11-17 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

safety first accident broight into world take out
cat spay neuter human before too late
some people need pat on back push
boomers popular millennials cindy hate family gen x brady girls
if i get abducted aliens rescue mission
bacon eggs pancakes irs one has to go
sign no drinks cups soy oat milk idk open
wonder why there are no women transitioning to men compete sports
lucy football student loan forgiveness biden npc liberal

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet dont tell mom lifelong dad aunt
tweet parent son saving games start over 80s
tweet unfriended facebook aunt bring up thanksgiving
tweet zuby freedom speech offensive criticize

Quote of the Day

quote willis truest sign maturity disagree being respectul

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Mainstream Media Meme Gallery 7

Thoughts On Another Stolen Election

us election votes outside circle of trust

As I’ve said before, I believe the vast majority of U.S. election districts are fair and honest, so we can’t abandon voting altogether or the losses become self-fulfilling, with Democrats maintaining one-party rule by default. Still, it’s clear the voting process in several states such as Georgia, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Wisconsin, Michigan, and especially Arizona are hopelessly corrupt. No one has met my challenge of finding ONE SINGLE DEMOCRATIC POLITICIAN in the country who supports voter ID, forensic auditing, or any kind of reasonable control to voter integrity. As with the censoring of free speech, the Left doesn’t care because it benefits “their side.” Once the Big Tech censorship monopoly was broken with Musk’s purchase of Twitter, liberals went into full meltdown mode at the prospect of any speech that would hurt them instead of help them. They should fear the same kind of turnabout on elections. Eventually Republicans are going to figure out that they can’t win these corrupt districts, and if they can’t get any kind of common sense fairness controls put in, their only choice will be to also cheat. Then, it will just be a matter of which Establishment party can do a better job of cheating. Is that what’s best for DEMOCRACY, Dear Leader, President Select Biden? This line from the movie The Sting sums it up perfectly:

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u_4kTBU6PME

The 1984 World We Now Live In

media gaslighting real time world today didnt happen

Message of the Day

message lion character not battles win lose dare to fight

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