09-06 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

best blue lives matter photo bomb of week horse
sperm mouth map shows were in the wrong location
im not buying hunting license this year any deer died from covid
liberal guide to labeling biden warren obama bill gates mostly peaceful floyd
sound of music this is me not caring about eupose opinion of american politics
nancy pelosi clear setup trump hair
nancy pelosi let the peasants do their own hair queen
cnn riot coverage last two months this is fine dog after polling trumps fault
twilight zone imagine world socety uses rapists pedophiles drug addicts martyrs against police brutality
ferris bueller simone best friends sisters boyfriend atlantic trump hates veterans

Tweet of the Day

tweet james woods nba to trump resign never play best deal since manhattan

Question of the Day

question has anyone notice since epstein girlfriend arrested federal agents finding missing children

Quotes of the Day

quote mark hemingway watching joe biden press conference 3 year old wins candyland
quote martin luther kind violence as way of achieving racial justice

Lesson of the Day

lesson of day face masks islam submission history depersonalized woman

Message of the Day

message blm antifa police only thing stopping us signed the patriots

Random Thought of the Day

Bears guarantee $21 million and give 4th round pick to get backup QB Nick Foles. Patriots give $1.05 million and no draft picks to sign Cam Newton as the starting QB. I wonder why one is a perennial Superbowl contender while the other has their fans constantly replaying 1985 season highlights on their VHS? 🤔

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