11-19 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

neighbors crazy person on block meeting didnt invite me
cats orioles double stuff
pool want cruise keep getting cancelled
democrat alienating voters want to control life
what inflation gorilla just give him more bananas spending
wake up call public school indoctrination camp
studies lockdown no emotional harm shining family portrait
going to tell kids captain america rittenhouse
blm early christmas shopping kenosha
rittenhouse prosecutor why didnt let kill you before shooting
babylon bee msnbc reporter hangs sign jurors are here
message lisa simpson media no choice attack rittenhouse

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet elon musk inflation most regressive tax of all liberals advocate
tweet forced vax fbi parents calling everyone racist democrats

Quote of the Day

quote fact opinion widely held no evidence not utterly absurd russell

CNN and MSNBC Will Probably Find Some Way to Defend This POS

Watch: Ex-NFL Player Zac Stacy Brutalizes Ex-Gf in Front of Son

Europe & China = Previews of Liberal Policies

france booster shot required deactivate passport

It’s only a matter of time before the CDC changes it’s definition of “fully vaccinated.” That means all the freedoms they “allow” us to have will be modified in their guidelines to only include people with 3 vaccine shots. A year from now, it will be modified to “only those who’ve had the original shots and at least one booster within the last 6 months.” Keep in mind how most politicians, school boards, and businesses base their daily policies: U.S. Constitution, State Constitution, Statutory Laws, Biology 101, Common Sense, CDC Guidelines.

Pay attention to Europe and China for a preview of what the Ruling Class wants to do in America. The vaccination documentation required to work, travel, and visit certain places is just a stepping stone to the same kind of “social credit” system used in China. American Big Tech companies are already using this type of algorithm. Government will attempt to apply it to every aspect of your life. Are you going to let it happen?!

social credit system criticized government account suspended

WATCH: Senator Rand Paul SLAMS Fauci’s comments that ‘individual rights’ should no longer be granted when public health involved.

dont care refuse live in fear government cult followers

Message of the Day

message people say difficult when hard to fool

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12-06 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

stairs elf stripper bpole asked husband decorate
what your man bun looks like to everyone else curls ribbons
when you leave tv on for dog news channel mask surgical outfit
joe biden obama retread tires failed policies
exorcist demon possession also looks like soros hillary pelosi biden
joe biden santa squads demands non negotiable aoc omar
forrest gump just like that blm disappeared after the election
rudy guiliani voter fraud evidence media what evidence

Social Media Post of the Day

tweet mommy needs life do anything not gain weight except exercise diet no alcohol
tweet rob schneider list of people doesnt care gavin newsom stay at home order

Quote of the Day

quote aoc omar thomas sowell one of first thing left does is take awy right to make own choices

Message of the Day

message instead of banning guns freedom taking rights try leaving hell alone

Random Thoughts of the Day

Throughout his presidency Trump has tried to raise alarm bells on how much of an enemy China has become, from the Wuhan Covid virus to unfair trade and the stealing of technology. So why are the Democrats, mainstream media, and corporate America so invested in defending China at every turn? Let’s look at some history.

As a communist country, China was for decades very much a closed society. Remember in history class how much of a big deal it was when Nixon went to China? Large corporations like Coca Cola, GM, McDonalds, and Disney were looking for growth. Farmers were looking for ways to sell their excess crops. Politicians wanted growth of jobs and GDP. They all saw an untapped nation of a billion people. The Chinese Communist government took advantage of their superior bargaining position to put in tariffs and all kind of China-favorable conditions. They were without a doubt unfair to America, but the pros of the new trade market outweighed the cons. As time went by, modern corporations like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, AT&T, Apple and others wanted to expand business and take advantage of cheap Chinese labor, so they went along with Chinese conditions, including censorship and helping them “social credit score” their population.

Fast forward to Trump’s presidency. China has a population of 1.4 billion people and the 2nd largest GDP in the world, yet they still maintain all their trade & other advantages. Trump fought back wherever he could using, among other things, retaliatory tariffs. Almost everyone, including Trump, wants free trade. However, for example, when one nation charges 25% tariff on incoming cars while the other charges nothing, that’s not free trade. The logical thing to do is retaliate with the exact 25% tariff. In a sane world, both nations would realize the tariffs aren’t accomplishing anything and remove them, leading to actual free trade.

But every time Trump tried to even the score, the media and big corporations have opposed him. Why? Corporations are terrified China will kick them out entirely. News outlets are owned by corporations like Disney and AT&T. The Big Tech companies such as Apple and Microsoft have massive operations in China. This defending of China has expanded from trade to virtually everything affecting them, including the Wuhan-originated Covid virus.

China naturally has wanted Trump gone, so they’ve put everything into pressuring and infiltrating the American media and Big Tech companies. You’ve seen the results the past few years – massive bias, one-sided coverage, and censorship. I would not be surprised if China intentionally launched Covid in the U.S. It wouldn’t be that tough when you think about it. All you’d have to do is infect say, 100 hired Chinese visitors to go to sales conferences, airports, or other travel locations where people can contract the virus and take it back to their home cities. Maybe that’s why outbreaks keep popping up, despite lockdowns, mask mandates, and other controls. Democrats have stayed silent on China because Covid, censorship, and media bias have all benefited them tremendously.

There is no bigger winner of the Biden election than China. Expect there to be ZERO accountability for their actions, and business will go back to exactly what it was before Trump was elected.

joe biden elected china antifa iran death to america hip hip hooray
china what you say nba disney marriott apple espn blizzard anything you want
office corporate difference in pictures media cnn abc nyt post vice newsweek msnbc china flag theyre the same
randy marsh plenty of chinese people for all of us star wars thor disney
south park people born in china chinese virus not chinese racist not sure why


New Gallery Added – China Meme Gallery

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07-17 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

covid bars only can open 1 3rd capacity drink for 3 or leave to professionals sign
in my family we dont hide crazy give it beer wait for show to start
when you tell your kid enjoy life now best year of life crying this is best
man in aoc district seen stealing 70 inch high definition loaf of break looters
2020 restaurants only serve people with face masks covi pass microchips
right now half country conspiracy theorist friend looks less crazy than 6 months ago
covid 19 should be common core virus shit aint adding up
seeing hollywood more mad about people wearing masks than coworkers raping children interesting
why not tear down monument decades of exploitation rape pedophilia ritual abuse women children hollywood
but government says have to wear mask fuck the government karen
air conditioning contributing to spread of covid 19 bullshit masks protect
60 million cases h1n1 in 2009 no shutdown social distancing werent trying to unseat president

Random Thought of the Day

Has anyone considered that there may be enemies of the U.S. that are intentionally spreading the Covid-19 virus to keep the chaos going? If you’re China, Russia, Iran, or another foreign enemy, why not send out groups of infected individuals to heavily populated areas around the country on regular schedules? Especially since coronavirus has a 99.99% survival rate for young, healthy individuals, it seems like a low-cost way to maximize damage to an enemy and keep them on the edge of civil war. The same goes for George Soros, Antifa, and internal enemies who want to see Donald Trump damaged and don’t care how many people get hurt in the process.

Fact of the Day

covid 19 death rate without a vaccine lower than flu with a vaccine

Tweet of the Day

tweet ted cruz we need new leaders biden because senator 1973 warren

Quote of the Day

quote lance for liberty mask wearers forever or until told dont have to

Message of the Day

you see non mask wearers as disease spreading defiant imbeciles reality fighting for last remnants of freedom

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