at home (using Covid as justification), and cut off any kind of social media communication (as they’ve done with account purges and Parler bans). After conservatives and libertarians find ways around their latest anti-free speech moves, I expect them to try one final step. Although I don’t expect them to succeed at this, many will consider it clear cause for a Civil War, and that is to use browsers & internet service providers to block websites. In other words, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, AT&T, Verizon, Spectrum, Comcast, etc. will team up to block any websites or communication they deem undesirable. They’re private companies, with protections like Section 230, so there’s nothing to stop them. And as long as Democrats are in charge, they will fully support this or anything else that helps them enhance their one-party rule. Our Constitution is already teetering on the edge of existence. If they succeed in these final steps I’ve described, you can officially write the epitaph: United States (1776-2021).

breaking paper cups banned fear trump supporters communicating
joe biden antifa just an idea american patriots domestic terrorists
police how many trump supporters did you say hiding in the attic
babylon bee senators vow to hold big tech accountable say mean things
lesson first ban accounts twitter facebook apps infrastructure next isps browser lisa simpson

The Progressive Purge Begins – Derek Hunter

Messages of the Day

message if twitter can do what they want private company every business america should open right now
message if you repeat lie enough becomes truth journalism
message how deep deceit you have to deplatform the truth statue liberty

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